Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Look

Do you remember last week when I was stressing out over cooking a Thanksgiving meal for our family? I was pondering what simple, little dishes I could throw together and still legally dub it a Thanksgiving meal.

Well, this weekend, my dear sweet husband came up with a grand idea. An idea which just goes to show you that husbands tend not to be tuned into The Various and Very Real Cooking Stresses That Attach Themselves To The Female of The Species.

He burst into the room and said, "Honey! I have an idea! Since Meagan's family is going to be nearby during Thanksgiving week (Meagan's Dad's parents live near Smithfield) wouldn't it be great if we had Thanksgiving a couple days early so that they could join us? We could have the four of us, and Meagan, and Meagan's family and my parents! They could all come for a meal! Wouldn't that be so wonderful?"

As he stood there before me, radiating great bonhomie, bliss and peace and good will toward all men I thought, "He is so very definitely male. Only a man would find it exciting to have that many people over for a large meal the week before a large move."

I couldn't help myself. I sighed. And then I gave him The Look.

The Look is something that wives dole out to their husbands whenever their husbands say or do something that is beyond the comprehension of the female brain. (There is also a "Reverse Look" that husbands dole out.)

This was one of those times.

But then later on, after I had packed The Look back into mothballs, I got to thinking about what he had said and realized that it would be a lot of fun. We could have a Thanksgiving feast featuring boxes stacked everywhere, a dearth of gravy ladles, store bought pies, and chaos reigning supreme.

Hey, chaos can be fun! At least that's what I'm trying to tell myself as the next few weeks of chaos get ready to hit. Who knows WHAT we'll do for Thanksgiving? The important thing is that we will do something, and we will have fun with however it turns out. I'll keep you posted!

Here's a Thanksgiving photo from earlier years. It's nice to have such good memories surrounding that wonderful holiday.

I mentioned recently that Snowy's hair (after removing his cone) was sticking up everywhere. Here are a few pictures to confirm that statement.

Good thing we love him for his little doggy heart and not his looks!


Here are a few pictures of our "new" house, which we will move into on December 1st.

Steve is full of ideas for dressing it up, working on the lawn and the shrubs and putting some railing up on the porch between the columns. But that will all come down the road; right now, we just need to get moved in and have a place in Manteo to permanently hang our toothbrushes!

Looking from the dining room into the living room. We were both thrilled that the dining room is big enough to hold our huge dining room table, even with all the leaves put in. We're looking forward to filling the table with people and filling the room with conversation and laughter.

The breakfast nook


The back deck is big enough to fit a LOT of people!

Sarah's very large room on the third floor. (That's Steve and our real estate agent poking around.)

We feel very blessed to have found this 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house since it wasn't even officially on the market when we started looking. There really wasn't one other house in Manteo that worked for us that was anywhere near our (limited) price range except this one, which our real estate agent had to really dig to find.

And to find a house where the owner was willing to allow us to rent it before buying was an extra blessing! We are very thankful for God's provision for us in a very challenging housing market.


I'll close with a couple of questions:

Q. My daughter will be starting on Accutane tomorrow for acne. She'll be on a 6 month treatment program and we're hoping that this will work as other treatment programs have not worked. Sarah's skin always looks so beautiful in the pictures you post and i just remembered that she had to take accutane. I know the side effects can be tough - esp. the dryness. Do you have any recommendations of products for her skin or lips to help with the dryness. --Judi

A. Judi, it could be that your daughter's skin won't get as dry as Sarah's did during treatment since Sarah's skin didn't "need" the treatment for acne. However, Accutane is definitely a "dryer-outer!" Sarah's dermatologist recommended Cerave lotion for Sarah which worked well for her. As far as dry lips, we were never able to find anything much better than plain ol' Vaseline.

However, some of the Smithellaneous readers out there may have some additional advice for really dry skin/lips. Judi and I would love to hear from you!

Q. Any tips on how NOT to worry that work for you? ---Guerrina
(This question is in reference to me writing that I was very "good" at worrying.)

