Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Train Of Change Is Coming

To paraphrase an old Johnny Cash song, "The train of change is coming, coming round the bend. . . "

I sat alone in Nathan's room yesterday and could almost hear the train picking up steam, getting closer and closer, getting ready to explode into our lives.

Sarah and I were talking last night about how excited we were that Nathan would be home for three weeks over Christmas. I sat there for a moment in Happy Mommy Bliss, picturing our family gathered in the living room, having eggnog and cookies, listening to Amy Grant's Christmas CD and decorating the tree.

Then all of a sudden, my lovely vision went POOF as I realized that I had been "visioning" the whole thing happening here. In this house. In this living room.

I looked at Sarah and said, "Just think. We'll never, ever have another Christmas here."

We gazed at each other with newly stricken faces as we pondered that alarming sentiment.

No more birthday parties, no more summers, no more family games of UNO in the kitchen, no more snowfalls on the backyard, no more Smithfield House memories to be made.

The train of change is coming.

I know that this is good change, positive change, exciting change. But it's still change. It still means that in the space of about two weeks, this haven of our home will be ripped to shreds and there will be no quiet place to sit, no lovely arrangements of furniture, no gracious meals to be served in the dining room that has served us so well over the years.

Because who can even find the forks and the garlic salt and the twist ties when they're moving?

Not me, that's who.

I'm not an overly organized person but as a rule, I do take a lot of delight in being able to find things when I need them and having my life in order. The thought of chaos and confusion and the challenge of discerning which of the 43 boxes stacked in the bedroom contains clean socks is just overwhelming.

The train of change is coming.

Life itself is a train of change. You can get on it and ride it or you can get run over by it.

I'm going to ride.

I may not have clean socks on, but I'm going to ride.


And yet a few more pictures from last week's trip to Manteo

(For newcomers to Smithellaneous: Manteo is a village on the coast of North Carolina that we will be moving to in about two weeks. In the meantime, we're driving back and forth every weekend so that Steve--the newly elected pastor at a church there--can preach the Sunday services.)

A lovely lass and her cutest canine.

The last of summer's glory

And now a picture NOT from Manteo. A picture that pains me to look at. A picture that reveals the fact that this bargain bag of candy from the grocery store is no longer full. Who ate the candy that is now missing? We'll just let that be our little secret.


Miscellaneous Tidbits:

To Rachael from Angola, Africa. Thanks for signing the blog! You mentioned you would enjoy hearing from me but I don't have your contact info. You could email it to if you'd like. Great to hear from someone who lives so far away!

Also, someone sent a request to friend me on Facebook and I accidentally hit "ignore" instead of "accept." If you asked to friend me and you're not seeing my posts in your feed, please try again and I will attempt to hit the right button this time!

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Melanie said...

Change can be bittersweet. I'm sure you'll make lots of great memories in your new home.

Anonymous said...

Add candy corn to peanuts and make it a more nutrious snack. Easier to justify!

I know many people feel a house is just a house but for those of us who have had to leave them, it's very hard. You take the memories with you but that home will hold very precious memories for you. I know you'll make just as beautiful and precious memories in the new house yet it's always sad to leave the old. You will quickly make that new house a home.

As for packing. How about putting in a few boxes and marking them obviously (or Sarah can decorate) with the things you really truly need for December. Pick some of the decorations, spices, cooking utinsils and such that you MUST have for that first month. I promise you will look forever for something and can't find it but if you put it in that "open immediately" box it may make the holidays a bit easier. Put those specially marked boxes all in one place so you don't lose them. Yes, I've lost boxes within stacks of boxes. I also promise that you won't find time to get everything upacked that first month. December just doesn't allow that with all the festivities.

Connie F-G

Anonymous said...

It has taken me a while to realize that home is not a physical place, but a dwelling within the heart. Although you all will be in a different place, you will be HOME as your hearts are bound together with love, joy and peace.
Just label those boxes and you will not need to go sock-less.

bearie1 said...

Socks don't need to be packed in boxes. Just leave them in their drawer.

You'll make beautiful memories in the new house as well. I'm sure you're already thinking about how you can decorate for Christmas. I see something wrapped around the columns.

The move will be fine. Just keep saying that. Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine. Or "It is what it is" so no point in worrying about it. Everything will be fine.

Last year at Christmas my kitchen was torn up due to a water leak in the walls. I still cooked the same dinner as always, but didn't get out all the Christmas china since all dishes had to be washed in our laundry room sink. And you know what, the food tasted just as good (or bad I guess). It's not the decorations, or even the food, that makes the holiday. It's spending the time with those we love. Everything will be fine. Elaine

Saffyres said...

I have a totally off-the-wall, irrelevant question:

How is Manteo pronounced?

Vickie said...

There are many things you and I have in common, but not candy corn.

On the other hand, I certainly appreciate your concerns about the upcoming holidays. Be gentle with yourself. . . maybe more candy corn or the Christmas equivalent?


Anonymous said...

bearie1 is right! I moved several times and each time I put one dresser drawer in a big old black contractor bag, socks (or whatever) included, twist-tied it closed and sure was glad I could just pop them back into the dressers at the other side of the move! It really does work Becky! And the emergency box is an awesome idea!

Ciao! Guerrina

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Becky, if I had been at your house, I would have been the one nibbling on the delicious candy corn!
Just think, a new house to make many new memories. When we made our last move, my daughter announced she was going to buy our old house when she had enough money. It made my heart swell to think we had made so many loving memories that she would want to return to the house when she was older. Anna

Sue G said...

The nice thing about change is that you not only get to make new memories as lovely or lovelier than the old ones, but also that you get to leave the not so pleasant memories behind.

Where they belong.

So, move forward like Julie Andrews on top of that mountain in The Sound of Music: arms wide open, embracing the potential, singing to the wind to carry the notes to your loved ones far and near. (You can leave out twirling ridiculously in a Swiss dress with a drastically corset like appearance!)

Because the HEARTS really are alive with the sound of music.

Anonymous said...

"Manny-o" is how you pronounce Manteo... :)