Friday, April 17, 2009

Since I don't want to make any of you go into spasms of trauma trying to guess what just what we were doing all day, I'll give you a quick description now and fill in with more pictures and details later.

Today, Steve, Sarah and I spent the day at Seymour Johnson Airforce Base in Goldsboro, NC. Make A Wish sponsored the outing and about fifteen MAW kids and their families showed up. We got to sit in a jet cockpit, watch jets take off, go to the flight line, and sit in a flight simulator.

Although Steve was 8.7 times (that's an actual mathematical calculation) more excited about the event that Sarah and me, we still had a fun time. I've always been fascinated by the military and to be escorted back into areas where most civilians don't get to go was really cool. I took a lot of pictures and will be posting them soon.

So that was our day!

Now do you know what would be cool? It would be cool if you would sign the guest book and tell me what YOUR day consisted of. Babysitting? Going to a college class? Painting your toe nails? Building a deck? Making a quiche? Working on your classic Chevy? Eating malted milk balls?

I tell you about my days; tell me about yours! Really! I want to know! And then everyone can read what everyone else writes and then it will be kind of like we can all find out what everyone else did and then it'll be sort of fun! And cool! And community-esque!

I'm so ready to read your stuff because it's endlessly fascinating to me to know what people are doing in their very own personal corner of the world.

It's your turn . . .

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Marysienka said...

I'm in the middle of my OB rotation, so I saw pregnant women all day long. And I delivered babies too ;-) (well not me, the women did the job. I just caught the babies hehe!)

Jenn said...

Today I got up and drove a school bus, like I do every school day, and then I went to my children's school and participated in a mini-relay for life. They do this every year to collect money for the big local relay for life, then I ate lunch with my 1st grade daughter, sat with my 6th grade son and embarrassed him just a bit (he's at that age where it is not cool for mom to eat lunch with him!). Then I drove the bus in the afternoon and now I am home relaxing and rejoicing in the fact that it is Friday and the weekend is here!!!

Sue G said...

Well, today I didn't do very much. I checked in with my favorite blogs, answered emails, rested a bit and then wrapped a small gift for a little cancer buddy of mine.

I have been resting because tonight is the Relay for Life walk at a local high school. My little friend invited me to walk the survivor's lap with her. Since I am in the 25th day of a 28 day cycle of chemo, and since my back went whaco last week, I am curious to see if I can walk one lap (a mere quarter of a mile, but it sounds like Mt. Olympus to me!).

I don't know if I will be able to make that walk tonight, but I am determined to at least make an appearance to encourage my little friend in her first walk as a survivor. Last year she walked (was wheeled) as someone going through treatment.

I learn so much from kids who are going through or have gone through a battle with cancer. They face each day expecting the best and dealing with whatever is dealt them. They fight, they cry, they laugh, they fight some more. They never give up.

Never. And that's why I have to show up.

Anonymous said...

I went back to my dr. for a check up on my incision from ankle surgery (march 2nd). I was told I get to walk again starting next Saturday. I didn't realize how much you miss walking until I didn't get to do it for 7 weeks! Then I took my son to baseball practice. I can drive, I just can't walk...Now we are going out to eat with great friends and then coming home and will get everyone ready for baseball games tomorrow.

Karo said...

Yesterday began my two-month seasonal layoff (VACATION) from work, so I spent the day taking my daughter to an appointment and trying to get ahead on my homework for the week. I get way more done in the evenings, though, so this evening I will be doing a little cooking, a little cleaning, and getting in my daily dose of crocheting. Oh, and I plan to start a quilt for my son--my first quilt. I'm excited!

Sarah said...

I got up and went to my only college class today, Microbiology, where we learned about bacterial digestive system infections. Then I ate lunch. I played around with some pictures on photoshop and then I finished a report I have to do for microbiology lab.

lesley said...

Hi Beck(do you mind if I call you Beck?),
I have been having some strange nauseating dizziness since Easter so I finally called my Doctor and got a prescription for it. She thinks it's a virus but the medication doesn't seem to be helping yet :( I have to call in sick for work tomorrow. I am a nurse.

On a good note, I just spoke to my far-away-son on the phone for a 1/2 hour, so in my book it makes for a great day! I miss him.

I remember the last time you went to see the jets and it was so so hot for Sarah. Today must have been much better for her!

Can't wait to see the pics.

I made a video today of my other son coming home from college, if you want to see it. It's on my blog. I liked yours with Snowy!

Anonymous said...

I went to school, drudged through History, bounded through Physics, and counted minutes until the end of Chemistry. It was a day that involved very few brain cells, but hey, it's Friday :-)
I then came home and ate malted milk balls.


Anonymous said...

Well, Becky, we drove, then we drove, then we drove some more...

However we are stopped for the night in a lovely spot.

