Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Early this morning I was sitting in my blogging recliner in Nathan's room when Steve came in. He kissed me and then said, "You are my greatest blessing."

Now often does one get to start her day being told she is a great blessing?

I'm grateful to be a blessing. Grateful to be married to a blessing. Grateful to be married to someone who takes the time to let me know that I'm a blessing.

I'm grateful for fall leaves, early morning light, affectionate white dogs, a dearly beloved, far away college student and a fourteen-year old princess to whom I get to teach math.

And I'm grateful for a new church, a new town, a new house and new beginnings.

I'm grateful for chocolate and good books and faithful blog readers. I'm grateful for my sweet mom and five siblings, and for a dad who is happy in heaven. I'm grateful for the knowledge that I am loved and that I have people to love.

How about you? What are your "gratefuls" today?

More later . . . .

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lesley said...

I am grateful today for a day off of work, that my Sarah got her H1N1 vaccine, that the sun is shining, that my 2 boys are coming home for Thanksgiving and I am slowly losing weight :):)

Lizz said...

I am grateful that my Sarrah is 9 years old today even though I want her to be 9 months old again! I am grateful for my little boy and my husband who took the morning off work to eat breakfast with his family for a little extra celebration! I am grateful that I have a blog to read that is very uplifting! I am grateful to listen to a radio station that raises money to take kids with cancer to Disney World! I am grateful to God for giving me a wonderful life!
Thanks Becky for this morning's post!
Love, Hugs & Prayers!

MaryH said...

I am grateful that today is my grandson's 4th Month Birthday and that today is my Dad's 100th birthday - he is celebrating it in Heaven and has been there for 11 years but what a place to have a birthday! I am grateful for my 97 year old mother with her powerful prayers and that she is still here on Earth. And, as was demonstrated to me in very dramatic fashion yesterday, I am so very grateful for a strong, loving family and friends who have circled their wagons around me to help me through a very scary, difficult day yesterday. The unexpected blessings are the best - I received many yesterday.

Sue G said...

I'm grateful for each day because there are no guarantees in this world.

I'm grateful for laughter because there is nothing so dire, so awful that laughter can not fill the heart even for a moment.

I'm grateful for pain because it reminds me that my arms still exist, my legs are still here, my organs and muscles and bones are living things, and thus they occasionally feel pain.

I'm grateful for friends and family who don't always articulate my importance because then I have to know it for myself, see for myself that I am loved and honored and appreciated.

I'm grateful for time spent with God because He doesn't waste, He doesn't hesitate, He doesn't hide. He only loves and hold truth for me.

I'm grateful for music and movies and books and laughter and great conversations because they all enrich me and take me to a higher place of beauty or understanding or grace.

I'm grateful for recipes that don't include cheese.

Ann Martin said...

I am grateful for memories. I am grateful my Mama lives across the yard from me. I am grateful for an understanding husband--these past several months have taken much of my time from him and our home. I am grateful for a loving God who is always here for us. I am grateful for friends like The Smiths who are very special.