Thursday, November 5, 2009

Smith Male Ladder Meanderings and the Non Interfering Mother

It's sunny outside. About 65 degrees. Low humidity. Slight breeze. Crystal blue sky.

Anyone feel like moving to North Carolina? We just happen to have a great house to sell you!

And no, we've had absolutely no nibbles on our "great house," even since dropping the price to below rock bottom a week ago. I don't know. Do you think if we reduce it to $39.99 we might have some takers?

In the "getting ready to sell the house," process, Steve has been busy painting and fixing the wood in some of our window sills. I wrote a couple weeks ago that he's not overly thrilled with being on a ladder but this week he has turned into a veritable Mister Ladder Guy.

He's been scampering up and down and scampering down and up with nary a quiver or quaver in sight. (Although a ladder will never be his favorite place to hang out.)

I thought I should take a few additional pictures to document phase two of The Smith Male Ladder Meanderings. (Let me just say that I'm glad it's him up there and not me!)

I'm thankful that my calling in life includes working in a ladder-less kitchen. Ladder leaping is most certainly not my cup of tea. Or bowl of soup. Or plate of cookies. Or whatever.

When I finished taking the pictures of Steve, I turned my attention (and my camera) to the calm, autumn evening around our home.

So glad God made autumn . . .


I've gotten quite a few comments on the Barbecue Cup recipe with ideas for some variations. I'll re-post them all here to make it easier for you to find them.

1. Rushed home from work tonight and tried the crescent roll variation. It was great (though a bit awkward to line the muffin tin with the triangular piece of dough).

I also tried a second variation in that I used homemade Italian meat sauce. Now I am imagining all sorts of variations on this theme: eggs and ham; chicken with cream sauce; tuna and vegetables with cream sauce; baked beans and sausage; chili; fruit served with ice cream. YOWZA! ---GS in Canada

2. Regarding using crescent rolls: I read on a blog (I don't think this one but maybe) a recipe called chicken bundles. I wonder if you could use the crescent rolls, and the meat filling to make these. I think you would use the equivalent of two rolls (so you have a square of dough), plop some meat mixture in the middle, and bring the four corners up to the top and tie them together. That would make them somewhat like a piroshki. ---Elaine

3. I have a great idea for your bbq cups. Line the pan with paper liners that you use for cupcakes, then add the biscuit and all the other ingredients. I think that may work, and cut down on it sticking to the pan and the messy clean-up? --Haley


I also wanted to share a few insightful comments that came in on the difference between a priest, pastor and chaplain.

1. Episcopal ministers can also be called Priests (and Rectors). ---Mrs. Pam

2. Just a quick note to tell you that there are also Catholic Pastors. They are the "head" priest in the parish who is in charge of everything. Although we still refer to him as Fr. So-and-So, you will occasionally hear Pastor So-and-So. ---Jenn

I learn something every day from you all!


And lastly, the question was asked if Nathan has seen a doctor about his heart issue yet. Although I have asked him twice about making an appointment, I haven't heard anything back from him. So I'm trying to do my best imitation of a non-interfering Mother and let it rest for a while.

Hmmmm. Exactly how long do non-interfering Moms let things rest, anyway? A week? Two?

Don't worry. My "interfering Mother" self will take back over before long! This handsome fella will never be too far away to be out of my reach, out of my care, or out of my heart.

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lesley said...

I usually make a stab at the "did you make an appt with the doctor" thing a couple of times over the phone. And then, if not an emergency, wait till they get home and speak more seriously about it to them. After a while they learn to make the appt because they KNOW when they get home the 'discussion' will commence :):)

Trying to stay on that tricky little line of mothering our 'men'.

MaryH said...

For the life of me, I can not understand why your house hasn't sold yet - it is beautiful and has been so carefully tended to.

I have always found it interesting to wander through cemetaries and read the messages on the stones. My father used to love to do "rubbings" on specific tombstones - as in Daniel Webster, a distant relative of ours. I loved the stone for the horse - especially since my daughter has a horse and has stood by the side of many of the horses at the barn as they were put down and then comforted the owners. They are magnificent creations. Hope your beautiful weather continues - we have a wonderful weekend predicted - and my grandson is visiting...YAY!

Stay on top of that Nathan - I was also wondering if he had gotten any news.

Beverly said...

Oh yeah...the dr appointments for our sweet children over 18.

I think the legal age for adulthood should be 21 across the board...or maybe 30?

Best wishes for the house! If we have one more day above 85 here in Florida, you might just have a buyer!

amysahoot said...

If I was going to move to North carolina, I would definately love to have your house. I found it on a real estate site and I don't see why you haven't had anyone buy it I absolutely love your house.