Friday, July 17, 2009

Follow Up to "I'm Just Sayin . . ."

Alrighty. Some comments have come in and the question has been asked several times, "Why didn't you and Sarah move?"

Are you ready for this answer?

Are you sure you won't think we're weenies?

Okay, the answer is that when I leaned over and asked Sarah if she wanted to move she said, "I don't want the people behind us to feel bad, like nobody wants to sit near them."

And the reason I concurred with that "argument" (besides respecting her opinion) is that I basically felt the same way.

Yes, I know. We are waaaay too tenderhearted.

But we're good with that.

And actually, the kicking behind us didn't start increasing in intensity until later in the movie. So apart from the initial annoyance of them all coming in late, piling in behind us and rustling around getting settled, it wasn't an aggravating situation for the entire movie, just some of it.

At any rate, that's our story and we're stickin' to it.

This is the tenderhearted mother of the tenderhearted daughter, signing off.


And by the way, I realized after writing this entire post this morning that it easily would have fit right in over at
Sarah's Spot. However not only am I tenderhearted, I am also just a tinge lazy when it comes to moving an entire post from one spot on the web to another.

So that's my other story that I'm stickin' to!

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Anonymous said...

You two are a lot nicer than me. I would have lasted about 5 minutes and gotten up and moved. But I'd try not to be too huffy about it. Unless I was really mad. Then I might move huffily.

I've noticed the same kind of thing in public restrooms. There's 37 stalls open with me occupying one of them--well, OK, 36 stalls are open. Anyway, there's not another soul to be seen and a lady will trundle in and go in the stall right next to mine. Drives me nuts. I always feel that perhaps a stanza or two of "Tinkle, tinkle, little star" might be in order.

As for encouraging bloggers, take note--I am now encouraging you! I love your posts and Sarah's posts and I am now and will ever be a faithful and loyal reader. So blog on and be encouraged! :-)

Love, Deb