Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: (Even Though It's Saturday)

The  wedding photos have arrived!   It’s time to rejoice exceedingly with exceeding greatness of joy and exceedingly joyous and great joy in an exceedingly joyous and great manner. (Or, um, something like that.)

I really don’t have any rhyme or reason in the order or selection of these photos since I’m just kind of picking and choosing whatever catches my attention.  But I figure you all don’t mind as long as there are pictures to enjoy.  (And there will be many more to come.)

So let’s get started, shall we?

Nate and his two dads, Rev. Steve Smith and Rev. Frank Hawley.   And as a wonderful bonus, the two dads have been close friends for years—even before their kids started dating.  They actually joke that the two of them signed a contract between them years ago that Nathan and Meagan would eventually get married.    See how well it worked?

Following the cake reception at the church . . .
wedding pro

. . . Nathan and Meagan prepared to run the rose petal gauntlet as they headed to the reception.

Here they are going from the ceremony to the rehearsal lunch.  Five out of the eight people in this picture lived full time in RV’s when they were younger—hence, the RV getaway vehicle.

The arrival at the reception of the attendants . . .
attend collage

. . . and the Royal Couple.  Can you tell that Meagan has just a bit of a dramatic streak running through her veins?  That’s one of the many things that make her so delightful.

I was so nervous about the Mother/Groom dance since I’ve never really danced much before. I said to Nathan as we danced, “I hope I’m doing this right.”  And he looked me in the eye and very sweetly said, “Mom, it’s not about the moves; it’s about the moment.”

How right he was.  And what a special moment it was to share that dance.
wedding pro1

He and Meagan had plenty of their own special moments to share; it brought me such happiness to see their quiet, sweet joy.
kiss collage

The bridal party had an extra fun time with their outdoor photos.

I especially love this series of photos; it really doesn’t need any words to tell you what is going on.

If Meagan didn’t realize it before, she does now—she married a guy with personality of a Golden Retriever puppy.

When Nathan wasn’t wrestling his favorite wife, he was posing with his favorite sister.

And lastly, here are two of my favorite pictures from all the ones that were taken.  Just minutes before the ceremony, the two families gathered together to pray one last time before the shape of their families shifted and changed. (The fifth person in the picture is Steve’s dad.)
Sarah prayed with our family first and then went to pray with the Hawleys as one of the bridesmaids and the new sister-in-law.

A marriage stitched together by prayer laughter and love . . . such a beautiful celebration of two made-for-each-other hearts.

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Jenna said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

Jan said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wow!

Jan Reuther

Deb M. said...

Oh Becky, the pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them! Im so looking forward to Wedding Wednesday's!! The picture of Sarah and Nathan is my favorite in this set - - if one could actually pick a fav out of them all.

lesley said...

I love Nathan's statement to you while dancing. And that's my favorite picture-the black and white of you two. Of course the others are lovely :)

Sue G said...

Can't wait to see more!!! Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

I think you're mean to make us wait for Wedding Wednesdays... LOL

Stefanie in St. Louis

Debbie said...

Just beautiful, can't wait to see more!!

God Bless~

Anonymous said...

Happiness is overflowing, that's for sure!
everyone is sooooo gorgeous!

mrs pam

Ann Martin said...

Lovely pictures! I looked on Nathan's fb page last night and saw some of them. The prayer ones I especially liked and had never seen before. Thanks for sharing.

Catherine said...

The pictures were every bit as beautiful as expected. The colors created the most joyous mood. The pictures of you dancing with Nathan are priceless.

I am astounded at how young Nathan and Meagan are. In our area, the kids are not getting married until they are close to or in their 30's. None of my friends and circle have kids marrying this young. I can't imagine my son who is Nathan's age, and a senior in college getting married any time soon, and he is the middle one of my kids. It's not on his agenda yet either.

But it appears that Nathan and Meagan are committed and ready. The ceremony is just brimming with love and happiness. Congratulations again.

Anonymous said...

HI Becky,

Would you post photos of Sheri in her dress? Full length? I love the cobalt blue color...thanks a lot for posting all the photos...I know it is a labor of love...