Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wending, Winding, Wandering

I packed two boxes last night! Hurray! Now if I can just pack two boxes a day I'll be completely packed by . . . um . . . May of 2014. Sounds like a plan.

Just wanted you to know how much I've enjoyed all the comments that came in yesterday on 1) worry 2) giving The Look 3) what to do about extremely dry skin. Boy, you never know what kinds of things you're going to learn around here; those of you who comment are half of the appeal of this blog!

And may I also just say how much I appreciate it when you take the time to comment. Thank you for making this a two-way conversation instead of a one-way monologue; I get tired of the sound of my own voice sometimes and love to hear what you all have to say about the Stuff of Life. You guys are funny, witty and profound and I so enjoy getting to know you better!

By the way, if you have any more of your favorite holiday recipes to share, then share away! I've started a file for them which you'll see if you scroll down the right column to the blog topic index.

Since this is a sort of "jumping around post" today, my next subject concerns a few websites I've come across that are great (and fun) money savers for you and your family. If you all have any helpful websites that you love, leave them in the comments area. (An online swap party for clothes, accessories, pocketbooks, shoes, etc.) (Swap site for paperback, hardcover and books on tape) (Swap site for textbooks.) (You guessed it! A site for swapping DVD's!) (Deals in trading books, CD's, DVD's, video games)


And to jump to yet another subject, sometimes I like to journey back twelve months in my picture file and see what we were doing a year ago. It seems that October 2008 brought us the exciting event of Steve trimming his facial hair with Sarah's help. Are we The Scintillating Smiths, or what?

And finally, to bring this Wending, Winding, Wandering Blog Post to a close, I'll answer a few questions that came in yesterday.

Q. Does Sarah like her huge room with the slanty ceilings? --Lyndsay

A. Yes, Sarah is quite entranced by it. She's been happily pondering where to put her stuff and how to arrange everything in all that space. (I think her room is about 400 square feet.) One good thing about it is that she'll have room for books, books, and more books. I can picture bookcases cropping up everywhere! We'll have to dub it, "The Bookcase Room."

Q. 1) Will you do any painting in the house or leave as is? 2) Have you and Sarah got the H1N1 vaccine? With this in the news so much, I got to thinking about you two. ---Jill

A. 1) Yes, we will eventually repaint the dining room/living room area since yellow doesn't go quite as well with our furnishings. However, I've always loved yellow kitchens so I may leave that that way it is.

The second floor has blue carpet and we don't have a bit of blue in ANY of our decorations so replacing that carpet will be our first priority once we actually buy the house. Of course, while we're still just renting we'll leave everything "as is."

2) Funny you should ask about the flu shots because I was just working on that very thing yesterday. Yes, Sarah's oncologist definitely wants Sarah to get both flu shots as soon as possible; we're hoping to get that taken care of this week. And with my COPD, I need to get vaccinated every year, as well.

Q. How old is the house? ---Bearie

A. Somewhere between 10 and 15 years; I'm not real sure. (And Bearie, I hope your finger gets to feeling better soon!)

Q. Is Sarah going to stick with the blue in her new room or does she still prefer pink?

A. As soon as possible, Sarah will definitely repaint her whole room. She hasn't decided which color yet but it will definitely be teen-esque and groovy!

And one last thing before I close: tomorrow's post will be a little different as we commemorate a certain, special landmark event in our family.

I'll see you soon!

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Jane Copes (Professor Sepoc) said...

What a classy new house! Col-yooms INDOORS as well as out. Congratulations on getting one more piece of this puzzle together. Jane

Anonymous said...

Fantastic house! You and Steve will have so much fun making it your own. Hope you will post lots more pictures of it when you get a chance.
Just a question or two.Does Sara have a bathroom up on the 3d floor?
Is it a 2-car garage and is that the laundry room between it and the front proch. Oops-guess that was 3 questions.

Rosemary said...

I don't sign very often, but I have your blog added to my favorites, and I read it as often as I can. I found your caringbridge site many years ago - not sure how, but most likely thru my friends daughters site. Catie had neuroblastoma, too, and I think you might have commented on her site once? Would have been many many years ago.. Anyway, I love your blog, and have enjoyed following your family over the years.

Your new house is absolutely beautiful, and I'm so grateful that it all seems to be falling into place. You've all earned it, that's for sure!

This is why I don't comment much. I tend to ramble!!

Anonymous said...

I figured you would eventually change the paint colors since your current house has similar colors as my house and furnishings. I agree that yellow kitchens are nice! Mine connects to the burgundy/tan rooms though, so I could not get away with it. Yes, Sarah will have fun decorating her new room!

Glad to hear you two will be getting the shots! Jill

MaryH said...

Isn't today (Thursday) Duke day? Praying and thinking about all of you.

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