Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coupla More Things

A few of you asked how our house hunting went in Manteo.

On Tuesday we saw four houses which none of us (including our realtor) liked even one teensy weensy bit. One of the houses would have needed tens of thousands dollars invested, just to make it habitable and it was alread at the top of our price range. The other three had floor plans that just weren't workable.

That was a bit discouraging for us because those were about all the ones that were available in our price range. On a small island like Roanoke--only about 9 miles from end to end--there aren't thousands of choices available like there would be in a larger city.

However, before we left town on Wednesday morning our realtor happened across a new listing that he took us to see and I am excited to report that it is definitely a contender! Square footage is almost equal to what we have now (although it's divided up quite a bit differently) and it has a huge back deck so I can take my church gatherings outside if I need to. (Since the living room/dining area is smaller than we have now.)

It has some fix its and repairs that need to be done, but Steve is very gifted at that sort of stuff. We both really love taking a house with lots of potential (even though it may not be lovely to start with) and making it fit our family.

So that's the scoop! Obviously, we won't be making any offers or putting any money down for at least two weeks until after the official vote is in but at least we know there's something out there. And of course, we have the "small detail" of needing to sell this house, too. As I've said before, I'm glad God's in charge of all of that and not me!

Someone asked where in Florida we would be this weekend. Sunday morning we are in Orlando and Sunday night will be two hours away from there. (I'll have to ask Steve what that town is called.) If you need more info on the services, please email me at

Thanks for the cheery comments left today; you all brought the sun out in my heart!

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MaryH said...

Becky, the house find sounds great. God has taken care of so much so far, I can't imagine that there isn't a buyer for your house just around the corner. I am envious of your new town. What a lovely place to raise Sarah! I agree with Sue G. about the photos - you should submit some of your work to local shops or art shows - or combine your writings with local pictures and put together a book. You have so much talent.

Sue G said...

I agree with Mary H. Sue G is so smart.

Just saying.

Ann Martin said...

Becky, I knew you would find a house that the three of you can make work. I will enjoy hearing how you make it your home and hope I get to come see it. We are about 3 to 4 hours away (I think) and it would make a lovely week end trip or even week day trip as we are retired and don't have to wait for the week end anymore. Of course it would be nice to be in a service and finally get to hear Steve preach. When we attended your first service in Smithfield he didn't preach but we were so glad we were there in the beginning. Enjoy Florida. Where is Snowy during all these travels? God is good and still in charge. Praying the house in Smithfield will sell soon.