As we prepare to drive tomorrow, Sunday and maybe Monday to get home.

Hey everyone out there in Becky's Blog-land...if you have not yet purchased the CD, "Like A Blanket" and the book, "Chicken Soup for the Soul Cancer are behind...they are both wonderful...

Becky, I knew you and Steve sang, but you are really good...Just for the record, how many of the tapes do you have? I want to order three of the "Like a Blanket" CD's...when we get home, I will call you as well as mail you the funds for shipping and the CD's as well as the things I said I would to get home


Jackie said...

I had a very lazy day. We had a snow storm here in Colorado Springs! School closed!! (I am a 4th grade teacher)

Sharon Was from Ark now from NE said...

I did a load of laundry today
and I started a face book page, it will take awhile to figure out how to do it and get pictures on and so on tho.

Sarah said...

I got to have a bit of a lazy day because I don't have class on Friday and I didn't have to wake up early and go to practicum (preschool is on spring break).

I did finally go to the office at my apartment complex since my lease runs out at the end of June. I like my apartment but since my roommate is getting married this summer we are will not be living with each other any more. I had talked to the people in the office about a one-bedroom several months ago so I went in today to figure out there where and when. They had a few things available in my time frame so it is across the street I will be going!

Since the weather is so nice, I spent the rest of the day going on a walk/jog (mostly walk) and sitting by the pool reading a book.

Now I just need to figure out what I want to eat for dinner!

Erin said...

*Deep breath* Although I've been following Sarah's caringbridge for quite awhile, this is the first time I've commented/signed the guestbook. Your family is very inspriring and I really enjoy reading your blog!

Today I went to my computer modeling class and learned about global warming (I think my professor values his own political agenda more than any curriculum) and then went to my very last anatomy and physiology lab for the semester. Since then I have made a few phone calls and talked to my mom.

Chepin said...

The kids decided that we should go to IHOP for "silly dinner". So we did. Yum!!

brooke said...

hi becky -
i was SUPPOSED to go up to campus and stop by a table my friend maure was running at aggie day... and then i was supposed to run data. but because last night was a difficult night health wise i ended up just sleeping all day because i was so worn out. now that i've slept all day i may go on a chocolate run - there isn't any in the house!

tomorrow is another day, yes. there's a picnic going on at a local park that i should go to. sunday i might get my friend maure and i in my kayaks at some local wetlands because it's supposed to be 67 and sunny. (that's warm for here as we just had snow on tuesday).


Pam D said...

First off.. Seymour Johnson.. is that where you were last time? Did I know that? That's where my first husband and I were stationed from 1982 to 1985. I'm sure I already mentioned that. Anyway... today I got up, brushed my teeth, and took a shower. (tmi? OK, I'll dial it back a bit). Took Adam to school, and stayed there for over 2 hours working on a room mom project for the teachers. Went to Target. Dashed home, put away the Target stuff, took the dog for a walk. Came BACK to school, got the boy and his friend that we take home, and took them to Baskin Robbins. Got myself a lemon sorbet..yumMY! Came home.. shortly thereafter, hubby showed up. He and his work partner decided to cut down the tree that fell and has been hanging over our driveway all week. Spent about 2 hours in intense prayer as I watched hubby chainsaw the tree while standing at the top of a ladder leaning AGAINST said tree. Greeted all the neighbors that came out to gawk. Adam got reacquainted with a boy who lives across the street; he is now spending the night over there. I'm now uploading pics of the tree episode while checking blogs. Other than that? Not much.

Lizz said...

This morning I started the day off taking my hubby to work. Then my 2 kids, 6 & 8, talked about people with cancer. They had a form to buy a message on a board at their school. The money goes to Relay for Life. My sweeties used their own hard earned money to purchase their messages. They wanted to purchase a message for each of the kids I read about with cancer, including Sarah of course, but they didn't have enough money or enough forms. Sooo, since they only had 1 form they decided to honor their grandma who is a cancer survivor! We had a great talk about Sarah and some of the other kiddos I read about daily. Then I took them to school and I hung out at home all day doing nothing really except a little exercise! Then we got pizza for supper and I ate way too much therefore offsetting the benefits of my exercise! Or maybe I just exercised so that I could eat pizza!??? Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky!
I am a pediatric surgical and trauma nurse practitioner. I was blessed to spend the day caring for many special children and their parents. I came home to a yummy dinner made by my husband and got to help tuck my children into bed for the night.
It really was a fantastic day!

Kristin T. said...