A. Once again, I am going to throw open this question as a "group discussion." Do any of you have any tips that work for you that keep you from worrying as much?

For me, I like to think of the phrase in the Bible that says (in various permutations) "Fear not." What I especially like about it is that it occurs in the Bible 366 times; once for each day of the year, plus a little.

Why would we be told not to fear so many times? Because God knew how many reasons we would have to fear. In fact, the Bible says that as time goes on, "men's hearts would be failing for fear." We've sure seen lots of that!

And so today, and during this crazy upcoming month, I will remember that 366 times I have been lovingly instructed to "fear not."

What helps YOU when you tend to worry?

And the last question is a question from me to YOU!

Q. Does anyone have any good stories to share about giving The Look to your spouse? Maybe you remember a specific time or incident when nothing would do but The Look.

Your stories will be well appreciated here in Smithellaneous Land!

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Lisa from GA said...

I quit worrying as much when I realized how so many of the things about which I worried never came to fruition and the few that did God gave me the provision to handle and I wasn't worn out from the worrying. Perfect love cast out fear! Oh, and I love your new house!! And, once again my kids were inspired by Sarah's story.

Anonymous said...

Love the house and floor plan - awesome place set up for entertaining! And at the ocean! Sigh.... God is good and His blessings abundant, faithful Smithies!

I just don't have words to describe the pics of Snowy. However, who cares about a "do" when you've just survived major trama? Not Snowy nor all who love him!

Ciao! Guerrina

Marysienka said...

When I start worrying about something, I always ask myself what would be the worst thing that could happen from that "stressor"... usually, it's never close to the end of the world... so there's nothing worry about ;) Also, I try to ask myself what I would tell a friend if they came up with my worry (I'm generally good to solve others' problems lol!). If none of this works, I call a friend in panic mode ;)

Love the pictures of your new house! It looks beautiful!!


Jennifer said...

Your new house is beautiful. Love Sarah's room on the third floor.

Lyndsay said...

I'll have to think about your question about "The Look"... but I wanted to say that I LOVE the new house! I love the light wood floors and the sunny yellow walls, and I would have LOVED a huge bedroom with slanty ceilings when I was a teenager - does Sarah love it?

Anonymous said...

The house is charming! Love it. I know you will enjoy making it your home. Will you do any painting or leave as is?

Quick question. Have you and Sarah got the H1N1 vaccine? With this in the news so much, I got to thinking about you 2. I already got it for my 2 teens, and they are not high risk, just the higher risk for being teens. Just being nosy!

Anonymous said...

The house is absolutely lovely!

Cindy said...

I think Snowy looks adorable and healthy and I love the new house! I don't have a spouse, but my furry friend knows the Look very well and immediately stops whatever she's doing to warrant the Look:)!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new house!! Thanks for sharing pictures. It's definitely better than I was thinking you would end up with. I was thinking you would truly end up with a real fixer-upper.

I bet this Thanksgiving will be one of the most precious ones you will ever have. The state of your house won't matter nor what food is on the table. It's the people around the table that matter. Sounds like it will be a precious group of family and friends.

Connie F-G

Leesa said...

In answer to the question about accutane causing dryness. I have a miracle product for lips :) We have used this for years, and it works wonders. It is Norwegian Formula HAND CREAM by Neutrogena. It comes in a tube and you want to get fragrance-free. It's about 4 dollars for a 2 ounce tube at wal-mart, it is fantastic for chapped lips.
here is a link on the Neutrogena website.

Deb said...

I love and adore your house-to-be! What a lovely porch and yard and the inside looks so spacious. God has provided so wonderfully for you. Now He will provide a Buyer (with a capital B because it's that important!:-)) for your Smithfield house.

When I worry (something in which I have a pretty impressive skill), I have learned to use Philippians 4:6-7 as a tool to combat it: "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, present your requests to God....

The words "anything" and "everything" seem to squelch the fear and worry every time. God's got it all covered.

