Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bliss Doesn't Get Any Better

Four days. Fourteen hundred miles driven, two services sung and preached at, a son seen, a dorm room visited, college roommates met, three different beds slept in, a birthday party celebrated, a birthday meal cooked, numerous fast food meals eaten, and gatherings with friends enjoyed. And now?

The most wonderful sight I have seen in recent memory.

My. Very. Own. Bed.

I am beyond happy to think that the next five minutes of my life will involve laying my weary, stiff, road-rashed body down and drifting off to sleep.

Bliss doesn't get any better than that.

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Anonymous said...

Becky, as much my hubby and I traveled...I have never found a place as nice as home...sweet dreams!

Hunker, PA

Marysienka said...

Welcome home!
There's no place like your own bed :) I wouldn't trade mine for anything!

Warm Hugs,


Pam D said...

Sleep well, Becky. May all of your dreams be lovely, and may every minute of sleep count as two. hugs....

Ann Martin said...

Glad you arrived home safely. Have a great night sleeping in your own bed. Little bit of rest before another trip I hope. Waiting to hear about the birthday party. I don't have an address so my birthday card to Nathan will be late.