Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just got a call that someone is coming to look at the house today at 12:30.

Frantic cleaning, frantic praying, frantic hoping are all ensuing.

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Anonymous said...

I will frantically pray with you...for this to be the ONE!!

Boise, Idaho

Anonymous said...

Praying right along with you. How awesome would it be that this would be the one?

randybethmo said...

In the words of one wise fish, "Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...." :) Gotta love Nemo!

We'll keep you in our prayers!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying that all went well with the showing and the people are THE ONES! Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Expecting a post soon telling us the house is SOLD! Positive thoughts in your direction.

Jan from toledo