Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Got Bocce?

Last night for our Evening's Exquisitely Exciting Entertainment, we borrowed a Bocce Ball set from our neighbors and attempted to play it.

In case you've never played Bocce Ball, it is a game of riotous action and non-stop movement.

As these pictures so stunningly illustrate.

Oh wait! Do I detect some exciting game-related action?

Nope, false alarm. Steve was just waving to a neighbor.

It took a while for me to figure out all the complexities of this game so I had my eldest (not to mention, only) son give me lessons. Can you see the look of intense concentration on my face as I valiantly attempt to absorb sports-related facts?

And also, try to understand the scoring system which involved (gasp!) MATH?

Sarah was very serious about the game as you can see by the way she is marching over to the balls and saying to herself, "I am just going to go over there and show those balls who is the BOSS!"

I must say that Steve and Nathan did more horsing around then they did playing.

It's a guy thing.

Sarah and I, on the other other hand, maintained our exemplary, iron-willed, disciplined Bocce Ball Game Concentration.

Um, except when I decided to go swing for a minute.

Because I'm focused like that.

And except for when Sarah ran in and out of the house a couple times. Because she's focused too, just like her mom.

Please, I beg of you, do not ask me what the guys were doing in these pictures because I have no earthly idea.

I just know they were having fun. They're really good at that.

Did I mention it's a guy thing?

In closing, I would like to officially present to you The Smith All-Star Bocce Ball Team! (Sans their Stunning Star Player who had to miss the team shot in order to take the team picture.)

Is it too trite to say that a good time was had by all?


Well, then.

A good time was had by all.

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Vickie said...

In Texas, bocce ball is a drinking game, but I see no longnecks or little plastic cups nestled in the grass at your house. This must be some other game.


Whitney Hopkins said...

Bocce is fun! Glad to see the Smith family giving it a go! In my community there are a number of public parks, and wineries, that feature bocce ball courts. Bocce was first brought to Sonoma County (California) by Italian immigrants at the turn of the century, and it's still popular.

Sue G said...

I love Bocce Ball. We have had a (very expensive for some unknown reason) set for at least 30 years. Unfortunately, we don't have lawns in AZ. We have rocks. So Bocce Ball would be more like Bocce Bounce, Skip and Dump.

Funny, I just saw our Bocce Ball set sitting forlornly in the garage...just a few days ago. Lonely. Tethered. And useless.