Monday, October 31, 2011

Hair. Cutting It. Giving It. Losing It.

Last Thursday, Sarah walked into a certain building in lovely downtown Manteo. . .


itsroyalty collage

. . . and asked a particular lady to do a particular job.


Can you possibly guess what that job was?  (This is a tough question, I know.)


Yep!  Sarah got numerous inches of hair cut off!   She then donated that hair to Locks of Love, an organization that’s especially close to her spunky, formerly bald, cancer-surviving self.

As opposed to what happened to her ten years ago, this time our 16-year old princess decided to lose a bunch of hair on purpose.


As Sarah was getting her ‘do done, we couldn’t help notice another vaguely familiar customer in the shop who was acting sort of . . . um . . . strange.  In defense of this vaguely familiar, oddly-acting customer’s slightly unorthodox behavior, I will mention there was no one else in the salon at the time, so plopping down on the couch for a wee catnap was an okay thing to do. Plus, Linda goes to our church so she knows her pastor can be occasionally quirky. (The reason Steve was there at all was because he was next in line for the scissors.)


But anyway. Back to Sarah, the star of this story. 

After some snipping and some swooshing . . .


. . .  she ended up with this, a look which I absolutely love.


Sarah’s hair has enough natural wave in it (inherited from her Grandma Campbell) that it took just a little mousse and about five minutes of scrunching with her head flipped upside down to get this look.



When she got home, she flattened it out just a tad so it looks more like this now. Very, very cute, either way.


As you may notice, Snowy decided to invite himself into the showing off the haircut photo, which is convenient because I was just about to mention him!


And just why am I mentioning Sir Snowy Studmuffin Smith?  Because today is his twelfth birthday! It’s hard for me to believe we have had him that long. Sarah always says she really doesn’t have any memories without Snowy in them; as you can probably imagine, the two of them are inseparable

We are so grateful to have had this white, fluffy, goofy, smile-inducing creature in our lives for all these years. And if you’re wondering what he’s doing in this picture, he’s singing Happy Birthday to himself.  (We have raised him to be quite the self sufficient poochie.)


In other news . . .

Today I’ll be making the 5-hour round trip to Greenville with Cindy, a friend from church who is having her first round of chemo following her recent double mastectomy.  Cindy’s 30-something daughter went through surgery, chemo and reconstruction a year ago and just recently had further surgery when the cancer recurred in her lung.  These are two brave, spunky ladies and I am honored to get to go along today and be a vehicle driver, a hand holder, a spirits-lifter, a prayer offer-er, a chocolate-procurer, and a friend.

This is also a sojourn of thanksgiving for me because it reminds that I could very easily be the one in that chemo chair instead of Cindy. I’m so grateful that I didn’t have to go through that part of breast cancer treatment, and even more grateful that I’ve been given the chance to support someone who is going through it.   

Cindy has already gotten her hair cut short in preparation for her coming hair loss. As I’ve talked to her about losing her hair, it has brought back so clearly the memory of the day when Sarah’s long, blonde curls started falling out after her first round of chemo. I’ll never forget the tears in her eyes as she stood in the hospital bathroom with hair all over the floor and said,  “Mommy, can a girl be pretty when she’s bald?”

Yes, sweetie.  She sure can.    (And Snowy sure doesn’t seem to care about hair or the lack thereof.)



All those old memories made Sarah’s  recent donation to Locks of Love all the more joyous and meaningful because she was able to return the favor and give a gift to someone else coming down the line. Also, those old experiences with her (and of course, my own diagnosis), provide me with a deeper layer of understanding and empathy as I prepare to support Cindy today and in the days to come.

So, yep.  This is a blog about hair—cutting it, giving it, losing it, and learning so many lessons of life in the process.

35 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Love Being A Nonny said...

Oh my word, her hair looks great! She looks so much older! PTL for the *gift* of hair to others! What a girl!

Anonymous said...

Love the Lovely Sarah's new do!

love, deb

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, sweet, compassionate young lady Sarah is! I love her new hair cut!
~Joleen C.

Karen C said...

I absolutely LOVE the new haircut ... it looks so good on her (not to mention getting it cut for a good cause).

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new hairdo! It makes her look so much more mature. And what an awesome gift to give! And an awesome gift you're giving to your friend, Cindy, as you are with her through this difficult time. You guys are awesome!

Gayle in AL

Jessica said...

I love her new look!
Hers story is so wonderful - I'm glad she's able to donate now. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!! It's amazing how much just cutting your hair can change the way a person looks. Ya'll better watch out Sarah of course is a beautiful girl but just a few snips of the hair you have a beautiful young woman on your hands. Steve better get his guns out a prepare to start cleaning them. Lol!

Dana H, Greenville SC

Random said...

Oh, wow. Sarah looks absolutely fantastic with her new haircut! And of course she waited to cut it until she could donate to Locks of Love. How wonderfully sweet and generous of her. Your family gets more and more beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Jenna said...

What a kind, generous thing for Sarah to do. Becky, you have raised her well. I love how giving to others is such a natural part of the way you live your life. I think your example had blessed your children with the gift of sincere empathy for others. I am hoping I can impart on my daughter the gift of being a blessing to others too. (She and I still both have a LONG way to go!)

Anonymous said...