Love you guys. Praying for grace for the coming days. Wish I could come and help.

Love, Deb

Sue G said...

The house is charming, Becky. I look forward to seeing what it looks like after your family brings its special warmth to it! I am confident you will open your doors and your hearts to the people of Manteo and they will be blessed beyond measure.

As for the Look...my husband has lived with it for 40 years. It never seems to go away. Except maybe when he is away on golf vacations. Then I relax the muscles in my face. But, shhh, don't tell him. I have him convinced the muscles have frozen and the Look is permanent.

What can I say...I like to keep him on his toes.

bearie1 said...

regarding Thanksgiving, it will be fine. You won't pack the majority of the kitchen until the last week anyway. I had to cook Christmas dinner last year with my kitchen torn up and no water in the kitchen and it was fine. I made the same meal I always make and my husband ferried the greasy dishes out to the laundry room to wash. And I'm sure Meghan and her mom will help.

I like the house. Sarah will really enjoy her little third floor hideaway. How old is the house? You will have a great time personalizing it.

Poor Snowy, we recently went through the conehead thing with our puppies and it wasn't a pretty picture either. But, he's healthy again and that's what really matters.

Please excuse typos, I just had three warts frozen off my left hand pointer finger and it hurts. Bad. Off to find some ibuprofen. Elaine

MaryH said...

I think you will find this Thanksgiving to be one of your best - because you will be in a state of flux, no one will be concerned if everything is not just perfect and so-so. Therefore, you will be able to relax and enjoy the people and whatever Thanksgiving feast you put on your table - pizza, PB&J, Turkey, Spaghetti or just PIES! It will be your last gathering at your house and with people who love you and you love and what else do we need for Thanksgiving?

Your new house in Manteo is wonderful - the floorplan is open and Sarah having a cozy, third floor bedroom! What a treat for her. You did a wonderful job finding a house in Manteo that just seems to have "Smith" written all over it.

Don't know how to stop worrying - I inherited that trait from my mom and she and I do a fine job of worrrying. I will be interested to see if there are helpful hints from other blog readers.

The "LOOK" I have used is for my children - not as necessary since they have grown - but will need to adopt a new version for my Grandson one of these days - probably not nearly as severe and stern as the one used for my girls - because.....he is my Grandson, after all.

Anonymous said...

your new home-to-be looks delightful!

and Snowy looks adorable!!!!!!!!

mrs pam

lesley said...

I love the new house! And I am a huge fan of yellow, in case you aren't going to repaint :)
Railings would look really nice on the front porch. Is sarah going to stick with the blue in her new room or does she still prefer pink?

As far as worrying...I usually tell myself that things work out the way they are supposed to, even if I have to suffer through it. In the end, things work out for the best :) At least that's what I hope!
I am very good at worrying!
Snowy looks perfect to me!

Beverly said...

I love your new house!

Do you want a "look" story? I have so many...but the most recent was Saturday night. No kids were home (yet), so I picked up a couple of steaks and perogis (spelling?) with sour cream. I had also bought two pieces of cheesecake and put them in the back of the fridge until "movie time."

My husband ate both pieces of cheesecake while I was showering and putting on pjs!

(True...they were packaged together, but still! Two pieces...two people!)

All I could do was give him the look!

Anonymous said...

The new house has a lot of charm.
Don't stress over Thanksgiving. You might consider a store made meal. They really aren't too bad. One year our old, three legged dog jumped up and pulled the Turkey off of the counter and ate most of the white meat. (We had all stepped out of the kitchen to watch some of the little children playing. We also thought old dog was sleeping.) My father prides himself in his moist, delectable smoked turkeys that he starts at 4am. My husband and I were very embarrassed that our "child" would misbehave. We had to go to the store. Luckily, there was one turkey left. We laugh about the three legged bird dog getting the bird that Thanksgiving. It's not the food, but the people that make the memories. Anna

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh Happy Day..you've found a home!! Yippee. It's truly adorable...and I'm sure once you add your touches...it will feel like home in no time at all!!

