Monday, March 22, 2010

Gloomy Into Goofy

I know it’s kind of a serious-ish, gloomy-ish day, with me having to go off for a breast biopsy and everything. However, what better day to post something fun than a day like today? In fact, I am hereby declaring this to be The Official Day For Turning Gloomy Into Goofy.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been working toward a blog re-design for a few weeks; however, the designer and I got bogged down for a while as I tried to get a new photo taken. Thankfully, I’ve finally gotten THAT accomplished and the blog should be completed later this week. (The design will be the only thing to change; the address will stay the same.)

Since I am not terribly photogenic, it always takes numerous pictures to get just one good shot of me. In between three photo shoots, three outfits, and two photographers (Steve and Sarah), we finally came up with something I could use.

But you know what? It’s the shots that we didn’t use which are really the priceless ones. And those are the shots I thought I’d (courageously) show you! Because gloomy or not, we can all use a bit of goofiness to brighten our day.

By the way, I’ve added a few captions to further enhance your enjoyment. And please, no laughing out loud. The management of Smithellaneous requests that you keep your snickers down to a dull roar.

Shall we begin?

Well, grandkids. Let me just tell you how we did it back when I was a kid!



Let’s see, now, kiddies . . . what came next?


Oh wait. Maybe I should have put my teeth in first.



Oh dear, oh dear. What to do? What to do?


Hold the phone, hold your horses, hold everything. It’s time for my mid/post/early afternoon nap.


Oh, dear Lord, WHAT should I do with this crazy husband of mine?


So then I figured out the perfect pose that enhanced the wrinkles in my neck . . .


And don’t laugh about it, either.


Shall I get up? Shall I stay seated? Does this chair make me look fat?


Hi there!!!! Let me tell you all about my NEW! POSITIVE! THINKING! BOOK!


Putting the positive thinking to the test.


This is my slightly confused, somewhat puzzled look. I think I do it well.


Do you think if I re-arrange my hood it will make my lips go back to normal?


Steve said WHAT??!!?


I can explain . . . .


It's a bird! It's a plane! It’s PERKY WOMAN!


Do you think this bench will hold me?


Move along, people. There’s nothing to see here.


And there you have it. Did the viewing of these photos turn any of your globules of gloominess into giggles of goofiness?


30 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Melanie said...

Those are some great pictures of you, Becky!! :)

Anonymous said...

They did indeed make me giggle--thank you and know that you are being covered in prayers
Vicky in Indiana

MaryH said...

I heard on the radio on the way to work that this is NATIONAL GOOFING OFF DAY - So you title and mission for today's post was right on target!!!

Loved the pictures and the captions and I must say your hair looks FABULOUS, along with the rest of you - can't wait to see what photo you picked.

Said several prayers for you this a.m., mentioned your name specifically. Hope you feel everyone's wishes and prayers for you today.

Bridgette said...

Want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today. Praying for GREAT RESULTS!!

Jan Reynolds said...

You're so awesome Becky.... making everyone laugh today... Praying for you today.

Bridgette said...

Tried to post, but never saw it...maybe it will show up later!:-) Anyway, want to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today. Praying for great results!! You're attitude is a wonderful example to me! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Even though some of them were not the BEST pics of you, they were GREAT because of the captions you put with them!

Tube Girl said...

I am thinking of you today!

Tube Girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tylersmama said...

Those are hilarious Becky! I need that today....THANKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Been thinking of you all morning, no, take that back, praying for you all morning!!!!
And I must say, you did better in the pics than I would have, giggle!
(can't get signed in for some reason)

Pam D said...

Ha! Send 'em over here.. I can fix 'em. ;<) I just read this post and your latest one. I'm glad you'e home. And I am holding on to the belief that God has carried you through many things already, and yet, He isn't even breathing hard. HE's got the strength; you just wrap your arms around Him and He'll take care of the rest of it.
Love you....

Bri said...

Funny! You have a great sense of humor. I just visited your blog (coming in from Blog Frog). Glad I did.

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