Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Green Bean
Casserole Deception

We are a law-abiding family.

A pastor's family.

A Christian family.

Deception is not in our DNA.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

May I introduce to you Exhibit A.

These are cream cheese bars. One of my favorite recipes. Not real cheap to make so when I do make them, I tend to be a bit possessive of them. (Or maybe I should say, a LOT possessive.)

May I now introduce to you Exhibit B.

Each of these pair of shoes represents a young man. A young man who joined Nate last night for the 2009 Great Summer Sleep Over.

Now let me just say that Nate has had these certain young men over before and I have actually witnessed with my own eyes an entire 9x13 pan of brownies disappear into their yawning caverns of teeth in as few as seven seconds.

A one dollar pan of brownie mix? No biggie.

A pan of bars that cost me cream cheese AND crescent rolls? Yes biggie.

And so here comes the deception part. I do hope you all can still respect me after I share this with you.

I am here to hereby admit that Steve, Sarah and I (cream cheese bar lovers, all) put our devious heads together to try to come up with a plan to save the bars from the impending horde of hungry male humans who were about to invade our home. After bringing up several solutions that didn't seem "tough" enough to handle this particular challenge we finally hit upon a winning deception stratagem.

May I introduce Exhibit C.


Yes, I am here to admit that we decided to cover the bars with a piece of foil marked, "Green Bean Casserole."

And do you know what?

When I got up this morning, the bars were still there. Untouched. Unsullied. Unconsumed.

And so you know what I did, don't you?

I had a little bite of green bean casserole, just to celebrate.

I love me some green bean cassesrole.

16 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Jane Copes (Professor Sepoc) said...

Too wonderful! I would have marked it "Science Experiment" in my refrigerator (and have) Deceptively yours, Jane

Anonymous said...

That's GREAT Becky!! Was nice to have an early morning chuckle even if it was at someone else's expense! :-) For the record, I wouldn't have touched it under those circumstances either! Now, care to share the recipe? LOL

Pat in CA

lynie said...

I love it! That is a great idea....

Anonymous said...

You can't post this and NOT give us the recipe! :) Please? Jill

Debbie said...

Recipe please!! You also have a award at my blog!! Come on over!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Nancy said...

LOL Becky, you always make us smile and laugh!!!! Great idea the next time we make brownies! I mean green been casserole ;-)
I love this post lol
Love you

krueth said...

I love it, and may just try that one day....ha ha ha!

Saffyres said...

I'd have been into that green bean casserole in a flash, but I love green bean casserole. I'd have been disappointed to find out it WASN'T green bean casserole. But I'm weird that way. :)

Chill said...

Wouldn't work on me, cause I do love green bean casserole, however anything with cream chese must be close to what Manna was!
Yum Yum, eat em up! OK deceptive, well maybe, cruel, not really, but BRILLIANT< absolutely!!!!!
Thanks for your comment. I do enjoy reading your works of art, my friend.

Karo said...

I think I could really get into that kind of green bean casserole! That is too funny, Ms. Becky!

Anonymous said...

Please post the recipe for that special "Green Bean Casserole" sounds like it will be my favorite green bean casserole!

Lyndsay said...

you're brilliant. Simply brilliant!

Anonymous said...

My family used to hide goodies in the hall closet in a big suitcase or my brother would inhale them (all).

When my best friend would come over we'd put them in the oven because everyone knew he'd never think to look there. That only was a problem if whatever it was was freshly made and the house smelled like _____ (fill in the blank for anything like brownies that were hard to disguise). Then they wound up in the suitcase, too! ha ha!

Lisa in San Diego (a later in life PK)

Jan Reynolds said...

This is my very favorite recipe too! Only make it on holidays, because it doesn't go well with my "low fat" diet... Love the Green Bean Casserole idea... hilarious!

Pam D said...

I am shocked. Stunned. Almost, but not quite.. horrified. Your son... the product of your loins, the sharer of your DNA, the continuation of the Smith family name.. (because we ALL know how rare THAT name is...).
Actually, I'm not. Actually? I'm impressed at your brilliance, and should I ever need a devious plan in the future, YOU will be my go-to gal.

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