Monday, March 22, 2010

Collecting Markers

Biopsy is done.

I'm home.

I've had my nap.

I'm gearing up for dinner. (Or maybe even nap number two.)

Steve and I left the house at 6:30 am this morning for the two-hour drive to the surgical center. The procedure itself was not too bad, although lying face down (and clamped into place) on an uncomfortable table for interminable minutes was not the most fun I've ever had. I breathed deeply, counted slowly, and tried to think peaceful, calm, non-cancerous thoughts.


I really hate having to go through all this drama yet again, living in limbo land and having to wait for a million forevers to hear any news.

Will my life be changed in a moment? Or will that moment reveal everything to be exactly the same? In a perfect world, biopsy results would be available five seconds after the biopsy and there would be no waiting or worrying or wondering.

We aren't in that perfect world yet.

But at least I'm thankful the biopsy is over. From what I understood, the doctor took eight different samples from the center part of the suspicious area and then from all around the area, moving around it like the numbers on a clock. And then once the tissue was removed, it was immediately x-rayed to be sure that it contained the calcifications.

Then a titanium marker was placed where the biopsy was done so that if surgery is necessary, the surgeon will be able to find the exact spot. I actually have another titanium marker in there from a stereotactic biopsy done about ten years ago so I'm getting quite the collection. Some people collect sports cars, thimbles, books, or model airplanes. I collect titanium markers!

Okay. I realize this was not the most exciting, invigorating or inspiring post in the world but I did want to get something written and thank you all for your prayers today and the notes you left in the comments area today.

You guys are the best!

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Deb said...

Glad you're done and home. I thought of you and said a prayer for you many times today!

Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that part is over. Now lets pray for good results QUICKLY.

Michelle said...

"Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That's why it's called the present!"

Hang in there, Mama Smith, you have lots of folks praying for you ... and Sarah is living proof in the power of that! ;)

Cincinnati, Ohio

Sue G said...

Okay, you win. I only have ONE titanium breast biopsy marker. But then, I have you beat on actual surgeries, scans, and procedures.

This is one contest I wouldn't mind dropping out of (never end a sentence with a preposition!). How about you?

Praying for good results.

LizW said...

Glad to hear you are back home safe and sound, and that the procedure wasn't too bad. Sure wish you didn't have to go through all the waiting and wondering again. Your resiliency is amazing! My prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

been thinking about you today!
obviously, hoping the results are what you are praying for.

loved your photos in the previous post!
You hair looks GREAT in all of them...
which just reminds me I forgot to get the pinking shears at school this morning so I could cut my bangs.
yesterday I had to keep blowing them out of the way so I could see the choir director over my glasses. she
got tickled with my efforts. If I don't use pinking shears, I look like Buster Brown!

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

Glad at least the first part is over. Hope the waiting is not interminable. I know something of where you're coming from. Since my first 2 bladder cancers, there are only 4 times or twice a year when I'm certain I'm cancer-free, depending on whether I'm on quarterly or 6-month checks. I'm currently on the latter. Will be sending positive thoughts your way as you wait for the results.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are home--praying still for you--for peace, comfort, quick answers and NO cancer.

Sending hugs
Vicky in Indiana

Lisa said...

Trusting and believing that all is and will continue be well!


lesley said...

So glad that's over! Finger and toes are now crossed.

Anonymous said...

So sorry I did not know that today was biopsy day! I am glad you made it through and hope that you get the results quickly.

Let light and love surround you and give you peace....