Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fence Friends Alert

How exciting! Someone actually asked a question over in the Backyard Fence Area!

Brenda is inquiring as to whether or not there are any other Tweeters hangin' around Smithellaneous besides her. Although I am not personally a Tweeter, I have a feeling a few of you might be so run on over there and let her know!

By the way, for those of you who have been threatening me with threatening threats if I didn't call my doctor, I'll update you on that later today or tomorrow. No big news; just wanted to let you know I did it!

Now Sarah and I are off to buy a couple minor items for her summer wardrobe.

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~Brenda said...

Well, I am tickled PINK! Thanks, Becky, for the heads up to your readers. :-))

Leave it to me to be the blabby one. Ha! Love your blog, by the way!


Nancy said...

Yayyy Becky. I'm glad you talked to your doctor. No more nagging from me(for now anyways)
And yes I twitter:!