Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Extreme Hair Trauma Edition

Earlier this week, a horribly horrific and absolutely atrocious thing happened to me. To my very own person. To my very own hair on my very own person.

"Oh, for crying out loud!" you may say. "How bad could it possibly be?"

Um. This bad.

Do you see my eyes boring straight into you and repeating, "THIS BAD?"

Can you see me looking around sadly for help? For assistance? For a miracle? Anything?


I am very happy to report to you that even in the midst of my Extreme Hair Trauma, I didn't have a melt down or even a break down. I just said to myself, "Well, that's pretty upsetting but as far as I know the sun is going to rise tomorrow and my family will still love me. Even though I have the worst array of bangs the world has ever seen.

Sigh. Again.

The young lady who cut my hair has given me several excellent cuts in the past. I started going to her because she worked at a reputable salon and had a half price coupon in the paper. And you know how I am about a bargain.

I really liked her. And I still do. I know that all of us make mistakes no matter what our jobs are. It's just that, well, I'm a wee bit traumatized about having to wear the mistake for the next few weeks.

Actually, what she was trying to accomplish (per my request) were bangs like these, modeled for you by my lovely sister Debbie, who is seen here with a certain wild and wacky companion who shall remain nameless. (Hi, Nathan!)

I love Debbie's spikey bangs look so much that I printed off the picture and I showed it to my stylist.

And I got this.

I tried to remind myself that I am a mature, grown up person. I do not get upset over these kinds of petty occurrences. I try to look at the big picture of life. I try to appreciate how small this incident is in comparison to the large things going in peoples' lives.

But then I look at this. Again.

And then I feel compelled to not be a grown up anymore. I feel compelled to run to my room and cry. And throw something. And then follow that up with eating four pounds of chocolate.

With nuts.

And toffee. (I love me some toffee.)

Because at a moment like this, only chocolate can dig way, way down and address the traumatizing Hair Hurt that has seeped into my very soul.

And just so you know? I've never been overly particular about wearing fancy schmancy clothes or buying the latest styles; however, there is one appearance-related issue that is very dear to my heart. And that is-- my bangs. This is what they're supposed to look like.

Oops sorry. Wrong picture.

This is what they're supposed to look like.

The sad fact of the matter is that I possess a very high forehead and because of that, I have worn long bangs my whole life. In fact, until this week, it was not known for sure whether I even had a forehead, because it had never before been seen.

Folks. I DO have a forehead. And after this haircut, there will be absolutely no more doubt about that it because unfortunately, people will have to gaze upon it for many weeks to come.

And I so badly wanted to look wonderfully put together when we go to Manteo in two weeks. Oh well. I guess they can witness me at my worst now and then I'll just get better looking as time goes by.

Or not.

I'm really sorry to be laying this Hair Burden on you and I do sincerely hope that looking at pictures of my hair and my really high, alarming, never-before-seen forehead doesn't cause you to have nightmares.

But if I can't turn to you, my blogging buds, who can I turn to?

Sarah and Steve have already gone through their laundry list of compassionate, commiserative remarks but I am still really needing a few more rounds of comfort in order to assuage the massive amount of Hair Grief that I'm currently experiencing.

Anyway, thanks for listening.

I am now leaving the room.

To eat chocolate. And cry.


Alrighty this is now the next morning!

And yes, I'm relieved to report to you that the sun did indeed rise, despite the Extreme Hair Trauma of yesterday.

With great trepidation I washed and styled my hair after I got up, wondering if I could somehow "mush" my remaining hair strands around so that they would cover up the areas that are lacking. (Sort of like a "comb over," I suppose.)

Here is the result of my labors.

Not QUITE as bad as it looked last night.

Although my forehead is still very much in view, I am relieved to know that at least it's not so awfully bad that I can't go out in public. And I am relieved that I won't have to ask Steve to cancel our entire trip to Florida and tell the two churches we're scheduled at that we can no longer come because his wife had a "personal emergency." (smile)

The Extreme Hair Trauma Chapter is now coming to a close and I do believe that I will survive. I just hope my previously sheltered and non-publicized forehead is up to the challenge of being on display for the next few weeks. We'll see!

Now. Since I've already thoroughly embarrassed myself by showing you pictures of my adult hair when it is less than fabulous, I'll entrust you with some other "interesting" pictures of myself from past years. (You may laugh with me, but not at me.)

Don't you love the little curl over my right ear?

I was probably around 12 or 13 here; as you can tell, I didn't have the first clue about make up or hair styling.

My brother, Phil's, wedding. And in case you're wondering, I'm the one wearing the large green hat which was what all of us cool and groovy bridesmaids wore back in the 70's. (I know, I know. You're jealous.)

And here's an interesting bit of family trivia for you:

My mom is the only woman I know who wore the same dress to all SIX of her childrens' weddings! She never changed in size and the style was classic enough to just keep on wearing. I just think that is so cool.

Interesting hair from early in our marriage years . . .

. . . and early singing years. (That's my sisters with Steve and me.)

And finally, in an effort to exorcise all the terrible hair sights you have been exposed to today on this blog, I will close with a couple pictures of my mom.

Beautiful hair, beautiful face, beautiful heart.

When I grow up, I want to be like her.


Comment/Question Corner

Krista, the burners were just under $100 for four of them. We got ours at Lowes.

