Saturday, October 17, 2009

Snowy Is In ICU

On the drive here to Manteo, the doctor called about Snowy. She said he is not bouncing back like they had hoped, hasn't eaten anything at all and has been able to urinate very little. He is in the ICU and on Valium, morphine and IV fluids.

They were about to give him a high dose of steroids to reduce inflammation but needed our permission first because it can have serious side effects. They were also going to sedate him and put in a 12-hour catheter, but when they tried that, he actually leaked a little urine so they're going to wait on the catheter a little longer and see if the steroid reduces inflammation enough to bring about results.

Sarah and I had another Snowy Cry Session after the doctor's phone call; it's terrible to think of him being in such pain and having to be away from home and away from the family he loves.

The doctor said if anything changed in the middle of the night, they would call us. Otherwise, we'll get a call in the morning to let us know how his night went and another call in the afternoon to see when he might be able to go home. They won't discharge him, of course, until he's eating, his pain is manageable and he's able to urinate. (And in the meantime, the bill goes up, up, up! Yikes.)

We're about to head out for a dinner; I'll be in touch if anything changes.

Thanks for your prayers for peace and comfort for little Snowy and for his family, as well.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for Nathan's heart news to be minor. I have a heart murmur, and was told that I could not donate blood.

first time to read about Snowy, and I am SO sorry
I am certainly praying for him to be out of icu and back home with you all where he belongs!

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

I have been out of touch for a couple of days and am so sorry Snowy is feeling poorly!

To some people animals are pets, and to some they are family....when you are a family that considers their pet a family member, the monetary issues are extremely difficult to consider!

Our kitty Ed, became a member of our family when our DD was going through chemo, 14 years ago. He is showing his age, but believe me, there is not one of us that forgets what joy that little kitten brought to a bald-headed sick little girl. So I know what you mean...

I will send great thoughts of healing your way, to the 2 legged Smiths and the 4 legged on too


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So sorry that Snowy is not doing well. :( My four chihuahuas and I will send good thoughts and prayers for Snowy!

Cindy said...

Praying that today is a better day for Snowy. I look forward to good news in the next update.

Anonymous said...

Snowy I hope you're doing better today.

Margie Miller

Marysienka said...

Ow! I've been gone for less than 72 hours and lots of things happened in your house during this time. I am very sorry to hear about Snowy. I'm glad the surgery was successful though. I hope he gets back on his legs very soon!

Many people have irrigular heartbeats and it's nothing serious (I have it). I sure hope what Nathan has is nothing to worry about!

Also, I'm sending lucky vibes your way so that it works for the house in Manteo!

Thinking of you as always,


Anonymous said...

I have also been following you for quite a while, lots of us are going thru life changes its very hard.

I am wishing you the best in very difficult times.

Jean Carter
St. Louis MO

bearie1 said...

Keep checking for a Snowy update. Hope is is doing better and able to come home soon. Elaine

Michelle said...

Praying today is a better day for your beloved Snowy, and that he'll be home and in your arms real soon.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Sarah said...

Thinking of Snowy and your family.

- Sarah

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Snowy and I were in ICU at the same time. I am home now and getting a little stronger everyday.
your cousin Sandy

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