Thursday, November 12, 2009

Martha Stewart and Miscellany

We have just returned from our foray into franticness which included two hours of frenzied cleaning, plus one hour of "being gone." Haven't heard anything from the realtor yet; usually it takes a couple hours for any sort of response.

The good news is that our house is really, really clean! If you all lived closer, I'd have you all over for a clean house party!

While we were away from the house, we grabbed a quick lunch and then went to Salvation Army. Sarah found several groovy pieces of teen clothes and I got a sweater and a lovely, dressy suit. Total bill was fourteen dollars. Not too bad!

Tomorrow, we'll pack our bags and head out for Manteo one more time.

(By the way, Saffyres asked how Manteo is pronounced. It just so happens that a blog reader, Buff, saw the question and just now signed the guest book to say that it's "Manny-o." I think someone people throw in the "t" a little bit, but I've heard it both ways. Thanks, Buff!)

Here is one of my extremely well organized boxes of staples for our "Manny-o Meals." (Martha Stewart is doubtlessly getting ready to feature this box on the cover of her magazine because of its incredibly pristine aura of awesome attractiveness.)

If you would like to view another of my Manteo Packing List Items, here is my official "beauty bag." (My whole family knows that if we are driving down the road and I should ever say, "Oh no! I forgot my beauty bag" Western Civilization as we know it could very well crumble. The bag is that important.)

It even has a little flap that folds up for more storage. And all of us ladies know that you can never have too much storage for beauty items!

Here is the aforementioned, vitally important, fully packed beauty bag, hanging on a hook. (Is this not such an exciting blog? I know you're going to want to run right out and tell all of your friends that Smithellaneous is a blog worth reading!)

The good thing about my beauty bag is that it stays packed all the time. I throw in my little cosmetic pouch and I am ready to go.

It's nice and simple. Simple and nice. Nice. Simple. (Well, you get the idea.)

The other thing that I must have on all overnight trips is my noise machine. (I would walk across the house and take a picture of it but I am far too tired from our cleaning spree.)

My noise machine produces constant white noise (or ocean waves, or spring rain) and I am completely incapable of sleeping through the night or even taking a nap, without it. In fact, I am so addicted to it that I probably need a Noise Machine Anonymous group. If you've never used one of these machines, I highly recommend them.

I'm all about passing my addictions along. Chocolate , books and noise machines--am I a wild woman, or what?


Pertaining to yesterday's "Sam Hill" entry, you all had some very interesting comments and insights. Thanks for jumping on board with your discussions!

Connie asked how best to explain to her daughter why "hell" is even considered a swear word and before I could even start thinking about it, Angie and Pam had jumped in and answered the question better than I ever could. (Nice to have such "full service" blog readers. They read! They comment! They give good advice!)

Before yesterday, I had no idea what the origin of Sam Hill was and I was very interested to find out. I am such a word lover/word investigator that those kinds of things are always fascinating for me.


A little later in the day, I'll be posting a bit on
Sarah's site about a sort of scary thing she's doing this weekend. In my humble and completely unbiased opinion, she is an amazing young lady.

7 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Jessica Kramasz said...

Is there anything better than thrift stores? Really, they are the greatest. Dare I admit that my husband and I go to Savers every Friday as part of our "date night". Yes, we're very romantic!

Anonymous said...

Yes, some folks throw in a little bit of a "t" in Manny-o..but if you are from eastern NC (where I am from) you say Manny-o...I tried saying it out loud with a little bit of a "t" and for me. it sounds like I'm being "prissy"... LOL
I haven't lived in Eastern NC for 25 years...but I still talk the talk.. :)
Proud of Sarah..that takes guts...My hubby was a Youth Minister for many years so I've been to many conventions..we would both be very proud of her!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was pronouncing it Man-tay-o. I'm glad I have been corrected and now I say it properly.

Have a safe trip to Manny-o and back to Smithfield...I hope I pronounce that correctly =)

Boise, Id

the inadvertent farmer said...

Ahhh but Martha probably doesn't pack her own boxes.

Now if you could just figure out how to keep you house looking like that we would all be willing to pay dearly for the secret!

Maura said...

I love thrift stores too!

And you are so organized!

I am loving the idea of a noise machine. We live in the city so there are always noises but something more relaxing might be nice.

Harriet said...

We are SO addicted to sound machines! We used to live by train tracks, and when the kids were younger and it was a disaster of epic proportions if they were awakened from a nap, the sound machines became necessities. Now we can't live without them, and one has even accompanied us out of the U.S.!

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