Monday, January 25, 2010

Manteo. What’s Not To Love?

Living in this part of the country has certainly been a joy—the area is replete with beauty and history and interesting discoveries around every corner.  And although this has been the wettest winter in recent memory (it’s raining even as I type), even extra precipitation can’t hide the inherent charm of living by the sea.

For example, here is what Sarah and I saw when we took our road trip last Friday. (Which just happened to be yet another rainy day.)

A red light on a bridge?  Must be a good reason for it.


And red and white barriers (reminding my sugar-deprived brain of candy canes) coming down in front of the car?  Something’s going on!


A glance to the right revealed a couple boats that were just a wee bit tall to pass underneath the not-so-tall bridge.


And so the bridge was moved out of the way so that they could pass.  No big deal right?  Just Move. A. Bridge. 

Hmm.  Sounds like sort of a big deal to me!

It was fascinating to watch the roadway come apart and fold itself back, and then rejoin the unjoined pieces again.  And then we got to see the two boats that has passed through busily disappearing into the mist on the left side of the bridge. I must say, I’ve never before had a road trip begin with that sort of fascinating stuff! 


And then just to prove that the sun actually has shown a bit this winter, here are a few pictures I took when Sarah, Victoria and I went to the downtown, harbor front area  of Manteo for lunch last week. 

  IMG_0812 IMG_0814 IMG_0815 IMG_0819


Manteo.  What’s not to love?

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A Mom's Serious Blunder... said...

It is beautiful! It feels so peaceful...which is hard to come by in my life. Any news on your other house?

Erica said...

I had actually never heard of Manteo until I read about it on Smithellaneous. Now I'm totally jealous! It's so beautiful. Nathan wouldn't mind if I moved into his room would he?? Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

We walked on the waterfront the week after Christmas and saw those's name was Lazy cute.
My friend and I have always said we would retire in Manteo...we would rather be on Hatteras but know that Manteo is safer (hurricanes) and cheaper (a little)! :)
Back to Avon 2 weeks in can't get here fast enough!

MaryH said...

I so love the sea! I am so happy you have fallen in love with Manteo, your church and its family and the beauty of living near one of God's best and most interesting creations. Wishing Sarah a great day - isn't this the first day of school? Praying for the best for everyone on this new adventure.

Jessica Kramasz said...


Anonymous said...

Our family has vacationed at the OBX for many years and I love making a trip or two to Manteo. I've been to the theater, the bookstore, the Harbor - and love reading about your discoveries. Our (now grown) kids still love the aquarium, the Elizabethan gardens, and all the rest of the area. Can't wait to go back once again and I hope you keep sharing your pictures! Thanks!

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