Mel, thanks so much for the packing tip! We will definitely remember that and use it. Packing tips of ALL kinds are welcome.

Mom to Ella, yes Manteo is definitely a hurricane zone, just like any town near the ocean. Thankfully, in recent years, a second bridge off the island has been built so I feel better knowing we can leave if necessary. We talked to one old-timer who's only left once in twenty years, so we'll see!


In a few minutes, we'll be packing up the van and heading out for a ten hour trip to Florida. Tomorrow is going to be a challenging day trying to recover from today's travel and also singing and preaching in a church in Orlando at 10 am, then traveling 2 1/2 hours to sing and preach at another church at 6:30 pm. It's been many years since I have had to do two services in one day with a lot of travel in between. With my recent vocal problems, it will be even more of a challenge. Thanks for your prayers; I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, we'll have lunch with Nathan on campus and do our best to find how many ways we can find to embarrass him. :-) Monday night, we are headed to his girlfriends' house (her parents are some of our dearest friends) for Nate's 20th birthday cookout. Tuesday, it's ten hours back home again.

I'll try to be in touch along the way to let you know how my forehead is faring . . . (smile)

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Sue G said...
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Beth Cooper said...

Your hair really looked pretty after you did it yourself! I think in a couple of weeks you'll love it...the bangs are just a wee bit short right now! I have the same long forehead thing going and I have worn bangs for years, too. Bangs are tricky--either too short or too long, in my experience. I always have about one week when I think they're just perfect! Anyway, I really liked the pictures after you did it!! Blessings on your trip!

lesley said...

So Steve looks like Richard Chamberlain in the photo of you and your sisters.
And, can I say, you look totally different as an adult than as a child. I would never know it was your school picture.
I love old pictures.
Good luck with all the vocals this weekend!!

Deb said...

I thought your hair looked really good after you styled it. In a week or so, it will be just right and you'll have spikey bangs galore!

Loved the pictures and the update. Shoot, I love you guys too!

Love, Deb

MaryH said...

Loved all the old pictures. You have grown up to be as lovely as your mother. As far as the bangs go, after you fixed them yourself they look just fine - a little shorter than you are used to - but much better - I have had many bad cuts for one reason or another (sometimes because I trim my own bangs!) - a wash and re-style seems to make it better. Safe travels, enjoy Florida and Nathan and I will keep you in mind and prayer for a strong voice.

Anonymous said...

1)I think in 2 weeks your bangs are going to be exactly like you want them! I do think they look great today too but in a couple of weeks it will be just what you wanted....
2) Past hairstyles are scary, but the HUGE glasses ~ I remember and feel your pain....
3)Manteo in a hurricane zone just like all ocean towns? Not if you live on the Pacific :o) No hurricanes, tornados, wild throngs of locust. God knew what he was doing by the time he got out here!
:o) :o) :o)

Lynie (and I know, God always knew what he was doing....:o) )

Pam D said...

You are much braver than I; some of my hair horrors from the past would make great blog fodder, but I just can't do it. And I do agree with everyone else; your hair looks perfectly fine now, but in a couple of weeks, it will be right where YOU want it. Right WHEN you want it to be perfect. Hurray for perfect timing!

Anonymous said...

I have survived the problem with too short solution was keeping my eyebrows raised...made me look like a surprised idiot, but the hair looked better...

it will grow in will seem like a long time, but in a few weeks it will be better.

Melissa said...

Have a good trip to Florida! Sounds like you'll be in my neck of the woods, I live in Sebring, about two hours from Orlando and an hour away from Lakeland. Be warned, it's super hot down here right now!

Anonymous said...

how about painting longer bangs on your forehead?

actually, I can empathize with your situation. My old school sent me to Paris after teaching 37 years, and for some dumb reason my regular stylist (also a cheap bargain) cut my bangs at least an inch or two shorter than normal, so all my pictures were/are rather comical.

mrs pam

Ann Martin said...

I, too, have a high forehead so I wear bangs. I like mine semi-long but do not like to look up and see them. Sometimes I have trimmed mine between haircuts and my hair dresser can always tell. When mine is cut too short I always say, "It will grow." It usually takes a couple of weeks for a new haircut to be what we want it to be. I love the hairstyle in your early family picture with Snowy included. Will be praying for you Sunday that God will give grace and mercy as you sing. I walked on the treadmill for 1.64 miles (30 minutes) today so I enjoyed chocolate when I finished. Take care and enjoy being with Nathan. Tell him Happy Early Birthday for me.

Tracey said...

Welcome to Humility 101. I feel your pain - about two months ago I had a similar, but totally different hair crisis, the great "woe is me" eyelash incident. In case you were wondering and for the record...applying mascara to eyelash stubs does not help one stinkin bit!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks good the next morning. At least your family had kind comments for you. Two weeks ago my daughter decided to get her hair cut and also decided to save $. She went to a beauty school. The person took three hours to cut her hair and still managed to get one side shorter than the other, botched the layers on the one side. When my daughter came home my response..." OH MY! If I were you right now, I would be in tears with a bag over my head" Oops, not the thing to say. Enjoy your time in FL. Anna

Vi (pronounced Vy) said...

oh becky! hair drama is an emergency! lol. once, my best friend died her hair only to discover that the manufacturer put the WRONG color in the blonde box!!!!! she ended up with brown hair instead!! she was not a happy camper.


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