Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Few Questions! A Few Answers! A Recipe! Pictures of Nathan!

Over the past few days, I’ve had a couple questions come in concerning the biopsy and a few more come in concerning the Dinner Party we had last Friday night. (Nothing like a little variety to spice up our lives!)


Q. Anonymous and Mary H. both asked, “Will there be any medication given to relax you while the biopsy is taking place?”

A. Actually, I completely forgot about taking any relaxing medicine until I was lying down on the table and then it was just a wee bit late. But with some deep breathing and positive thinking, I made it through okay. However, an IV filled to the brim with “something relaxing” would have been lovely!

Q. A few other people have asked, “When will you have results?”

A. I’ve heard that it can be anywhere from 3-5 days to a full week; at this point, it sounds like it is probably going to be at least next Monday. (sigh)

And here’s a little “funny” that I forgot to mention yesterday.

As we got near Greenville, NC where the biopsy was scheduled, Steve suddenly pulled over and got in the passengers seat so that I could drive.

And why was that?

Well, it was because he does a 15-minute local radio program every Monday morning at 8:40 am. And it was 8:40!

So I drove merrily along while he got out his Bible and his notes and did his program. Although he does do it by phone every week, he usually doesn’t have to do it while his wife is driving in traffic, in a strange city, on the way to a biopsy.

Funny thing was that the sermon he preached (a re-cap of his sermon Sunday morning) was the perfect message I needed to hear in the midst of this stressful time. There’s nothing quite like having your own personal motivational speaker in the seat beside you while driving to have a biopsy done (smile) I was probably one of the few people who arrived at the surgical center feeling positive!

And speaking of being encouraged, I want to thank each one of you who has emailed or left a comment of encouragement for me; I have been incredibly blessed by your words.


Ann said, “I am so impressed that you had enough matching china and goblets to serve fourteen people!”

Well, Ann, you know how I love a bargain. About seven years ago, Steve and I wandered into a Beth, Beth and Beyond and found they were clearing out some boxes of dishes. We got twenty-four complete place settings (serving dishes, salt and pepper shakers, saucers, cups, dessert plates, dinner plates, etc) for about $65. We debated whether we should buy that many, but for the price and considering how much we entertain, we just couldn’t pass that bargain by.

A year ago, I gave four place settings away to a wonderful man who was getting married and had nothing whatsoever for his kitchen. It makes me happy to think of he and his bride being blessed by our bargains. I still have twenty place settings remaining and I love putting them to use.

As for the crystal goblets, I got those dirt cheap at one of those clearance/overstock type stores; we bought twenty of them so that if some broke, we’d still have plenty.

Q. Mary H. asked (concerning our dinner party menu), “What is pineapple casserole? Sounds very intriguing."

A. Mary, since you asked, here’s the recipe from a lady in our church. This is incredibly delicious and something a little different to take to a family meal or a church dinner.

1 20 oz can drained chunk pineapple
6 tbs. self rising flour
1 cup sugar

Mix together in a bowl and pour into a casserole dish.

1 sleeve Ritz crackers (crushed)
1 cup sharp cheddar cheese

Mix together in a bowl and pour on top of pineapple mixture. Melt 1 stick of
butter and pour over crackers. Bake on 350 for around 30 minutes or until crackers brown and it starts to bubble.
NOTE:  I have no idea why the spacing is so weird right here; I tried to fix it a couple times but it didn't make any difference.  Oh well!)
And lastly, here are some pictures of Nathan (and friends) that I had to steal from Facebook since he never remembers to send me any pictures. (Insert  “pitiful, sad, forlorn, forsaken mother sigh” here.)
These pictures were taken at the church in Florida he attends that is pastored  by his girlfriend’s dad. They recently had the church’s 25th anniversary  celebration which is why everyone is so dressed up.
I’m not sure but I think they’re trying to look like Mafia guys? I’m not real “up” on my Mafia lore. 
nate friends

Not sure what his church/college friends are doing in this photo but it sure looks like fun!
nate goofy 

And here they are. My really wonderful son with his really wonderful girlfriend.
All together now! “Awwwwww.”

And with that lovely sight, I shall sign off for the day.

8 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

MaryH said...

Thanks for the recipe. I think that just may be on my dinner table for Easter. Hope you are getting a little more rest. It was also good to see pictures of Nathan. What will you be serving for Easter dinner. I loved the story about all the deals on china and crystal. I have also marveled at how lovely your table is always set. I do not have that talent.

Dianna in Louisiana said...

I will definitely be praying for you Becky, for grace and peace, both as you await your results and as you grieve the loss of your dad. It is so inspiring to watch as you seek out the beauty happiness and love in your life, despite your circumstances.

I love the pics of Nathan and friends, especially the one in which Meagan is smiling up at Nathan as everyone else looks at the camera. What a great couple they are. From what you have written about Meagan, she seems like an all around great gal.

Sue G said...

Beth, Beth and Beyond?

A cousin of Bed, Bath and Beyond?

Rebecca said...

Sorry I didn't leave a comment when you posted right before/after the biopsy; I've been on a hiatus from the Internet for a few days. Glad it went smoothly; fingers crossed for good results and many, many virtual hugs from across the globe :)!

Anonymous said...

AHHHH - I just got caught up! Been on another planet this past week! Love the pics of you, most especially in red and relaxed! Nathan & Meagan are ky-ute as always - they NEVER have a bad picture day! Keeping you in prayer,Becky, for clear results.
Love, Guerrina

Rosemary in Albany NY said...

First of all, you are in my prayers for great biopsy results.. My niece goes to college at ECU, so I can picture you driving thru Greenville, NC..

I am originally from SC, and the pineapple casserole is my family favorite. I made it for friends up here in NY, they in turn have made it for their families and friends.. and the recipe just goes on and on and on!! It is FANTASTIC with ham, the sweet/salty combination is perfect. I have to double my recipe when there are more than six or so.

I don't write in the guestbook much, but I love reading about your family.. and I cannot tell you how happy I am that Sarah is doing so beautifully.. I know that you will come out just fine, too.

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