Monday, September 14, 2009

The Traveling Smiths

Hooray! I just found Internet access so I'll do a quick post before we leave the hotel.

I'm happy to report that my voice (and stamina) held up miraculously well yesterday, allowing me to get through two full concerts and a 17-hour day. (With no nap!) It was actually very close to being as strong at the end of the day as it was the beginning, which is incredible considering that just a month or two ago, my voice would sometimes be gone by noon after doing just "regular talking." It was truly an answer to prayer.

Here are a few photos from the two churches.

Today we'll head over to Southeastern University to have lunch with a certain College Dude who we're sort of attached to. We'll get to see his dorm room and meet a few of his friends and of course, I'll do my best to snap some pictures while we're there. When he goes back to class, we'll drive to Meagan's family's house and join forces with Meagan to grocery shop for Nathan's birthday cookout tonight.

Tomorrow, we'll be back on the road for the ten hours home and then this weekend, we'll drive to the Charlotte area for another concert. And of course, the following weekend is the Big Weekend in Manteo.

I have lots of pictures and stories to share from this trip; I'll be back in touch soon!


COMMENTS CORNER (From the Extreme Hair Trauma Edition)

Note About Comments: Occasionally you will see something in the comments area that says, "Comment removed by author." It occurred to me that you might think that I had to remove the comment because it was inappropriate in some way.

However, what it actually means is that the person who wrote the comment removed it. Sometimes people will go back and read what they wrote and see some mistakes (spelling or otherwise) or else they might might accidentally post a comment twice and remove the duplicate comment. I'm not actually sure what the little message says if I am the one who removes a comment; thankfully, I haven't had to do that yet!

Lesley mentioned that in the earlier photos I posted of Steve, he looked liked like a young Richard Chamberlain. He has actually been told that before which I think is really cool because I get to be married to an almost movie star. Woo-hoo!

Melissa warned us that it was hot in Florida right now and she was oh-so-woefully-right! And on top of the heat, there's the lovely humidity which caused my little ol' pitiful short bangs to frizzle up even shorter. Such an attractive look. (Despite the weather, Florida has such pretty rural areas to drive through. I love it!)

I learned something from Lynnie about hurricanes. She wrote that that they don't have to worry about hurricanes (or tornadoes) on the Pacific coast which I honestly had never realized. Thanks for that educational tidbit.
And thanks to ALL of who who jumped on board to commiserate with my Hair Trauma and share stories of your own. Hearing your own stories made me feel so much better; you are some fabulous blogging buds.

2 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

When I looked at your pictures from Sunday, I didn't notice your bangs, I noticed your smile and the happiness in your eyes.

The bangs will grow but smiling from the heart is a gift.

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