Monday, February 28, 2011

A Post Full of Romance. And Other Good Stuff.

Thanks so much for everyone who left comments on the blog over the past few hours celebrating the Nathan/Meagan news.

I think one of my favorite comments had to be this one:

Dana from Greenville, SC wrote, “Should I be this excited for someone I have never met?!!! I certainly hope so because I actually did the ugly almost crying face. Congratulations to everyone!”

I just loved the whole “ugly, almost crying face” line, not just because it’s funny but also because it’s so sweet to think that people who have never even met the newly engaged couple can be happy enough for all of us to almost cry. You guys are so sweet to rejoice with us.

Also, I want to thank a couple of you who pointed out to me the difference between fiancĂ© and fiancĂ©e. (The former is a man; the latter is a woman.) That’s just the kind of stuff I love to learn and since I will be using those terms a lot in the coming months, I am happy to know I will be spelling them correctly.

A couple other commenters asked if we knew the proposal was coming. Yes, Nathan told us several weeks ago that he had set the date for when he was going to propose; we had several phone conversations with him about the details of what he was planning. (He told very few people about it because he was intent on keeping it all as secret as possible. And he succeeded swimmingly in the secrecy department.)

A few other people said (in effect), “It seems like you are happy with the girl Nathan chose to marry.”

The answer to that query can only be a great big fat “YES!” We are thrilled at the thought of calling Meagan our future daughter-in-law. She is a young woman of many talents and accomplishments who takes her own patented glow with her wherever she goes. She’s a graduate of the same university Nathan is attending (studied to be a teacher), comes from a wonderful family (her parents are some of our closest friends) and has a strong Christian faith. She is smart and witty and a whole lot of fun to be around. We are tickled pink with the future wife Nathan fell in love with.

Okay. Now onto some more important stuff. Women are nothing if not romantic and according to the comments I’ve received, a lot of you are interested in hearing all the romantic deals of the proposal.

However, until I sit down face to face with Nathan and Meagan and hear the whole story again in person (we just heard the highlights over the phone yesterday) I’m not sure I can get all the details written accurately. So for right now, I’ll just give you an overall summary enhanced by a few pictures. (Meagan’s mom will be blogging about this, too. I’ll let you know when that post is up and you can head on over to her blog and hear the story from her perspective.)

The Nathan/Meagan Proposal Summary

Last Friday night, Nathan had arranged a big, fancy date and Meagan was so sure that it was going to be the night he would propose. (And that’s just what he wanted her to think.)

Here he is in the living room waiting to catch his first glimpse of Meagan as she comes out of her room.


Ready for the date. The BIG (non-proposal, trying-to-fake-out-Meagan) date.


At the fancy restaurant. (Meagan has a fun tradition of taking pictures of herself in the bathrooms of all the restaurants they go to.)


The fancy food at the fancy restaurant. Meagan is convinced the proposal must surely be coming any moment.


But alas. Nathan took her her back home with no proposal. She was sooooo disappointed.

And then came Saturday night.

It involved pottery painting.


A blindfold.


A lake side gazebo strung with lights.


Roses, finger foods and sparkling grape juice.


A proposal.


And a ring.


How romantic is that?

16 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

tylersmama said...

AWWWWWWW! Best proposal ever!!!

deb8able said...

Holy Cow is that romantic!! May they always be as happy as they are right now. Congratulations!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so romantic I can hardly stand it!!!! Super-happy for them!

Lyndsay said...

Very sweet! Meagan has great nails - did she do them specifically in the hopes of having a ring to show off? (because that's what I did.)


Shannon said...

Ah...what a great proposal!!

I was thinking the same thing about Meagan's nails...very nice!!

Anonymous said... I'm doing the ugly cry:)! How sweet!!!

Cindy in VA

Bridgette said...

SO excited for times ahead! Loved reading the details and can't wait to hear the rest of the story!:-)

MaryH said...

BEFORE I even read all about the proposal, I have to say that a whole lot can happen on this blog between Saturday and Monday - I hadn't checked - SO, big, great, wonderful congratulations and you will be the BEST mother-in-law ever! Have fun with all of this - wedding planning is so much fun and so meaningful and I can't wait to hear all about it. Smiling widely for you, Becky and all the Smithes - what fun! I needed that today. Thank you.

MaryH said...

Okay, just read the "details" of the proposal - well done, Nathan. Very, very well done! I am so excited for all of you and I agree with the blogger who commented that it seems funny to be this excited over people I have never met but I do and I am so happy for you and there are many more years of happiness to come and....maybe....someday....not to far in the distant future....GRANDCHILDREN - now that is the very best. Still smiling.

Jan said...

Too sweet!

Jan Reuther

...and no, I don't have a cold. Tears of joy for the happy couple.

Anonymous said...

wow! Nathan made his proposal unbelievably creative, beautiful, wonderful and romantic!

I couldn't wait to share the news this morning at school... but now I'm excited to be able to add the specifics.

mrs pam

p.s. Snowy, did you get any mail today?

Anonymous said...

Tears, many, many, tears. Any idea of a date? This year, next year? Does Nathan want to find a job first? What is his major? Where will the wedding be? I am guessing Megan's Dad and Steve will officiate? OMG some many questions (I know everyone is thinking the same things). sorry!

Love, Jodi

JeanC said...

Like! Like!

Jean C

Anonymous said...

Love it! I love how she thought he would propose and then he didn't. Heartbreaking at the time for Meagan I'm sure. We girls can be very emotional. That made it so much more speacial when he really did!! Sweet!

The mental picture I got of you and Steve in the church lot, you wanting to know where the relationship was going and him with his head on the steering wheel really made me smile. Too funny..

Dana H In Greenville SC :)

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Woo...Hoo...Congrat's to all!!

What an exciting time for your entire family.

I cannot wait to follow along on this journey!

Unknown said...

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