Friday, September 16, 2011

Waiting Rooms and Supervisory Doggies

I’m writing from Greenville where Steve and I are holed up in a surgical waiting room with a church family.   I posted about a month ago about sitting with Cindy’s family through a mastectomy and today we are sitting with her family again as her adult daughter is having surgery to have a growth in her lung removed and biopsied.  (Her daughter also had breast cancer two years ago and a double mastectomy so us three ladies have quite a bit in common!)

Every time I walk into a hospital, it brings back memories of Sarah’s hospitalizations and surgeries and I feel such compassion for those who are currently walking this road. It’s a privilege for us to be able to join these friends on their journey.

I’m happy to report that Taylor’s uncle has been discharged from the hospital and is recovering fairly well.  Taylor and her sister were thrilled to be reunited with their parents yesterday after three days of being honorary Smiths.

I must say that they were absolutely no trouble to have around.  To illustrate: this was the scene in our living room about ten minutes after they all got home from school Wednesday.  With nary a word from me, they just plopped down and started working on their homework. (Part of Sarah’s homework consisted of looking up assignments on the school’s web page which is why she’s on her computer.)


Snowy was on site in a supervisory capacity. (In case you’re wondering.)


The first morning the girls were  here, Snow was up early to do his rounds and was beset with puzzlement when he came upon a larger than usual stash of girl stuff by the front door.  Can’t you see his beset-with-puzzlement expression?



However, he did not let his besetting puzzlement keep him from accompanying the Smith women (honorary and otherwise) on the morning school run.  And he was especially thrilled that he got to do drop offs at two schools instead of just one; in fact, the look on his face was blissfully proclaiming, “I have found my purpose and my destiny in this life and I am one happy doggie.”

Nothin’ quite as nice as a happy doggie.


Deb8able asked, “Question from older post...what kind of muffins did you and Sarah make when you were preparing for the hurricane? They look so delicious in that picture!”

Let me tell you, those muffins are wonderful and what’s even more great about them is that the recipe makes a big batch with batter keeps for up to 6 weeks.  You can scoop out enough for one muffin or 12 muffins which is a wonderful feature; in fact, I have these muffins on the Smith table often and I also like having them to accompany dinners that I drop off to various families in the church.

I highly recommend this recipe!

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