Monday, October 12, 2009

Emergency Green Bean Help Needed

I forgot to post this earlier today: someone gave us a whole bunch of fresh green beans when we were in Manteo this past weekend. We cooked a few Saturday night but won't get them all eaten.

Does anyone know how to freeze green beans?

Also, any simple green bean recipes out there?

Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

make a green bean cassorole or two and freeze them....recipe is the same but tastes so much better with fresh green beans. this coming from someone who has been eating via J-tube for FOUR years. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Here is a link on instructions on how to freeze fresh green beans, but a summary of that would be to clean, blanch, and freeze.

Stir fry with green beans, onions, and chicken over rice

or the oh so famous green bean casserole:

I hope these help. Also, I love for great recipes.


Anonymous said...

Becky, All I do to freeze our green beans is to clean them and cut them to the desired size. I then dry them on paper towels to remove the extra moisture. I put them in freezer zip lock bags. The new bags that vacuum the air out work freezer burn. To use, just defrost the beans and cook them as usual. There is nothing better than fresh beans! Anna

bearie1 said...

This green bean stir fry is yummy. One of our favorite meals.,172,158178-230195,00.html


Anonymous said...

Pioneer Woman has a great recipe using green beans called "Spanish Green Beans" (I think that is the name...). I have used fresh, frozen and canned beans with this recipe and it is very yummy (like all her recipes :) ).

Ann Martin said...

No help on this one. I only know about green bean casserole. That's what I usually fix at Thanksgiving and Christmas for my extended family get together.

whiterecluse said...

All I do is clean them, cut them down to whatever size you prefer, blanch them, blot off excess water, and pop them in a freezer bag. Hubs' grandmother had a HUGE crop of green beans this summer and we took advantage of it. ;-)

Chris Pitonyak said...

Becky, you can make a delicious meal by boiling up cut green beans, cubed potatoes, some onion, cubed ham, and a few sprigs of savory. When these are cooked to your liking, drain the water and add in a little sour cream and salt/pepper to your liking. This can also become soup if boiled in a ham broth.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know we froze green beans before and they are awesome in the winter when fresh aren't plentyful. WE clean, blanch and freeze..
Have a great day..
Hugs from Iowa,

Kayleen said...

Green Beans Almondine or many vairations of it. Guy Fieri did it really good on one of his food network shows. Can't find the exact recipie. Calls for toasting the almonds and then sauteing (not boiling) the green beans until desired doneness, then mixing all together with butter, almonds, and lemon juice. SO GOOD!