Friday, October 23, 2009

Ladder Fears

Steve has never loved heights.

In fact, here is a recent Facebook entry from him on the subject:

"Years ago, Becky and I visited the Sears Tower in Chicago. I was so certain that I could feel the thing swaying that I walked around paranoid. Getting up on ladders is not my idea of a rosy old time but today I got up on our 18 ft ladder to repair and paint a second story window frame. And all without Valium! Let's hear it for small victories. Only have eight more upstairs windows to go!"

Since he's never loved the idea of getting up really high, when Nathan came home for Christmas, HE was the one who scampered up the ladder to hang these really high Christmas lights outside. Nice having a scampering son around!

We also sent him "up high" to do some indoor maintenance.

Well, this week Steve decided it was time to fix a few of the old boards under our windows, some of which were on the verge of rotting. He pondered his fear of heights. And then he pondered the thought of bringing in a carpenter to do the work and charging us hundreds of dollars.

And then he pondered the thought that saving several hundred dollars was a really good incentive for getting over his Ladder Fear. So. Up he went! Higher and higher! All the way to the top of the window at the far left of this picture. (Nathan's room.)

He chipped paint and applied paint with the greatest of panache and then returned to earth with the greatest of grins on his face.

Conquering a fear and saving money, all at one time? Priceless.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of him going up to the highest point, but Sarah and I did get some pictures of him last night on a lower ladder.

Concentrating fiercely

Displaying the Official Smith Tendency to stick out his tongue when thinking hard.

Suddenly realizing his picture is being taken

A final view of my Ladder Climbing Prince Charming!

How about you? Have you ever conquered a fear? If so, we'd love to hear about it. Maybe you can help someone else get over something similar.


In about two hours, I need to be packed up and ready to hit the road. First stop is driving 45 minutes west to take Snowy back into the hospital to have his sutures looked at. Then four hours east to Manteo for the weekend.

I'll be in touch!

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Anonymous said...

I used to have a huge fear of heights.

Then, I married a pilot.

Had to get over that fear pretty quick!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I have a fear of flying....but I do it anyway. I just pray the whole time. Now if I can overcome claustrophobia I will be doing something!

Pam D said...

My fear of heights has actually gotten worse with age. But, I HAVE pretty much conquered my fear of public speaking; maybe not to huge crowds, but at least to groups of up to 100. Congrats, Steve.. way to go!
(and hey, have you seen the pics of Sue G's new doggie? Check 'em out on Facebook... I just saw them this morning).

bearie1 said...

Not afraid of heights, but really hate extension ladders. Don't like the Jiggle. Elaine

Angela L said...

I have a fear of Falling. I joined Taekwondo and every 5th day there we practice falling techniques. I have gone from having only Black Belts knock me down to those above a Blue Belt. Just a few months ago I was asked to help a Green Stripe with a falling technique.... I took a deep breath.... and did it. Still don't trust them but at least I did it once.

Melissa said...

Soo...I guess the chances of Steve going out on that new glass bottomed platform they've installed at the top of the Sears Tower is out of the question? It's basically a little glass box that sticks out 110 stories up. You can get some good photos while your bowels turn to water!

Sue G said...

Have I conquered a fear?

Only every single day for the last six years of my life.

Joyce said...

Speaking in public. And on the spot. Then I did debate in high school.
Now that's sort of my specialty. You know, latent ability. So as my family says "race your strengths, train your weaknesses"

amysahoot said...

I don't like stopping on bridges, especially when I can feel them moving under me. That gives me the heeby geebiees. I am glad to find out that I am not the only person to stick out the tongue when thinking really hard, as long as I don't bite it really hard I will be fine, I guess that is a fear too, so maybe I will try not to stick my tongue out the next time I am thinking really hard.

Ann Martin said...

I have a fear of water--don't like to go out in the deep as I don't swim. Bridges bother me if they are l-o-n-g ones and I definitely don't get close to the edge in high places. Went across the swinging bridge in the NC mountains one day and almost got blown off. Oh, well, so goes the everyday life. Hope Snowy is better. Anxious to hear the update. Congratulations, Steve!!!!

MaryH said...

Hope Snowy is better and suture free and cone free and that you are all safe and sound in Manteo. I have an irrational fear of snakes - haven't conquered that and don't intend to that would involve being near one or two or more....YUCK!

Krissi said...

Love the tounge. My motto in life is "Be Brave" so everyday I work on conquering one fear or the next.