Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Classy Post In Which I Engender Covetousness In the Hearts Of My Readers. And 400.

Before I get to the Covetousness Engendering part of my post, I figured I should start out with some sort of normal views from our home so that you can be reassured that Steve and I are not altogether, well, weird in the way we organize and decorate our home.

So here is a normal set of shelves, installed for me recently by my own husband/handy man.  I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed having that extra storage in the laundry room.


And here are Steve’s newly hung ties on the newly hung tie holder that Steve has recently (and newly) hung in our closet.


The broom/mop holder hung by the same, aforementioned “good at hanging stuff” guy.


And all of my necklaces lined up nicely on pegboard ‘'thingies.”  (By the way, ladies, this is a job you can do without any tools.  Just fasten the peg boards to the wall with pins—easy enough that even I can do it!)


And now, we move to the not-so-normal part of this post.

Some of you may remember this disturbing set of photos I posted a few weeks ago. To the uneducated, unenlightened mind, this looks like a picture hanger.  Right?  Right.


However, to those of us who were born with an extra measure of classiness in our DNA, this hook formerly known as a picture hanger is actually a  . .  towel holder!  Yes indeed.  it is a towel holder for people recently moved into houses who don’t have the money, time, and/or energy to go out and rustle up a genu-INE towel holder.


Isn’t that just one of the more attractive sights you’ve seen in recent memory? I just don’t know understand how Martha Steward thinks she can keep up.


Well, I’m sorry to tell you that the time has come to show you a few pictures of other classy aspects of living in the Smith Abode.   To be truthful, I really hesitated to write this particular post because of the aforementioned Covetousness Engendering Qualities Contained Therein; however, I have no doubt that you, my readers, are ennobled and enabled by strong moral characters and can handle the sorts of things I am about to show you without becoming consumed by covetousness.  (The towel hanging picture hook was just a test; we are moving into really deep territory right now.)

So enough ado already.  Here is a picture of something that is  definitely going to cause you to be even further-ly inordinately jealous of the impressively well-equipped lives we lead. 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Ironing Board Desk.

Yes, you heard me right. The Ironing.  Board. Desk.

IMG_2935 IMG_2934

In the midst of all your gasps of awe and astonishment, please don’t overlook the important aspect of the Kitchen Bar Stool (purchased at Goodwill) that is perched below the Ironing Board Desk.  Because we wouldn’t want to leave out that bit of class, now would we?  (Even though I only use this “desk” for when I’m printing out stuff and working on music, it is still, indeed, a desk. And a very handy one, might I add.)

And lastly,  I would like to present to you for your Covetousness Inducing Perusal, the Becky Smith Earring Holder Container Thingies.


Yes, I know, I know. To you, it looks like empty egg cartons.  But that is only because you are viewing it with eyes woefully unencumbered with the kind of (questionable) Smith Creativity our family seems to have been blessed with.

You see, fancy schmancy earring holders are pretty expensive.  And what do they do?  They hold earrings.  Big deal. So does an empty egg carton.  And besides that, the earring holding feature is practically free, since the eggs had to be purchased anyway.

And so there you have it. Three ways to be classier than you already are.   The Picture Hanger Towel Hook. The Ironing Board Desk.  The Egg Carton Earring Holder.

You know what?  As I look  back over that impressive list, it occurs to me that I may have some sort of future in the Classy Applications of Common Household Goods For The Betterment of People’ Lives.

Hmmm.  Maybe I should just sign off here and get to working on some business cards.   That is, if I can fit my newly acquired title onto a business card.  That might be a problem.  Which I can no doubt solve with further applications of Creative Classiness.  Smith style.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.


And I would just like to mention that yesterday was a red-letter day here at Smithellaneous because I posted my four hundredth entry since started this blog on April 11, 2009.

Four hundred!

And you’re still reading?

Thank you. Sincerely.


16 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Vickie said...

With your classy egg carton jewelry box, you can now qualify to start your own NB Lanyard Project workshop group. I store my loveliest accent beads for all my beaders in egg cartons (arranged inside of copy paper box tops), and it works great!


Anonymous said...

LOL . You really do crack me up. I look forward to your posts every morning. Thanks for the entertainment and the inspiration.
You are in my daily prayers for good health and good reports.
Much love from Tennessee...
~Kim Waggoner


Meg said...

Haha I love your makeshift towel hanger!! I'm a freshman in college and I did the same thing in my dorm room (except with thumbtacks) to hang up my bathrobe and a couple coats. But sshh, I don't think I'm tecnically allowed to stick things in my wall... :P

Anonymous said...

So what do you iron on? :-)


Rebecca said...

I love the way that the ironing board desk also features a real, honest to goodness iron - great for smoothing out any wrinkles whilst working, right? (sorry, couldn't resist)!

Actually, it's funny you should have posted this because only today I was looking for something to store my necklaces on, and looked at some jewellery trees but the cheapest one that actually looked sturdier than a cardboard tube was about £15 (approx $10) so I gave up. Your way is a brilliant idea and I will be stealing it for my own house (is this copyright infringement? Hehe). Egg cartons are also a great idea and may very well be used too :)!

Katrina said...

I am still reading, even I don't comment very often, but I want you to let that you are a part of my life if you can say so. I check on you every day and I always look forward to read your post Becky. I have been reading since 2006 and it has and is a blessing to be a part of your big cyberfamily and what a blessing it is also is to see Sarah grow up. She and your family is my inpration. Becky, you have always been kind to me those times I wrote you .


Kari said...

I use the same type of jewelry boxes......a trick handed down from an aunt!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Becky, on blog No. 400! I, for one, am still reading Smithellaneous (and Sarah's Spot) and loving it.

I second the sentiments of Kim Waggoner of Tennessee. Praying for you, too!

--Lori (Christoffersen) Johnson of Washington state (formerly of Wisconsin)

Kristin said...

I absolutely love the ironing board desk and the egg carton earring holder. Very classy indeed. As a college student I am always looking for cheap ways to store things. I just might have to use the cork board necklace idea. I do have a question. Is that a roll of tape hanging above the ironing board desk on the thing that opens the window? :-)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MaryH said...

Congrats on NO. 400!! I remember when you dared to start this blog up and look at you are a pro! So glad you started your blog and I still love to go to Sarah's Spot. With Easter coming up and all those eggs to dye, my jewelry may just be finding itself some new, cozy places to rest! I mean, who knew?

randybethmo said...

HA! I wouldn't miss one of the posts -- If I miss a day, then I read from the one missed to current! You really have a knack of cracking me up and challenging me to be more creative!

Sue G said...

Your organizational skills are amazing. No joke. I could use you. I bet many others could use you. You could be one of those people who go into a house and find a place for everything. Yeah, one of those people. Think of the money you could make.

And the desk you could buy. Or at least an ironing board with drawers.

tylersmama said...

I am super jealous of your classiness. I'm just sayin.....


Missy said...

I think you should hop on over to A Soft Place to Land and Kimba could give you some idears on how to spruce up that computer desk!! Why, you could paint it, then decoupage some things on it, maybe tack some pretty ribbon on the edge...

But, I mean it, it looks fabulous just the way it is. I was just thinkin some rhinestones on the legs might would make it a even classier.

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