Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Unscrambled Synapses And Friends

Today is The Day. Today is Moving Day. In four hours, one large truck and three large (and strong) guys will pull up in front of our house and start loading mattresses, macaroni and memories.

Are we all done packing? Ha. I think not. I know not. I am quite sure not.

So why am I sitting here at the computer instead of packing a box? Well, it's simply because the packing side of my brain is empty and the writing side of my brain is full. If I pack a box instead of write a post, my brain will tip over to one side and its contents will be redistributed into a morass of muddlement and befuddlement and my snapses will become scrambled which would thereby cause me to never again be capable of writing another post or packing another box.

(Did you get all that? Good.)

The moving company estimates it will take five to six hours to load everything so we'll be getting into Manteo near bedtime. Thankfully, we don't have to sleep in the new house tonight; another dose of chaos is not what my soul currently needs. (We'll spend the night in the cottage we've stayed at over the past two months.)

In the morning, the moving guys will return to unload everything into the new house and THEN real chaos will hit! But at least it will be fun chaos, because we'll be putting things away instead of packing them up. Which is a whole lot more enjoyable.

If I have any unscrambled synapses remaining by that time.


Last week, Meagan's family traveled from Florida to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with their extended family who happen to live just twenty miles from our house.

Since we don't get to see the Hawleys as often as we'd like, we invited them over for lunch (homemade soup and rolls), even though we were in the throes of chaotic mayhem of the packing variety.

Usually I have a lovely table set for people coming to eat at our home. However, on Friday, this is what the Hawley family got.

Oh well! While the surroundings weren't lovely, the company sure was.

From left to right:

Meagan, Sarah, Kristen (Meagan's older sister) Frank (Meagan's Dad) Steve, Becky, Sheri (Meagan's Mom) Amanda (a Hawley friend and staff member at their church) and Nathan.

After lunch, Sheri and I sat in the dining room and talked, the younger folks went upstairs and the men repaired to the living room to engage in an important and life-enhancing activity.

Now don't be fooled by the placidity of the pictures you have just seen. Believe me when I tell you that the Hawleys are NOT a placid family. They are full of the zippiest vim and the most energetic vigor you have ever seen.

A case in point would be Nathan's 20th birthday party which we had in September at the Hawley's house in Florida. The following video highlights various versions of the birthday song we performed for the guest of honor. (In addition to the people in the earlier picture, you'll also see Meagan's sister Joy and Joy's husband, John.)

There now. Wasn't that fun?

While I'm still on the subject of the Hawleys, let me just say a word or two about my dear friend, Sheri. She is an incredibly gifted public speaker, writer, and ordained minister; she also co-pastors a church with Frank in Winter Haven, FL.

If you happen to be searching for a far-above-average speaker for a ladies' event, revival meeting, church service or conference, Sheri is the one to call. I have heard her speak in a variety of settings (including our former church in Smithfield) and have never known her to do anything less than stellar job. Sheri is a spiritually sensitive, accomplished and funny speaker who always has something worthwhile to say. (E-mail me at smithellaneous@yahoo.com for contact info.)

To give you a glimpse of her gift with words, click on the link below to read an article she wrote. Is it any wonder Meagan is so wonderful with a mom like Sheri?

Embrace the Grace

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Sarah said...

Good luck on moving! When my family moved into our current house years ago, my mom's friend suggested that we make the beds first. That turned out to be a great idea because at the end of the day, we could just collapse into our beds and we didn't have to make them.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Sarah! Beds, Bathroom & Kitchen - the rest we really can live without! You're in my prayers today, Smithies - just remember to breathe! And though there is sadness here, I'm so glad to know your exiting the hallway! Love - Guerrina

MaryH said...

Have fun on this first step to your new life and home and town. I am excited for you. Love the making the beds idea! Nothing more soothing than a freshly made, comfy bed.

MaryH said...

Love the making the beds first idea - nothing will soothe you more and make you feel at home than a freshly made, comfy bed - it will be a piece of home. Good luck, have a safe move, have fun and enjoy this first step to your new life and home!!! Great adventures lie ahead.

Anonymous said...

Ahh.. beds first, definitely. AND toilet paper for the bathroom.. always a must-have. I'm so excited for you! Truly, you are finally, totally, and completely exiting a very, very loooong hallway... praying blessings over this "new room" in your life!

Deb said...

We are with you in spirit today and praying for angels on your bumpers and grace for the journey.

We are proud of you all and your hard work and courageous spirits. You're doing good--this part is almost over! And then a new chapter begins along with the tears and the joy. Seems like life is usually a mixture of the two.

We love you!

Deb and the guys

Beverly said...

I'm checking back in to see if the move is done...maybe?!?

I know leaving the old house has to be a bit sad...but my oh my what an adventure you're setting forth on!

Anonymous said...

Hope the move went ok. Ignore any nasty comments they obviously haven't followed you for long.