Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowy Goes to College (Part 2)

Snowy has four more weeks of “college” left. I would love to say that he is going to graduate magma cum laude (or at least magma cum doggie) but I am afraid that is not the sort of lofty destiny our furry friend is headed for.

Case in point:

Here are some pictures of Snow “learning” to heel in obedience class. The idea is that the dog is supposed to stay close to the person walking him and ignore the little pile of treats on the floor.


That’s what Snowy said to himself. Just, “Ha.”




He especially didn’t enjoy it when he had to “do his thing” in front of his watching canine cronies. The pressure was just too much.


Hide me sister. Hide me!


But he recovered quickly and was back to his usual charming self. “Hello sir! May I interest you in a box of encyclopedias?

Yup, a born salesman.


A born obeyer? Not so much.

Here he is being “taught” to sit. (Once again, he’s thinking, “Ha.”)


No sitting in sight.



At least until his backside gets a little encouragement from the trainer. Snowy brags to his audience, “See guys? I’m doin’ it! I’m really doin’ it!”


What he really wanted to do was to stop being trained and just hang out with his new best buds.


He was obviously going for the “Plays Well With Others” award, since magna cum doggie was out of reach.


Look! I am a happy dog! Look, teacher, at how happy I am! I know I am not obedient! But I am happy! Is there any reward for happy?


Finally. It’s time to go home. Another long evening of college has passed.

New friends have been made. New rules have been broken.

It’s been a good day.


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lesley said...

Snowy is coming along :) What does the trainer do with the squirt bottle he is holding? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago we had a german shepherd mix. We would practice by the hour & when we got to school he wouldn't do anything he was supposed to. The teacher took me aside & told me Fritz wasn't going to graduate. I was so mortified I never went back.
Hope Sara has a good day today.

Margie M

MaryH said...

MAGNA CUM CUTIE! That is Snowy's degree. That story and those pictures were exactly what I needed on this crazy Friday at work. Snowy, you should pay attention to how well behaved your Sarah is at school.....of, do you care, you cute bundle of white fluff!

Sue G said...

Snowy was good enough as is in Smithfield. Now that he is in Manteo he needs dog training?

I know it is a much smaller area surrounded by water. Perhaps swimming lessons would be more appropriate.

Otherwise, I think he's doing just fine.

NOw, let's hear about your luncheon yesterday. What the dis on the dishes served and the new people you met????

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I think I am a little like Snowy ~ I don't think I could walk by a pile of treats and pretend they weren't there. Also, I would buy some encyclopedias from him any day ~ who could resist that "salesman face"?!

I'm with Sue ~ we want luncheon details/recipes...please? L in AK

Beverly said...

Snowy definitely needs the "Friendliest Dog" award from college!

Anonymous said...

Happy is GREAT, Snowy! Would like to hear Snowy's thoughts about dog school...Hope you had a great day Sarah!


Anonymous said...

it's good you described what that little pile of brown was on the floor that Snowy had to keep walking around. Old blurry eyes could easily misidentify it.

Snowy, you and Charlie (Pioneer Woman's basset) are two of my favorite (and 2 of the cutest) Blog Dogs!!

woof and love
mrs pam

Pam D said...

Hahaha, Mrs. Pam! And yes, Sue G.. I'm wondering the same thing. Snowy was perfectly lovely in Smithfield, why does he have to do this training now? I must say that he DOES remind me of my boy at wrestling training, tho... everywhere but where he needs to be. Focus, much? no. Maybe not. And yes, snacks are a great incentive... never underestimate the power of a good energy bar! Snowy, you da man....