I have been following Sarah's caringbridge for a little over two year. But I have only signed the guestbook a few times. So I feel inclined to do so today and maybe this will be the start to signing the guestbook many more times. I really like the new blog and I always love reading your posts. You and your family are so inspiring. Today I fought the wind and cold and the little bit of snow we got yesterday (I am really, really ready for spring) to go to my classes which included Calculus, Evolutionary Biology, Animal Physiology and Marine Biology. And then I ran off to work at my most wonderful job at the animal hospital as a veterinary technician. I just recently got home and was reading through what other people did today when Pam D reminded me that I need to go to Target. So I am off to Target and to get some dinner. Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I spent my day today as I do every other weekday...almost. I keep a six month old and an eight month old everyday...but today I added a four month old to that!! I had a busy day...guess you figured that out, huh? Love the new blog!!!!
Kaye Joyce
Mt. Airy, NC

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,

This morning's fun was to head into the city to get the gray washed out of my hair (I'm not brave enough to try this at home and besides it's one of my few "adult" outings in a sea of all about the kid outings). That was made more exciting by the fact that my salon was short staffed due to illness so it took longer than usual. That wasn't the exciting part... the exciting part was that I was there much longer than expected and wound up in an underground parking lot downtown at 12:02pm when my daughter's bus arrives at my door anytime after 12:25pm. Let's just say that I was blessed in many ways to make it home by 12:23pm because it typically (and by the laws of both man and physics) takes significantly longer to make the trip.

Upon arrival I was blessed with 7minutes of peace (the bus was late...hurrah) before my energetic (read hyperactive) darling daughter arrived home. We spent time working on a puzzle and having lunch before heading out on a playdate at the park. She tripped over a soccer ball and proceeded to tell ask her little boy friend if it was ok if they "just relaxed for a bit under this beautiful tree" while she rested her twisted leg. She then gave me a look so I said..."oh are we (meaning the mommies) supposed to leave now?" To which she swiftly replied, "YES"...did I mention my daughter is 5? Yep she is one who knows what she wants all right.

Then we came home ate dinner, hung out with spongebob and more puzzle time. We acted out silly stories and then she was off to dream land and here I am. All is well in our little corner of the world.

Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful day today.... I went to classes (genetics and clinical chemistry... jealous, right?? hee hee), then went to the gym. I was then supposed to get some studying done, but, it was so beautiful out, I took my lunch to a park and spent the afternoon enjoying the sun and chatting with my mom and sister, who just happen to have the day off. I ended the evening with Shabbat services. Truly a beautiful day. Thanks for asking! :)

Cape Cod, MA

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a fun day you all had.

My day...hummm...I worked...went to costco...and now, I'm headin' to bed.

Sweet dreams.

Anonymous said...

OK - here we go - life as a single, tired, working out of the home mom.
UP at 5:30 - get ready
6:10 Get Grace (5)up and ready for daycare
6:40 - drop off Grace
6:50 - get gas (almost ran out - I really shouldn't put that off)
7:00 - start work
4:30 - done with work
4:45 - pick up Grace
5:15 - start supper, cleaning
7:00 - go to Hannah Montana movie (very rare treat)
9:50 - reading Becky's blog!

Heidi & Grace

Debbie said...

I did little to nothing today. Washed a load of towels, planted a few plants, and warmed up leftovers for dinner. Read blogs, checked email, etc.. LOL.

Hope the Smith's have a great weekend!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Anna said...

I drove 40 miles to an outlying county to see children for PT in the schools. I loved that the weather was beautiful and we were able to go out on the playground. I was rewarded by many smiles and hugs. I then drove home to go to the grocery store, not a favorite thing, and to work out. I love Fridays! Anna

Anonymous said...

wellllll first i taught my preschoolers all day, then i headed on a train to visit my two best friends from college! we had dinner in Philly. Definitely worth the 1.5 hour train ride!

Anonymous said...

I spent the morning doing my SAHJ (stay at home job), then went to my fav coffee drive-thru and got my 20 ounce white chocolate non-fat (little bit of 2%) double-shot iced (lotsa ice) mocha and then did errands because my son (also a cancer survivor - PTL) was having three boys over to help him celebrate his 12th birthday! After tacos, fruit and drumsticks (ice cream cones) they went to bed at an early 2:45 am! Zzzzz...sleepy Momma in Alaska

becky m said...

hhmm what did i do yesterday...i raked a few leavesm picked up yard just a tad bit. did some grocery shopping, played on pogo and read blogs. and tried to enjoy three little kids whining and fighting all day.

Gina said...

Yesterday was a work day. I work on staff in a university and the academic year is wrapping up so yesterday I did some end of the year things:
--Worked on my annual report to our funders
--went to a lunch with one of the committees I sit on
--went to an celebration to mark the end of a community art project that some students completed with members of a community of developmentally disabled people
--went to a goodbye reception for one of our senior administrators who is moving
I also did things for/with my family;
--talked to my son's developmental psychologist about his learning disability
--took my kids to swimming lessons
--went to the grocery store
--made linguini with red clam sauce for my hubby and I for supper.
--drank a lot of wine.

Anonymous said...

