Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hurray for Mrs Pam! (And Snowy)

Mrs. Pam just signed the guest book to wish Snowy a happy birthday. And I didn't even mention it in my earlier post!! Am I bad doggie mommy, or what?

Yes, Snowy turned ten today and we are so thankful to have him alive and happy after all the surgery trauma he went through two weeks ago.

Usually (when we're at home) we fold up a piece of cheese (we call it cheese cake), stick a candle in it and sing. Tonight though, we gave him a couple small bites of hot dog instead and hen sang to him.

He loved the hot dog. The singing? Not so much.

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Lyndsay said...

I'm glad Snowy is feeling better for the big 1-0!

bearie1 said...

Happy Birthday Snowy! Maybe you will get your "cheesecake" when you get home.

My mother's birthday was on Halloween also. She passed away on June 3rd and I really missed her yesterday. Elaine

Anonymous said...

that made me smile!

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Snowy!!!!!!!I'll just bet you enjoyed every minute of your grand celebration. We had a Boston Terrier when our boys were small and he would come running when he heard us sing "Happy Birthday" for he got to sit at the table, wear a hat and have his own plate of cake anytime we celebrated a birthday.

Ann Martin said...

Late "Happy Birthday" to Snowy. Was busy trying to get pictures of Daddy's flowers downloaded and e-mailed for printing before the end of the day. A special for October ended last night and I still had not had the flowers downloaded. Hope Snowy enjoyed his first birthday at the beach.

Anonymous said...

I remembered what you said about the cheesecake last year so I "made" one for our dog's b-day on 10/25 - except I put a lit candle in it for a quick picture. She almost ate the candle! Luckily, I was faster than she was - but I got my picture - ! And, she loved the cheesecake. Thanks, Snowy! L in AK

MaryH said...

Mrs. Pam - that was great! Snowy, glad you are all well and happy for the BIG 1-0!!!! The bookstore looks wonderful - you could just cozy up there and never want to leave - except, as you say, for the OCEAN!!! Glad the housing glitch worked out.

Sue G said...

Come on, you're professional singers. He had to love it. Snowy is nothing if not a discerning audience.

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