Saturday, October 10, 2009

Elizabethan Tymes and Scary Pictures

Well, whadya know? I actually have Internet this weekend. Hurray!

Sarah and Steve have gone off to an Elizabethan Tymes Country Faire where the featured activities are:

  • exploring the armaments of 16th century England
  • making your family crest,
  • seeing woodworking and blacksmithing
  • watching a falconer
  • viewing hobby horse racing
  • observing a knighting ceremony (Sarah was very excited about that)
  • watching a "battle" between Festival Park's Elizabeth II and The Silver Chalice.

It sounds like a lovely, lively time!

I have opted to stay back at our cozy borrowed cottage and hang out with me, myself and Snowy. It saves a little bit of money for us having to buy only two tickets instead of three and it also gives me a couple hours to enjoy the fabulous sounds of silence.

This morning we went back for a second look at a house we are strongly considering buying. Our realtor here has been wonderful and in his efforts to find a house that will work for us, has looked on every list, and in every data bank; he even went back and looked at lists of houses that had been pulled off the market, just to check and see if maybe the owners had possibly changed their minds and were planning on putting their home back up for sale. The house we're considering is one of those houses; it's not even on the active market right now so we'd be getting first dibs.

When we get back home Monday we'll talk to our banker and ponder and pray a bit more and then make our final decision. The best part about it is that they may allow us to do a "rent to own" agreement where we would only have to move once. That would be wonderful.

Okay, enough about boring house stuff. I'm going to close out with a few pictures I had posted on Sarah's site last year. When I ran across them again recently, I thought they were far too wonderful to only be viewed one time and then put into mothballs.

If you can look at these pictures without smiling, snickering, sniggering, or breaking out into uncontrolled guffaws, you have much more self control than I do. (These unfortunate photos were created at

Sarah and me

Just me. Pretty scary, huh?

Um. This would be the groovy guy I married.

Mr. Groovy's daughter.

Mr. Groovy's son

And the Smith Dog Person

Okay, now go wash your eyes out with soap so that you can purge your retinas of those awful images.


It's funny to think though, that in about twenty-five years, the hair, glasses and clothes I wear today will look THAT bad.

Isn't that a lovely thought? (smile)

5 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

Only one of you really handles the different hairstyles quite well, and that, of course, is Snowy. Pretty amazing how different you all look.
sure hope you get your rent to own home!

mrs pam

Sue G said...

Actually, Becky, I recall photos of you much younger and on the road and the hairstyle you had was quite similar to the full, "big hair" look of one of these pics. I actually like it. Really. I know I joke a lot, but I think it is very soft and flattering on you.

Great news about the house. Rent to buy is win win for both the owner and the buyer, so that would be a great opportunity for everyone.

God has a plan for you. And I guess He wants to be a part of the next set of "hallways" you walk through. These sound really promising.

Lauren said...

I love Snowy's yearbook pictures!

Lisa said...

That made me laugh out loud. Especially love the pictures of Snowy... :O)

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