Catherine said...

I really like your new house, Becky. I can't wait to see how you personalize it.

My son took accutane for acne some years ago. Not anywhere near the dose that NB kids like Sarah have to take. However, he did get similar side effects. The skin did get dry and flaky and reddish. His eyes even dried out. He used cephalon cream and Aveeno wash then, as well as chapstick and eye drops as his lips and eyes really dried. up. I know that when I read or hear about NB kids on the accutane and suffering the side effects, my heart just goes out to them as even the reduced dose my son got for acne bothered him so. It also gave him muscle aches, and he had somewhat of a restricted diet at the time too because of the drug, if I remember correctly. He was playing football then, and I thought he had gotten some bruises from that, but the doctor said the accutane causes similar symptoms. Sun sensitivity was another issue, especially for the eyes. He wore sunglasses outside on sunny days for that.

Catherine said...

I have to chuckle about Steve's suggestion about Thanksgiving. A male thing, I think. A few years ago, I had a huge crowd for Thanksgiving dinner. My brother was sure his best friend and family would not come as they have such a strong tradition of foods for that holiday at their home. Ha! The wife was so happy to leave wrestling the bird to someone else, and accept the invite. Also my other brother's in laws all jumped on the invite. And Hubby was incredulous that all of those people would come for a Thanksgiving dinner instead of wanting to do it at their own home with their own family. He and my brother had no idea, how much easier it made things to come and have the holiday elsewhere, particularly for the mom who has been doing every single blessed Thanksgiving at home. It was a true holiday that year for them! Heck, I'd love to bring my huge crowd to someone's house for Thanksgiving dinner.

I think this year we are having a big crowd again after a couple years hiatus and just having immediate family (which is big enough of a crowd with our group) It is fun to do, however, and I know everyone will enjoy the holiday at your house, in the middle of a move or otherwise.

Ann Martin said...

The new house is fantastic! What a lovely house and Sarah's room will be terrific. I really like the bay window in the breakfast nook. I have always wanted that but our house doesn't have it. Now the perfect buyer for the Smithfield house is just around the corner. New address??? I know you'll enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I saw a t-shirt in a catalog today that reminded me of Snowy. It said, "It's all fun and games until somebody ends up wearing the cone." (Or something like that.) And, of course, it showed a dog with a cone on! Funny.

We call The Look "The Stink Eye".


becky m said...

yes Accutane doesnt always dry out your skin. i was on it for awhile when i was a young adult cuase nothing else seemed to work and quite honestly either did that. my skin didn't clear up until i got pregnant at 23. i still get blemishes at 29 but its not nearly as bad as when i was younger. good luck and i hope it works and i am so not saying pregnancy is the cure just relaying what seemed to fix mine.

Karen C said...

I say bring on the pizza boxes, lettece bags, and bakery bought desserts and let the paper plates party begin. It's a non-traditional year so continue on with a non-traditional Thankgiving. It's all about being thankful for the many blessings, so spend less time worrying and more time out of the kitchen and munching on pizza with loved ones. Next year you can go back to the normal, traditional stuff! (Can you tell I'm so not formal?!) Love the new house!

Anne said...

My husband and I are separated and have been for almost 4 years now. This summer we had to go to a wedding of old mutual friends and decided to go together.

It had been lots of years since we had seen some of the people that were there. My husband was leaning in and asking me various questions about people and I was filling him in on who and what etc.

We had other old friends sitting across from us and my husband suddenly looked up and was about to say something when I could just tell he shouldn't let whatever it was fall out of his mouth so I shot him the look.

He glanced at me, saw the look and his mouth snapped shut and he looked straight ahead. I started to laugh and said "Hmm well we may not be co-habitating but I see you still recognize "the look". He laughed and said "Well it shut me up, probably just as well too"

I laughed about it every time I thought about it for the next few months.

I love the new house! Good Luck with the move.

Oh and I was so happy to see Snowy home where he belonged. Poor guy, such a traumatic experience for a little dog.