Sarah I love your hair! Love your heart! We have donated 3 different times in this house to Locks of Love (2 LaRae and 1 me).

Becky, you are a wonderful support system to your friend. Drive safely.

Prayers and hugs!
Connie F-G

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Snowy!!! You've certainly done your job as a comforter to your family.

Great haircut looks really good on you!

Cindy in VA

Shannon said...

I had meant to post a comment a few days ago when I noted her hair was getting so long...I guess I'm a few days too late. HOWEVER I can now post how adorable her new do is!!!!! Probably so much easier to style too!!! Enjoy your cute new cut!!!

MN Mom said...

Sarah looks absolutely amazing! I love the shoulder length bob and the bangs on young women her age. Congratulations on her donation!

MaryH said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SNOWY MAN!!! You are looking good and so is your sister. Love, love, love Sarah's hair cut and for such a very special cause. God bless you, Becky for your care and support and love and insight in guiding your friends through treatment. They are very lucky people to have you by their side.

Anonymous said...

I think Sarah's new hair cut is so awesome. Makes her looks so much more grown up and this is a good thing as she has been through so much in her short life. She is a Blessing from GOD.
Fran from Pa.

Anonymous said...

I love this story and I love the haircut!
My 16 yr old daughters hair will do a slight wave if she lets it air dry and "scrunchies" it. Some days hers is wavy, some days she goes straight! Sarah can have fun with that! I think it is wonderful what she did. Jill-FL

Rachel said...

wow! That's all I can say. Ok one more thing: Gorgeous! I think it's time to cut my hair (Though the end result won't be nearly as nice, lol)

Lisa from Georgia said...

Oh, Becky I just love her new "do"!! What a blessing to get a haircut! As you know from my own Sarah's story, we too had the loss of hair. My other daughter Marin (who never knew her sister) and I have donated our own hair a few times to this worthy cause in memory of our Sarah. In the next month or so she will be donating again (I really hate long hair and taking care of it) and we will donate in honor of your Sarah's 16th birthday, one we prayed she would get to celebrate not so very long ago. I am encouraged every time I read this blog that your Sarah is continuing to win the battle against that awful cancer. I continue to pray for a cure for all the children still suffering, I pray for parents, like us, whose babies have gone to be with Jesus and I rejoice for your Sarah as she is one of a very few who has survived so many years. What a reminder of God's faithfulness!!
Oh and I can't wait for Wedding Wednesday! I could use a Thedding Thursday too...just sayin'!

Nancy L said...

She is such a lovely young woman, with a heart of gold! Beautiful through and through!

jbaj said...

What an awesome young lady you have raised! Her new "do" is adorable!

Jodi said...

Beautiful, haircut, Sarah! It looks great both ways!

Is LOL still 10 inches? I have wanted to donate my hair for many years. A certain family member keeps telling me how terrible it looks and I need to cut it already. I keep trying to explain what I am doing. My 35 year old brother was d/c with cancer on 4/15/11. Now it is even more important than it was (and it was VERY important). Pantene requires 8 inches but it looks like it goes to just adults for no charge. LOL goes to kids but everything I have read, they are profiting from the sale of wigs (I don't like that). So, I am torn as to what I should do. My brother is in the maintenance phase and if there are NO PROBLEMS his last day of therapy will be 2/24/12. I thought that would be a great day for the big cut. As I said, it has been something I have wanted to do for many years and it's just taken a while. By 2/24 I would probably have 11-12 inches to give (I think mine grows about and inch a month). All that to ask does anyone know the minimum for LOL and have I heard correctly about all the not so good things with LOL? Anyone? Thanks!

LeeAnne said...

I LOVE the new haircut! What a great look! Sarah, your caring and compassion towards others is so wonderful and you are such a great example to so many! :)

Rachel said...

If you don't mind my asking, why did you and your doctor opt to not do chemo? Was it because the cancer cells were extremely concentrated to one spot only and therefore almost no risk of it spreading?

jmckemie said...

Happy Birthday to Sir Snowy! What a handsome birthday dog (although I know he really does not think of himself in canine terms)! And, Sarah's new hair style looks beautiful on her. What an amazing, beautiful, courageous, compassionate young lady she is.
Do not want to add a down side but just thought since many people read this blog, a reminder that most people think that hair donated to Locks of Love goes almost exclusively to children or others with who have suffered loss of hair due to cancer treatment. Truth is, it rarely does. They specifically market to people who have permanent hair loss, mostly due to alopecia and other diseases. While they are a great organization and serve a much needed and unique demographic, if someone specifically wants their donated hair to go to a cancer patient, and in particlar a younger cancer victim, they should check out some of the other organizations such as Wigs 4 Kids or Hugs U Wear. So glad we live in a world where people have the option of making a donation like this - one that will truly make a difference in someone's life, regardless of why there is hair loss; and so grateful for people like Sarah who make the choice to give such a wonderful gift.

jenny said...

LOVE the new look, Sarah! And what a great way to "pay it forward." Blessings.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I didn't stop by yesterday to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BIRTHDAY BOY. sorry, Snowy!!!
It looks like you sang your heart out, too!!!

I didn't realize that Sarah's hair was so long... that she had plenty length left. How neat that she could donate to LOL. and I love the new style.... wake 'n shake!!!

mrs pam

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