Today I got up and went to our floor covering/gift store, where I do the books and work with customers. I spent a lot of time catching up doing data entry and statements and payroll as I was out sick on Thursday. I had some customers also, which is a very good thing. Then Jim took me out for supper. This is huge as with the economy we don't go out often. It was a great treat, then to bed as I have a horrible cold. Thanks for asking.
Hugs from Iowa,

Anonymous said...

Well, yesterday---I showered and all that goes with getting ready (hair, makeup,etc). My 9-year-old great niece called and asked if she could come to my house as she was at my parents and my mother was sick. Of course I said yes. I took her to Wendy's for lunch (fries & nuggets). I had lunch and packaged 7 outfits to mail to my grandson in Indiana and 2 to my great nieces in Raleigh, NC. Then I fixed spaghetti for supper, cleaned up the kitchen, went to the funeral home for a visitation for a Sunday school member, visited with my parents and got to hold my "new" great niece (2 months old) as she and her sister (3) and mother stopped by my parents just as I got there, returned home, e-mailed some friends about Relay for Life, read the newspaper and went to bed about 1 AM. Of course that was after combing the cat and puppy each and playing with them. I started the day giving my 22.9 pound cat two antibotics for a bladder infection. This is her 15th day of pills (second round). I think that is all. Cut grass on Thursday and scrubbed floors today.
Time for bed as church is tomorrow.
Ann in Roanoke Rapids

Anonymous said...

My yesterday is really Saturday! My husband and I drove 3 hrs. from our house to Lincoln, NE to watch the spring football game at the University of Nebraska, then turned around and drove 3 hrs. home! Seymour Johnson....well, we're hoping to visit there this summer, my nephew just got stationed there about a month ago!
Boni in Nebraska

S said...

On Friday, I took the kids to the zoo for the afternoon (their last day of spring break). We played at the park after the zoo closed to wear off a little more energy and then went up to the hospital in the evening to visit a friend.

It was a great day, but now I have a really sick little one and I'm questioning if it was worth it!

The hat story was great. Don't feel bad. I'm sure every mom there could relate!

Anonymous said...

I answered this yesterday morning and it posted, now it is NOWHERE to be found. There were 2 others above mine and I can't find them either! Am I in the twilight zone??? Maybe mine messed up and posted on an old old post!??
Jill from FL

Kathleen said...

I took my husband for a colonoscopy (which was all clear-no pun intended) and then headed to work at the Cancer Clinic. I helped a few patients figure out appt's and get what they needed. In the afternoon, I worked a bit on a project to teach nurses about complementary medicine. I let work at 5 and attended one child's soccer scrimmage and another's child's soccer practice Friday evening. Came home and ate good old Kraft mac -n-cheese and then cleaned up the kitchen. Played on the computer and then fell into bed.

Anonymous said...

We went and looked at a dog we MIGHT be adopting soon. He has to have some surgery first, and has a few "issues," so we'll have to wait and see if he is the one for us. But it's been over 2 years since we lost the "world's best dog" (no offense, Snowy - there can be more than one, you know!), so this is a huge step. Please pray for God's wisdom and direction. And yes, I DO believe He cares about the "little" things like this! God bless.

Shelley Williams said...

This past week was spring break at the school where I work. My week was spent loving on my two adorable little boys all day, every day. So Friday was the last day off from work. So my two little ones, 2 and 1, played endlessly- - went to chick-filet for lunch which is our favorite play place. It amazes me how much those little ones soak in everything that is said. They watch everything. What a joy to just spend time with them.

Mamasita said...

As usual, I am running a day late and a dollar short.

Friday, I worked at school, came home, and got M. fed before she left for gymnastics. I then prepared for Saturday.

Compared to how my schedule usually is, Saturday was pretty concise. I coached. For 14 hours. Straight. It was my team's state meet and they were in 4 back to back sessions. There was no A/C, they ran out of food for the coaches, and the scoring equipment was malfunctioning. It made the day much more exhausting that it normally would have been. However, it was awesome!

Becky (UK) said...

On Saturday, I rescued a bunny that had been neglected and took him home. His name is Rory. Sunday, I looked after Rory and Rags (my other rabbit), and did the housework (sigh). Ben, (my labrador), helped, by eating any scraps that happened his way. Today, I will spend the day at work, as usual, and then tonight I will spend the evening with my friend Cat. :OD!

leeanne said...

Friday I spent the day at work, like usual. Then met up with my hubby and some friends afterwards at a local establishment for a drink. Then after supper, some good friends came over and we just visited and watched the Primetime TV special that was on. Pretty boring, eh? In a few weeks, we will be golfing on a Friday night couples league. Can hardly wait!! Saturday was spent shopping (oh joy!) and doing house things. Sunday was church, brunch with friends and yard work. I'm pooped!!