Friday, December 4, 2009

The Preacher Used To Be A Druggie

Yesterday was my day to show the kitchen Who. Was. The. Boss.

This is what the kitchen looked like when the showdown began.

I took one look and almost turned and ran. I almost told the kitchen, "My mistake. I give up. YOU are the boss."

However, I persevered. I held my ground. I waded two-fistedly into the fight. And two hours later, I had made a little progress.

After five hours of chipping away at the Mess That Was The Kitchen, this is how it ended up.

I wanted to get up and do a happy dance when it was all finished but I couldn't seem to muster up even a shred of Happy Dancing Energy. So I sank into a living room chair and watched Sir Hubby work on some curtains. In the process, I discovered another one of his (many) talents.

(Note: The striped material in the middle and the green floral part of the curtain were already there. The goal is to get rid of the green floral--which doesn't match our stuff--and add a couple panels of the curtains we brought in.)

Do you see the burgundy panel, how it's pleated on top? Steve just whipped that up with his handy dandy stapler gun. If I had tried to do that, I would have stapled by own finger and commenced to whimpering piteously. But Steve just does that stuff like it's no big deal, even though most of it seems borderline impossible to me.

Before the curtain creating gig, Steve pulled apart a switch plate and replaced a shorted out thingy. (Fuse? Wire? Connection do-dad? I have no idea what it's called.) I am happy to report that he made sure that the corresponding fuse was turned off. Fried Husband is not a good thing.

We are starting to feel a little bit more at home at the new house, even though we haven't slept there yet. Our master bedroom still looks like this:

Our bathroom is huge! And we finally have double sinks! Whatever will I do with all that space?

On the not-so-positive side, the house needs some tender loving care in several areas. That's the reason we are able to get it at a price anywhere near our budget.

Here's the old, worn and dirty BLUE carpet. (This is on the stairs and all over the second floor. Sarah's floor has carpet too, but it's in better shape.) We're going to have this carpet cleaned on Monday so that I will feel a bit better about walking on it. Yechh.

And here's the paint going upstairs to the second floor. It's pretty scratched everywhere. (Especially after the queen bed trauma Wednesday.) We'll do a bit of touch up painting in our "spare time."

This is the linoleum in Sarah's bathroom. Let's just say that it's "interesting." (The picture doesn't really do justice to how bright the colors are.)

On a funny note: Thursday when Steve was standing near this bathroom talking to a church member, he commented that the linoleum reminded him of something from his hallucinogenic drug days.

One of the Big Mover Guys was coming upstairs right at that moment and he said to me, "Hey, I heard that. The preacher used to be a druggie!"

I replied, "Yeah, and he's an even better preacher because of it becasue he knows where people have been."

Here's Steve back in his "interesting days."

I really dig the turquoise. (Freshman in college.)

A college picture ID when he was playing bass guitar in bars and doing drugs. (Junior in college.)

And so.
The Preacher Who Used To Be A Druggie and The Preacher's Wife Who Never Was A Druggie (although she sometimes abuses chocolate) and The Preacher's Daughter (who was actually addicted to morphine during her transplant) are getting all settled into their new home and new lives.

Thanks for stopping by and checking on The Preacher's Family.

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lesley said...

Becky, you make me laugh! The Sarah addicted to morphine part is priceless!! Thanks for lightening my day :)

You guys are awesome.

Lysa said...

WOW, you unpack fast! You'll be sleeping in that master bedroom, using those double sinks, and cooking in that kitchen very soon!
Great job.
And I agree....a preacher who has "been there" adds a special extra quality. Amazing what God can do, isn't it?
Love those prerequisites for Sarah's husband....strangely, the qualities sound just like her dad!

Lisa said...

You have a great sense of humor !

Love the new, put-together kitchen. That's such a great feeling, isn't it?!

Deb said...

I sure am proud of you all and your hard work--things are looking so good. You're amazing!

Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

My wonderful aunt in NC called me today and I asked her if she lives close to MAN-TEY-OH. She had no idea what I was talking about. Then, she said, "You mean MON-TEE-OH". She lives in "TOP-SIL" which I have always called "TOP-SAIL". Yes, I am a yankee!

By the way, your posts have reminded me why we haven't moved in 24 years. Although, you are doing a great job at getting it all put away! =] L in Alaska

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I couldn't figure out why my comment didn't show so I posted again - then I noticed that it has to be approved. Sorry for the double-post, Becky! =] L.

Anonymous said...

Great job!! Can't believe all that you've accomplished in a day!! You'll have the house become your home in no time!

Anonymous said...

quite impressive... the end result of your kitchen. I have to admit that mine frequently looks like that...not with cooking stuff (since I just microwave) but with school junk. Actually, my dining room looks like that every month when I get all the Pen Pal mailings out.
mrs pam

question: if I don't sign my name, do you know whom the message is from since it is Anonymous?

Beverly said...

Yeah for clean and organized kitchens!

One more thing to cross off your list!

Kim said...

Wow Becky--that house might need some tender loving care in some areas, I am still jealous of your new place. I love that kitchen--especially the glass front cupboards and the cool windows--it looks like a little shutter on one of them. You will be settled before you know it.
I must say that I have been following you since that last time Sarah relapsed, and that being said, I must have missed the parts where you enlightened us on Steve's past. What a testimony to God's power and saving grace he must be!

Anonymous said...

You are not kidding when you say the pastor is a better pastor because he was at one time a druggie. I hold that very close in my heart as I pray for people I love who are lost in this world of sin. God uses the reformed so much more than the person who has lived in a Christian bubble all their lives. I laughed at the comment about Sarah being addicted to morphine at one time because I know very much how that is too. But I would prefer to say dependent than addicted. Eight years ago I was in the hospital for 2 months for respiratory issues and soon after I was released some friends of ours from China came to visit me. They brought me a balloon they had gotten at some rally or something that said "Say No to Drugs". I laughed and told them they were to late :o) My mom tells me she is my drug runner. Seriously, I am so thankful for the drugs that are out there that so many have put their lives and time into research and I know you are as well. Hugs!

Spokane WA

Ann Martin said...

The kitchen is fabulous. What a job you did unpacking! I am trying to clean out "stuff" in my dining room and other rooms but not getting there fast. I took the leaf out of the table and made it round so there would be more room in there to walk. ONE Day we'll get it clean again. Now Christmas is taking over the extra bedroom. I made progress by giving my Sunday school class their gifts Sunday so that cleared out about 20 bags. Now to get the family candy wrapped for the 20th. Take care and praying the Smithfield house sells soon so you can start your "redoing" your new home. God bless and enjoy chocolate!

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