Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Freeway

Heading to the highway in about an hour. We tried to get up early and sneak out the door so that Sheri, our wonderful friend, hostess, fellow pastor's wife and mother to Nathan's girlfriend, wouldn't feel compelled to get up and fix her usual 5-star, 5-course breakfast but . . . we were caught in the act. Sigh. I guess we'll just have to eat fabulous home cooking instead of yet another biscuit from McDonalds.

We had a raucous birthday party for Nathan last night and of course I took a lot of pictures of the merriment.

Time to go. It's time for a great breakfast with fabulous friends, then the freeway, then our own bed, tonight.


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MaryH said...

Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all the stories and I think you looked smashing in the pictures at the church. Happy and safe traveling back to your beds and your cute white doggie.