Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sarah's Second Day

I just posted here about how Sarah's first week of school is going.

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Love Being A Nonny said...

Just read about Sarah's first two days....Whew! You two are going to be worn out emotionally by Friday! I am praying for BOTH of you!

Lisa said...

It's just going to get better and better and Sarah will look back on these days and wonder, "What was I so worried about". God is taking good care of our girl... :O)

Lisa L said...

how about home schooling...but with a math tutor..you are such awesome parents..exposing her to life in the way you do..who needs demanding tearful school, when it can be so comfortably done at home? math tutors are awesome..just ask my kid!

Anonymous said...

My son transitioned to a new school this year (he started high school) and all of his friends from k-8 were going to another school. He was really down and lacked confidence for quite awhile. I know how difficult it is as a mother to watch them struggle. Hang in there though, it takes time--every time I thought my son was finally happy and settled in we would hit a bump in the road or he would have the "worst day ever". They became further and further apart though and now--January--I can see he is really very well adjusted and happy. It won't happen over night and even though it is impossible not to, try not to question your decision to send her even if it seems to be taking a few weeks (it may even be months) for her to settle in and feel truly comfortable. I would also encourage her, after she gets used to the schedule, to join one of the after school programs or clubs at school that interest her--school newspaper etc.... For my son joining the track team turned everything around. Try not to let her get too discouraged about what she doesn't understand--they called it new math when I was growing up and now there is new math again. My 6th grader's math homework routinely stumps my husband and I. Keep e-mailing those teachers and the guidance counselor and keep them up to speed on Sarah's struggles, a few kind teachers can really help you get through the day.

Anonymous said...

Praying for both Smith ladies.

On an aside: I hated "new math" my son had to learn. So when he asked for help he got "old math" and the teacher ok'd it! He's now 20 and I'm still wondering why we had to have "new math"! I wish I had been in a position to home school! Ciao! Guerrina

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Still praying for her!! Love her heart so so much! I am so proud of her -- and have been for a loooooooooooong time. Thankful that the school is "working with you." Prayers will continue here in Tennessee.

Beverly said...

Glad to read the second day was better than the first!

Hope to hear the third is even better!

She's an amazing child!

Rachel said...

I hope the days continue to get better and better. I think it is great that Sarah has such many amazing people willing to hold her hand so to speak on this new journey. Teacher and counselors can make such an impact in a person's life and I really think the people you mentioned are going to do this for Sarah.

Before you know it though she'll be the one giving them advice and teaching them about life!!! She does have quite a lot of life experience for someone her age.

I really hope she starts to love school.

Rachel (ND)