Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Fifth Smith

The hospital called this morning and said that Snowy can't be discharged today after all. He's still in quite a bit of pain and unable to urinate so he has a catheter in and is still on IV meds and fluids. They also did an ultrasound and said there's a lot of inflammation issues that need to be resolved before he can be released.

And it really worked out okay because we were in sort of a quandary about picking him up today and then either traveling with him (a challenge for all involved) or leaving me behind to care for him, which would put a bit of a dent into the music line up since I play the keyboard for the worship team.

We'll either pick him up tomorrow evening when we get home or on Monday morning. And believe me, when he gets home he will be hugged, and cuddled, and petted, and patted and spoiled rotten. (Not that he isn't all the time anyway!)

A few of you mentioned pet insurance in the comments and yes, that sort of thing actually does exist. Steve did some research on it last night and it's about $30 a month. We may look into giving that a try since enormous vet bills are not our list of favorite things.

Again, thanks for all your sweet comments and prayers for our family. We are so happy to know that our beloved "Fifth Smith" will be back home with us soon.

We'll head out to Manteo in a couple hours. We'll be attending a dinner tonight, have the service in the morning and then turn right back around and head home tomorrow night.

Our realtor did get our offer written up and presented to the family who owns the house that we're hoping to rent/buy. We should hear an initial response from them early next week. If all goes well, the very earliest we could be in the house is December 1st. We're not sure of all the details yet, but for the month of November, Steve may just end up moving to Manteo by himself with Sarah and I driving over on weekends. That would keep us from having to move so much family stuff over there until we actually have a house to move it all into.Lots of details to work out.

Happily, Nathan will be here at least a week in November which is just exactly the right timing to help us pack. Hurray for a strong and wonderful son!

Time to go finish the packing that was interrupted by the doggie emergency yesterday. Thanks for checking in!

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MaryH said...

I just had to log onto this relic at home that I call a computer to check up on the cutest white doggie in the world. Thank God prayers were answered. He certainly is as strong as the rest of the Smithes! I am so relieved and I understand the cost of vets and surgeries and hospital procedures - it is daunting but thankfully the worst of that was avoided. I am sending some thanks to my animal angels for sitting by Snowy's side.

Becky, there is one more special angel in Heaven - Patti went to her glory last night about 7:00 p.m. There is quite a gem there now. It was predicted we would have a cloudy, rainy day again today - as so many in this past difficult week - however, thank you very much for this beautiful sunny fall day, Patti - I have no doubt who sent this day to us. I am looking for those butterflies, my friend! Have fun, my dear. You will always be missed.

Many prayers answered yesterday - one for a small little doggie guardian angel and one for the peaceful journey of a gentle, loving friend. I can see God's hand in all of this.

Hoping for safe travels for all of you and a joyful homecoming for Snowy along with all the pampering he so rightfully deserves.

Jan R. said...

YOu may want to check out

it's a way to pay for vet bills with a credit card just for pets.
We just had to do that when our beloved Jack had emergency Dental surgery that cost $600...

I am glad that he is better.

Unknown said...

God is good and knew of your concerns on how to best take care of Snowy this weekend. He took care of that for you by making sure Snowy would be well cared for at the vet hospital. I can't wait to see the reunion pictures with Snowy and Sarah. Praying for safe travels and quick reunions for your family.

LizW said...

I am so sorry to hear about Snowy - he is in my prayers along with the rest of the Smith family! I hope the rest of your transition to Manteo goes smoothly, and especially in the housing area. Some calm, uneventful time for you all would be well-deserved. Prayers also for Nathan.

Best wishes,