Thursday, January 28, 2010













Steve and I are hosting a potluck lunch for four couples in the area who are also pastors. One couple we’ve already met—the other three couples are still strangers. We’re looking forward to getting acquainted with new friends over soup (yum), salad (yum), bread (yum), and dessert. (Um. None for me, thanks. Sigh.)

Somewhere between the bites of good food and the joy of good company, I will have to briefly excuse myself to pick up a certain child of my heart. I’ve been praying for her all day; she woke up this morning and said her stomach was all nervous again and she could barely eat breakfast.

I’ve honestly been expecting the phone to ring all morning with the school calling to say pick her up. But it’s 11:26 am and there’s been nary a ring.

I’m thankful.

And now? What in the world am I doing writing an update when I’m hosting a meal for ten?

Off I go!

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MaryH said...

Yum!!! Hope there will be recipes to follow the lunch. Your house looks lovely. I hope Sarah is okay - all these nerves will not go away for awhile - if she has another good day today that will help erase some of the anxiety - it is all still so new - if her day is difficult, she at least made it through and that is important!

lesley said...

So pretty! I hope there are some Sarah smiles today.

Bridgette said...

Everything looks so pretty! I love your decorating style! I'm sure lunch will be wonderful for all. I hope Sarah has a wonderful day!! Looking forward to reading your blog about it all!:-)

Sue G said...

I see a napkin folding teaching in your future. And in ours.

I bought a magazine with all soup recipes. Every one I have made has been better than the previous. I love soup!!!!

Have fun. Hope these pastors are warm and funny and word people. Just like you!

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