Thursday, April 16, 2009

Forever Friends

I'll update later; just wanted to post a picture of two of my favorite "people." (Snowy's hair looks a lot like mine when I get up in the morning--only his looks better.)

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MaryH said...

Okay, here is the deal - I had to "remark" my Favorites bookmark for this blog because I was missing all the updates due to the fact I had saved the blog on the page of the first entry. Thus, every time I opened the blog I only saw the first entry and didn't think there had been any updates. Boy, was I wrong! So, it took a while to catch up but glad I did and was thoroughly entertained and ministered to and taught things and just enjoyed the Misc. of the Smiths. Love the picture of Snowy and Sarah - God gave you the time to recharge and regroup and rethink and re-evaluate and just possibly is waiting for Sarah to finish out the school year and THEN the big change will occur - it would be much easier to make a move and transition into a new place and life during the slower pace of summer and start fresh in a new school in a new school year, along with a few or maybe many others. Gotta run - I'm going out of town tomorrow - my daughter's first baby shower is in Champaign, IL on Saturday at my cousin's house - can't wait - the car will be loaded with gifts! Still can't believe I will be a Grandma in July! Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

the title sorta nervoused me!!! glad the only thing that happened to Snowy was hair trauma.

Mrs Pam

Anonymous said...

You scared me!!! lol . The title. Wonderfull picture :-)