Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Medusa In Their Midst

Wow! I just have to say that I have a bunch of wonderful readers who lead interestingly varied lives.

I read every word that you wrote and was wishing for more! If you haven't yet signed in to tell your Smithellaneous Family what you did yesterday, it's not too late. And be sure to read what everyone else wrote, too; believe me, it's good stuff.

I promised a few more words and pictures about our day yesterday so let's get started.

There was only one minor crisis throughout the day and that is what I need to talk about first. I'm still processing the experience and working through the painful ramifications of the trauma. I'm not quite sure if I'm really ready to share it publicly but I guess I can't put it off any longer.

Are you ready for this? Well, here it is.

The United States Air Force made me take off my cap. (Moment of silence, please.)

Okay, here's the story. When I got up yesterday and realized that I didn't have time to wash my hair I thought, "Well, no problem. I'll just smush it down on top, tuck it behind my ears, and stick on a ball cap. I'll look all sporty and youthful and no one will be the wiser."

Yeah, right.

To my great horror, when we got to the flight line the announcement was made by some big wig that since there was a bit of a wind, all caps had to be removed from all heads, since flying caps are a danger to flying planes. (They don't want anything to get caught in the jet engines.)

What I wanted to ask Mr. Big Wig was this, "Which is more important? MY lovely appearance or a multi-million dollar jet? Huh?"

However, since I didn't feel like being hauled to the brig (I bet there's no free high speed Internet available there) I reluctantly removed the cap. The entire bus load of Make-A-Wish people gasped in unison and recoiled in consternation at the sight of the Medusa in their midst. In the greater interest of national security, I stoically put up with the public humiliation of being seen looking so incredibly awful. Fortunately, after we left the flight line, the hat was restored and my fellow passengers were able to settle themselves back down and enjoy the rest of their day.

Okay, now that I've bared my soul and shared my pain, I will share some pictures.

I had a great time observing this guy talk to Steve as we stood right near the flight line and watched the fighter jets take off. Although I couldn't hear a word he was saying, I just knew some amazing flying stories were being communicated to my airplane loving husband. The picture in the middle is one I especially love because it shows this fighter pilot spontaneously throwing his hands up to cheer on his fellow pilot as he takes off.

As we were waiting our turn for the flight simulator, we sat outside in the sunshine for a few minutes. My wacky husband immediately spotted this container and its message.

Of course, he felt compelled to oblige and obey the military directive.

You dress him up and you can't take him out.

And moving on to a more demure Smith, here is Sarah sitting in the simulator

Sarah also became an honorary member of the squadron we were visiting. We were all taken into a briefing room and after hearing about some of the fighter jets we'd been viewing, the base commander came in with some words of welcome. He then called every MAW child in the room forward and personally presented a personalized certificate to each one. It was very touching to see our nation's heroes honoring our pediatric heroes.

And the best picture of the day? The one that displays why our military does what it does.

God bless America!

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Sue G said...

And God bless you, Becky, for blessing us with your updates.

As for the hat/hair thing, it seems to me that on such a day as this (a bad hair day that terrified a busload of people), you met a special man who would one day become your husband...your best friend...the father of your children...

...and the butt on the afore-photographed can.

Does it get any better than this????

Pam D said...

It's come down to this, has it? You get a blog and the language just goes downhill. Will the next post be about Hoover Dam? *snicker* Trust me, with a nine-year old boy, I hear just about every twist on every potentially bad word possible, plus some jokes that only a nine year old can love. I think he and Steve would actually get along really well.
And truly.. may God bless America.. and especially those who serve so that we can worship/protest/whine/dance/sing/vote/curse/praise/________.

MIlczarek Family said...

I loved your hat story and appreciate you honoring our men and women in service.

My day was pretty uneventful yesterday so I didn't think I'd bore you with the details. It was typical day... drop of my 6 year old at school come home hang out with my two year old, clean, play, nap, and head off to school pick up.

It was then that my day got interesting. My daughter told me that one of her classmates house burned down and they lost their whole house and two cars. That girl hasn't been back to school since it happened (I think just a few days) because all she had to her name were the PJ's she was wearing. She said that as soon as she got home she wanted to go through her toys and books and bring them back to the school for her. ~~~Insert Proud Proud Mamma here~~~ We proceeded to talk about all the things that her family might need/want right now and returned to her school with clothes, toys, games, books, and a GC to Target.

I'm so proud of my little girl and her tender heart. Sorry so long, but thanks for letting me share.

Richelle S said...

Sounds like your Friday was fun. Mine was a pretty typical day. Get up, get myself and 10 1/2 month daughter ready. Drop my daughter off at daycare and head to work. I work as a peds nurse in a specialty clinic within a hospital. I was assigned to infusions and a sweat test (a sweat test is used to diagnosis cystic fibrosis. It's a noninvasive, almost painless test). The sweat test went well, but the infusion on my other patient did not. No reaction, more to due with IV. He comes in once a week for tis enzyme replacement infusion and will for the rest of his life. Anyway, the 1st IV was placed after 3 sticks (he's a tough stick) and the IV infiltrated about 1 hour into the infusion (it's 3 1/2 hour infusion). It took 2 more sticks and we were up and running. Thank God! I felt bad for the guy. He's so patient with us nurses. The rest of the day was uneventful. Came home after work and went to dinner with my husband and daughter (she slept during the entire meal. Daycare wears her out). After dinner watched a little TV, got my duaghter ready for bed, checked out some stuff on the internet, and went to bed. That's my day in a nutshell.

Jennifer said...

Hey...I loved reading about your day - and your daytrip! What fun it was to read through the comments and everyone else's! I'm new to your blog - and really enjoying it! Nice to meet you :)

Rhonda Pitts said...

Hi Becky,
Just back from vacation for spring break and missed your first week of the blog. Well I am caught up now and wanted to say congratulations. Oh by the way, when your family was traveling around the country performing did you ever stop by Central Wesleyan College in South Carolina? I attended school there in the 80's and you just seem so familiar. Anyway glad that your site is up and running.

Nancybratt2 said...

I remember going to airshows when I was a child. My Dad was in the army. Hat or no hat Becky, I know you looked beautiful. Sarah is getting so big. Such a precious sweetie!
Love always

Brooke-June said...

How fun - I've enjoyed reading everyone else's comments so much that I figured I should probably leave my own.

Hmmm...Friday April 17th. Started off with a Team meeting at work. I am a pediatric PT and unfortunately Friday's are stocked full of meetings. Then a staff meeting. THEN...the highlight of my day. Another therapist and I gave an interactive presentation to a group of high energy therapy assistants. We covered the development of throwing, catching and jumping. I seriously should have had a second cup of coffee before attempting that!

The rest of my afternoon was pretty mundane...canceled day care visit, paper work, preparing for an outreach trip AND a blizzard. Well not really a blizzard but a TON of snow. Isn't it spring yet???

My evening consisted of taking my dog for a walk and relaxing on the couch :)