Monday, January 25, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Sarah's first day of public school.

You can go
here to read about it.

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Kim said...

Okay. I read it and I cried. I so know those feelings you had. I homeschooled my 4 kids until my youngest was in 4th grade when I needed to go back to work.
Full time.
I dropped my little guy off and then commenced to sob all day. (The new job didn't start for a week) And most of the next day. And I even found myself sobbing at times months later when I braved going through some of my homeschool supplies to give away. I know exactly how your heart felt and it is not fun. There were times when Sam begged me to homeschool him again. Which made me cry. But it does get better, and 4 years later I don't cry anymore. I still miss my old life but am thankful for my job and all the Lord has provided, even though I wish it could have been different.

I also cried for your Sarah. Middle school is hard and she was so brave. It will get better for her too. :) Give her a hug from me, even though she has no clue who I am! She is such a sweet girl.
*hugs and smiles*
(in Seattle)

Lisa said...

Bless y'all's precious hearts. I could almost feel what you and she were feeling.

Here's a ((((((HUG)))))) from me to both of you!


Beverly said...

Sarah's such a brave girl. I can tell this was so difficult for her. But given her sweet, sweet nature, she'll soon be coming home with great stories of friends and accomplishments!

Until then, oh my, you have many, many people praying for your sweet girl.

MaryH said...

Becky, everyone's tears yesterday were justified and understandable and very, very necessary. It is so very hard to push them out of the nest and make them fly. If we could just always keep them tucked under our wings - but we can't. They wouldn't become what God had planned for them if we did. It will get better - one day at a time.

randybethmo said...

I read Sarah's Spot and my heart just broke for her and YOU! Anything the first time is really scary and stressful.

We are getting ready for our daughter to graduate 8th grade and move from a private setting to a public setting. She seems excited, but a little nervous. Not too bad yet, I mean it is not until August that reality will hit her.

However, here I sit, knowing full well, I was fine and thrived in public school as did my husband - but Morgan has been a little more sheltered in private school. So, here I sit, reading your blog of Sarah's experience, wondering if Morgan will be experiencing the same emotions. Sigh......

Remind Sarah how brave she is and how we all are celebrating her success in completing her first day of school. Also, you, m'dear, can hold on to the idea that we were all thinking of you too - being a mama and all (we all have the heartstrings)and the prayers were flying high!

Thank you so much for sharing with us on your blog. I can really relate to it as our girls are the same age and looking to dealing with the same life events in junior high and beyond...Your family a little earlier as you are in NC and we are in CA! :)

Prayers will continue!