Monday, April 13, 2009

Goal Reached!

Yesterday I mentioned that it would be great to get at least 100 guest book entries in the first weekend of the blog's existence. Today when I got up, there was a total of 127! How fun is that?

Thanks to everyone who signed in.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new blog.

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment before but couldn't figure it all out with my non-techie brain. So I'm back to make another stab at it.

Love the new blog--it is beautamous, as Steve would say! We're proud of you and all that you do so well.

Love, Deb and the guys

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,

Wow!! What an amazingly gorgeous site telling the tale of an amzingly gorgeous family.

Another Smith fan joining you from Sarah's site - another place to follow what has become part of my much loved "extended family" and another place to feel really proud to be part of your lives and to have you all as part of mine.

Love, thanks and prayers as always to the whole of the Smtih family

Nicky (Lake District, England)

Anonymous said...

You guys sure are an inspiration for those of us (temporarily, I hope)faith-challenged. Helps me put things in perspective.
Jan (Toledo)