Monday, July 13, 2009

Notes on Nate

I haven't talked about Nathan a lot lately but his name alone brings all sorts of happy stuff to mind; our fine fella just seems to radiate a marvelous blend of beneficent bonhomie wherever he goes. Although he does have an occasional crabby mood swing (as do we all), he is generally a really fun guy to have around.

Of course, he's been even happier than usual lately because of the recently solidified relationship (isn't that such a romantic way to put it?) between him and his longtime good buddy, Meagan.

If you will indulge me for just one teeny little moment, the maternal side of my writing self feels compelled to post just a few more pictures of the two of them. Aren't they wonderful and darling and cute and sweet and romantic and lovely and super?

Yes, I thought so, too.

And while I'm on the subject of Nathan, last Monday and Tuesday he had a significant blessing come into his life. A retired pastor and career counselor, Dr. Fred McGehee, invested into Nathan (free of charge) a total of about twelve hours; they went over a huge battery of tests and also discussed Nathan's life goals, dreams, worries, ambitions, education, future, finances, personality, career, faith, relationships ... the whole nine yards. (This is the same man who met with Steve and me several months ago.)

Those two days were so affirming and life-changing for Nathan as he got a better grasp on his present and a clearer look at his future. It is such a blessing (to this Mom, especially) that people of Dr. McGehee's caliber are willing to invest themselves in mentoring a new generation.

The session seemed to clarify for Nathan his desire to go into some kind of a career having to do with counseling and helping people; he doesn't know exactly what that will end up looking like but at least he knows the basic direction he's headed.

Here's Nathan in "pondering" mode.

And here he is in "non-pondering" mode.

I kind of like him both ways!


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Sue G said...

I would say you and Steve were blessed to have Nathan for a son, but I realize that the man he is today is largely due to the parents you and Steve have been all along the way. You have shaped, molded, guided Nathan with expressions of love and truth and humor. You have been there for him during every blessing and hurt and state of uncertainty, always helping him see the lesson and the value in each situation. You have loved him and protected him and made him feel safe enough to explore his own self to discover the God inside him.

So, yes, Nathan is special and definitely someone to be proud of. But also be proud of yourselves, Becky and Steve. Because this young man did not become all of who God intended him to be without your love and guidance.

Thus, you are surely have been such a blessing to him.

~Brenda said...

What a darling couple!!

Funny thing ... I hadn't read this post until AFTER I posted in your blogfrog community! Maybe we have some kind of ESP going on or something. LOL.

Nathan seems so sweet. Now if only my girls could find someone like that ... :-/