Monday, September 7, 2009

Alphabetized Spice Rack;
Lunch With A Kennedy

One of my first items of business when I got up this morning (At 5:30. With the dog. Sigh.) was to educate myself about Labor Day. (Since it occurred to me that I was just slightly lacking in information on that particular subject.) And because I'm so very nice, I have decided to pass the information on to you so that you can sound especially impressive at your cookout of choice tonight. (From How Things Work)

For a lot of people, Labor Day means two things: a day off and the end of summer. But why is it called Labor Day? Labor Day is a day set aside to pay tribute to working men and women. It has been celebrated as a national holiday in the United States and Canada since 1894.

The workers' unions chose the first Monday in September because it was halfway between Independence Day and Thanksgiving. The idea spread across the country, and some states designated Labor Day as a holiday even before the federal holiday was created.

So there you have it!

The rest of this Labor Day post is going to be dedicated to giving me a break from the (happy) labor of writing and will instead feature some recent pictures.

I'll start with a photo of the worldly belongings of our son as he was preparing to leave once again for college. Every year I ask him him if he is really quite sure that he needs to go and every year he tells me that he really does. And so I sigh and hug him and tell him I'm proud of him and I watch him drive away. Again.

On the way out door and into the car, he was doing his usual funny stuff. I guess he thought it was better to leave behind a laughing Mom rather than a crying Mom.

Nathan will turn twenty on September 18 and we will actually be in Florida a few days before that singing and preaching at a couple churches in the area. I'm happy that it worked out that we will be able to celebrate a really big birthday with our really fabulous College Dude!

The following photo is of Steve with Rev. Randall Woodard, a long time acquaintance of our family. What's especially cool is that when Steve and I were youth pastors here in Smithfield back in the early 80's (when dinosaurs still roamed the earth), Randall was a member of our youth group. Last Sunday, Steve went to Randall's church to hear him preach, which was very special for both of them.

And speaking of Steve, here is a picture of him with Snowy that proves that Sarah is not the only Smith that Snowy deigns to hang out with. (Although I think he loves her best because she's needed him the most.)

He actually loves to spend time with whichever Smith Person is not moving at any given time. Whether the person is lying down, sitting down, or standing still, Snowy has "A Smith Person Is Not Moving" radar which enables him to show up and commence to lying, sitting, or standing with the aforementioned person. Nice to have such a companionable little doggie around.

I guess I could call this picture, "Lunch With A Kennedy." Steve had made his little meal of a sandwich, water, and a pickle; I snapped the picture when he stepped away for a minute. I just thought how nicely this little tableau illustrates Steve's simple tastes in life--give him peanut butter and a magazine at lunchtime and he's a happy fella.

And finally we come to the most wonderful of all pictures--the one that features my alphabetized spice rack. (I know, I know. Getting to see a picture like this makes it worth getting up in the morning, doesn't it?)

I once had a friend say, "You alphabetize your spice rack? You have way to much time on your hands!"

In my defense, I have to say that having an alphabetized spice rack is actually for people who have too little time on their hands. When I'm cooking in a hurry for a big group of people, or even trying to get dinner on the table for my family, I can't tell you how delightful it is to spend one second looking for the tarragon instead of three minutes.

Actually, my spices are not in complete alphabetical array: on the very front row I have my most used spices: paprika, parsley, garlic salt, onion salt, cinnamon. And in the very back, I have large containers of re-fill spices. But other than that, the ABC's rule!

However, about every six months or so, the spices have to be re-ordered and whipped back into shape because I tend to get in a hurry and just start flinging bottles back onto the shelves. And so, in light of the fact that we'll be moving soon, I took all the spices out, wiped down the cupboards and then re-arranged them.

It was just way too much fun. And I highly recommend it as a way to spend a Saturday afternoon. And no, I don't get out much.

Alrighty then. I know that this post may have contained a bit more excitement than you're used to, what with peanut butter sandwiches, a college student's belongings, and a story of cinnamon lined up neatly in its place. You may have to take a little rest when you get done reading to let your heartbeat settle back down to normal.

But before I leave you to do that, I'd like to show you one more picture; it's one I found of my mom and dad taken a few years ago and it sums up so well their loving relationship.

My dad has been gone to heaven for just seventeen days now, which in "heaven time" is probably only half a blink of an eye. He left behind him pictures, a faithful wife, laughter, music, family, love--and a daughter who alphabetizes her spice rack.

I think he did okay.

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Anonymous said...

Think on the positive side of Nathan taking so much with him, it's that much less in your house when you show it to that perfect buyer that we are praying walks through your door VERY SOON!

I'm jealous of your spice cabinet. It's awesome!

Connie F-G

Jan said...

Oh wow...I see Nathan has the same "matched luggage" (black bags) that MY son had when he was in college!

Nancybratt said...

He did more than ok Becky. He raised a beautiful, caring, loving and devoted daughter. Who gives her family the world. He is PROUD and he is smiling down at you. I know he is proud of everyone else, but I just want to say about you: he is more than proud. He did a Daddys loving job.

Pam D said...

Let's see. A fine, handsome son, headed off to college to further his education. A wonderful husband (peanut butter/pickle combo aside)who most likely had great influence over that young pastor. A daughter whose heart and spirit are simply amazing. And you, who in the midst of it all can still manage to keep your spices organized. Hmm. Yes, I think your dad should be proud of what he accomplished and the legacy that he left behind. His true wealth was immeasurable and immune from the vagaries of the stock market. Hold on to the promise that one day, you will all once again make beautiful music together....

Ann Martin said...

Well, my spice rack is on those little white things so I can see the different rows. I put the short ones on front and then the others. I don't think I have any really certain way of arranging them except for height. I'm so use to that being short that I tend to do things that way. Walked the treadmill 30 minutes (1.25 miles) today. We just got it from my brother yesterday afternoon. Just beginning with an excercise that I plan to continue. Know it will be good for the heart and hope the pounds. Now to write the check to pay for it. You know the saying, "The check is in the mail." Well, it will be tomorrow. My Daddy has been gone for 1 month (really 4 1/2 weeks) and it is better but still "missing" times occur like tonight. We'll make it, Becky. Daddy left a wife, 4 children, 11 grandchildren, and 17 great grandchildren (one due in Feb. too). Lots of us to carry on for him. Just hope we make him proud. Have a great week. So glad you'll be able to spend some time in Florida with Nathan close to his birthday.