Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Thanks to everyone who has gone to Sarah's site, read her piece and left such encouraging messages. She's been absolutely "pickled tick!" (Er, tickled pink!)

I started a discussion over at The Back Yard Fence; I'm on the lookout for "cool" vegetable side dish recipes for summertime. I'm tired of eatin' hot cooked peas four times a week and desperately need to hear from my cooking buddies!

Speaking of the discussion board, here is some info from Blogger to help explain that particular widget a little more. If you're a blogger, this is definitely info you'll be interested in because it gives you more exposure.

1. To join your community, your readers add a link on their blog to your blog

2. When your reader clicks on their link to your blog,
they appear at the top of your widget!

3. Your readers click "Visit the community" to read each others posts and participate in your forum

4. You can choose to display your "forum activity" on your widget

5. You get more links to your blog which increases your search rankings and traffic. Your readers get to see their face on your blog and get to know each other better.

(A note from me: I'm not sure why a Caringbridge link stays at the top of the visitor list widget all the time; it's obviously stuck somehow and I'm not sure how to "unstick it." So just disregard!)

In closing, that widget is s a win-win situation! So go on and start clickin' and linkin' and recipe-submittin'!

And have a happy Saturday.

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