Monday, July 20, 2009

Question for the "Mature"
Smithellaneous Reader

Where were you forty years ago during the first Moon Landing?

All the younger people are saying, "Huh? Forty years ago? I was still in the waiting room of heaven!" (Great theology, huh?)

Steve was twelve and living in Hawaii with his brothers, mom and Air Force dad. He remembers that at 3 am, his whole family got out of bed and walked across the street to their neighbors' house because they had a new fangled invention called . . . wait for it . . . color television. (Although the moonshot was obviously in black and white, the rest of the coverage was in color.)He said he'll never forget the excitement of getting to witness that amazing and historic event.

As for me, our family didn't own a television when I was growing up. (Hence my love for books!) So even though I was seven years old at the time of the landing, I have no memory of seeing it on TV.

But if YOU remember it--please share. Where were you? What are your memories?

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Unknown said...

I was eight years old..and I remember sitting on the floor of our living room, in front of the TV. I had my little black cassette tape recorder, and was trying to get everything I heard on tape, ...obviously I felt it was a very big deal. I wonder what happened to that cassette tape.....?

Debbie said...

I was 13 yrs old, living in Charleston, SC. I remember watching it on the TV we had. It was very exciting and I remember it well.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

lesley said...

It was my 10th birthday. (Yes, I am turning 50 today). Anyhoo, we were at my grandmother's house in Provincetown on Cape Cod and my family was gathered around my grandmother's black and white TV in her little cape style living room. I remember wondering what the big deal was because, hello everyone?, today was MY birthday!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Lesley !! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi y'all. A small comment on Becky's entry on watching the moon landing live. My whole family did not get up to see it. I was the only one that did. The rest of them watched the re-runs.


becky s said...

Okay, so while I am slightly too young, I do know where my dad was. He was at the doctor's office due to a motorcycle accident, and he had to wait for the doc, who was watching the moon landing!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Well, this senior citizen was in college and there was a tv in the lobby. The same tv where we learned about Robert Kennedy and MLKing....those were memorable college years.

I am still in awe that someone has actually walked on the moon. I love to look at a harvest moon especially and I'll ponder ...gee, someone has been there!

Pam D said...

I was 9 and living in the house where my mother still resides. We had color TV's (my dad repaired TVs on the side, so we had more TVs than the average family). And we did all gather round to watch (unlike now, when all kinds of amazing happens out there in space, broadcast on the NASA channel, with practically no one watching, except us). I was in awe, and I suppose that has carried through to this day. I even, for about a year, dated one of the original Apollo astronaut's sons (Gus Grissom's son). It was pretty interesting. To say the least. ANYWAY... I remember "astronaut" topping the list the next year at school when we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. There were even some girls bold enough to say THEY wanted to explore space. They laughed then...
(and it just hit me that Bug Hunter is now the same age that I was when this happened. Wow. THAT gives me some perspective....)

Pam D said...

OH.. and Lesley.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Party like it's 1999!!!!

lynie said...

Watching on tv...don't remember if it was color or not...the broadcast wasn't anyway, was it?

I would run outside to see if I could see the moon and then back in to see the tv....

I was 11 and thought it was one of the coolest things ever, and still do....

Melissa said...

I was only four years old and have no memory of it at all, guess I was too young to be interested in that sort of thing. I do, however, remember one of the later moon missions, and remember staring at the moon thinking, "There are people up there!" My mom was in her 20's during the original moon landing when I was four, and she remembers absolutely nothing about it!

Chill said...

I was 13 when I witnessed that surreal sight of men hopping around on the moon, and I still remember my Grandfather saying, "it never happened" a fact he insisted on till he died. I guess he still remembers his first Model T Ford and just couldn't believe that anybody could top that fine piece of engineering, and they certainly couldn't make it fly!
I love it! I was so enamored by the whole thing and really now that I look back and hear it was forty years ago, not only does that put a quiver in my liver, when I realise how old that makes me,but also how great a feat that really was back then. Oh well I guess we have come a long way since that ol Model T Gramps!

Missy said...

I was in utero. My mom was painting my nursery while she watched it on a little black and white TV.


Unknown said...

Lesley, May I also wish you (a little late) Happy 50th birthday! I loved reading about your surprise party; what great friends and family you have!

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