Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Move And The Mustache

If I have ever been more tired in my entire life, I really cannot remember when. And when I say tired, I mean bone crunchingly, mind numbingly, muscle achingly exhausted.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired?

The three moving guys arrived yesterday at 10 am and the six of us worked (with just one brief break for lunch) until 6:30 pm. And when I say "worked," I mean non stop bending, moving, stair climbing, lifting, taping, box packing, crouching, reaching and twisting. (I burned so many calories I now weigh just 23 pounds.)

I actually took some pictures but--guess what? I can't find my camera cord. I think it's actually out in the van somewhere but I don't have the courage to go look for it because I'm afraid it might require additional moving and bending.

We spent last night in Manteo (got to bed a little before 11) and had originally planned to unload the truck today. However, with the combination of rain in the forecast and the fact that neither Steve or I are able to walk two steps without moaning and saying "ouch," we aren't going to unload the truck until tomorrow.

We'll spend a while today recuperating and then later on, we'll go over to our house and wander around for a while. It will be the first time to be in there with just our family and we will enjoy soaking in the Smithness of it all.

We brought quite a lot of stuff in our van and car so we might unload some of that later if we happen to find a reserve store of energy somewhere. Also, Steve is speaking for the Wednesday night service tonight, so he'll be getting prepared for that.

In the meantime, it will be rest, rest, and more rest. And lots of Tylenol. And lots of groaning. And "ouching." And remembering that I am middle aged. And also remembering that I never, ever want to move again. Ever.

Have I mentioned that I am tired?


Quick note: I won't go into all the reasons but for a while at least, I have turned on the comment moderation function of this site. That just means that comments won't appear until they have been moderated. By the moderator. Which would be me!

As always, I love hearing from you and am so grateful for all of you who take the time to comment. You make my entire day.


As for the pictures below? All I can say in my defense is that I was so busy packing for our move, I didn't have any time left over to spend on waxing.

Like mother, like son. (Nathan had just gotten out of the shower which is why he is rather shirt-less.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I haven't commented for awhile. I do read your blog everyday. I'm glad you are all packed and moved. Hope that the unpacking goes well. And then the cleaning of the Smithfield house, too. I'm not very fond of moving...maybe that's why I've been in the same place for over 9 years!

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures you took of the moving day. They should be entertaining!

Oh, I made your recipe for butter knots on Monday night. YUM!! Bread, butter and 3 favorite food groups! I will definately be doing those again...soon!

Thinking of you all during this you say goodbye to one home and hello to another!

Krista Harris
Boise, ID

Vickie said...

Are you and Nathan going to become contestants in Pat Lacey's Mayor McStache contest? I'm pretty sure one of you would win if that's one day's growth!


MaryH said...

Glad you all survived the trip - maybe not the "move" yet - but at least the trip!!! Funny, about the term "move" - once you've done it("move"),you can barely do it ("move") again for days - funny term, if you think about it -, not so much right now, thank you - so says Becky.

Take it easy - take it slow - take it as it comes - you ARE THERE TO STAY!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you made the move safely and I sympathize with your pain. I remember that pain. Advil, hot shower,very mild stretches,heating pad,chocolate and a book - great cure for that pain! Must not leave out the chocolate...ever! And you can both fit this in tonight! Remember, you've exited the hallway! How exciting! Dancing a happy dance for you!

Love - Guerrina

Beverly said...

Time for a hot shower, heating pads, and lots of Advil!

I'm glad you're halfway done...and I can't wait for pictures!

Ann Martin said...

We are at Atlantic Beach and it is raining big time here. I just went out and moved the truck because water is standing halfway to my knees where it was parked. We have a slope in the parking lot and we were parked in that area. Prince goes out and with the wind and rain just comes right back in. So glad you are now in Manteo and looking forward to the pictures. We were hoping to come up but it is 3 1/2 hours each way from here so we'll just wait and come after we get back home maybe during the week sometime. Hope the aches go away soon. Now you can really eat the Christmas "goodies" and not feel guilty. Praying for the Smithfield house to sell. Continue praying for Luci (3 month old pup). She is back to normal according to the vet except can't keep food down. At least the blood count is normal and she seems better. Still in the hospital, though. Today the vet is testing for a blockage.

Anonymous said...

I can certainly identify with all those aching muscles.
hope you get renewed energy for the unpacking.
mrs pam

Anonymous said...

Hoping you had time for a soak in the tub today along with some Aleve or Tylenol. I spent the entire day cleaning & feel beat up too. Hope you both feel recharged by tomorrow.

Margie M

Michelle said...

Maybe it's the darkness of the mustache, but the highlights in your hair stand out so nice! Did you get a haircut, too? You sure don't LOOK middle-aged, Becky ... tired, but not old. :o)


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