Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Of Bathrooms. And Life.

So! Where are we right now in the Master Bath Re-Do Process? (I thought you’d never ask.)

For the past month, my filled-with-fabulousness husband has taken just about every non-working moment and invested it in this job. He gets home from church, pauses about 39.45 seconds (that’s a rough estimate) for a little breather and then throws on his work clothes for yet another go round.

Master bath re-do

Here’s what he and Mike (the tile guy) did last week.

First of all, they informed me that the master bedroom closet (which is actually in the bathroom) would have to be completely (not to mention totally) emptied out so that Mike could do all the dust-producing stuff necessary in order to rip out the (old, nasty) linoleum and put down the (fresh, sparkling) tile.

Do you know that you’re never quite aware of how much stuff is actually in a closet until you have to move it?

It’s a revelation!

We laid stuff on Nathan’s bed. . .


We hung stuff in Nathan’s closet. . .


And we hung yet other stuff in the office closet.

As you can see, the office was already over run with all sorts of various items that had made their sojourn from the bathroom in past days.


Oh the joy of unmitigated chaotic chaos.


The toilet was removed which (even when plugged) caused an alarming sewer-ish smell to eke its way into our not so appreciative collective consciousness. (Chaos and a sewer smell: the building blocks of joy!)


And the work continued.



And continued some more.


And somewhere along the way, one of the workman (that would be my husband) found the time to sneak in three M & M’s left over from Valentine’s Day. It’s obvious that I’ve trained him well. He knows that at least three pieces of chocolate must be ingested per every ten minutes of work. (It’s a heavily researched scientific formula that I went to great lengths to arrive at.)


And somewhere in the midst of the mess and chaos, I actually found a display of loveliness. I walked into the bathroom one night after Mike had left and found the prettiest little round thingies on the counter. I stared at them for a while before finally deducing (in my non-mechanical, very female brain) that they were rings of nails. Or, um, tacks. Or some such thing.



Whoever knew that rings of nails could be attractive? Not me, that’s who! _DSC0010-1

They gave me a wonderful opportunity to whip out ye olde Nikon and practice with aperture settings and depth of field. (Ha. Like I really know what I just said.)


At any rate, I am easily entertained. And I also like finding beauty in unexpected places.

In reconstructed bathrooms. And in life.


Proposal Stories

Let me just mention that I have laughed out loud at some of your proposal stories shared here . (And I’m not really a laugh out sort of person.) Other stories you shared made me feel downright weepy. (In a good way, of course.)

You all have got to stop doing this. I can’t keep up with the emotional trauma of going from crying to snorting, all within five minutes .

Well. Of course, if you WANT to keep telling your stories, I’ll try to find the emotional wherewithal to keep reading them. Because I really do love them!



Leah said, “A couple more Nathan & Meagan questions. You've mentioned a couple times that Meagan has already graduated from college. Is she older than Nathan (no need to reveal her age) or did she zoom through scho0l and graduate early? Is Meagan currently working (as a teacher)? Any idea where the lovely couple wants to live? Is graduate school on the horizon for either of them, or will they go straight to work?”

Leah, Nathan is twenty-one and Meagan is about 18 months older. (Which is sort of funny because her sister married a guy about that much younger, as well.)

Meagan has been working in the classroom of a pre-school connected with a church; she does eventually want to teach the grade school/elementary grades.

Not sure where they’re going to live: they both love Florida and they both love North Carolina. Nathan has even talked about living in Colorado some day since he fell in love with Denver when he went skiing there a couple years ago. So, who knows? I imagine work and education opportunities will play a big part in where they end up.

And yes, they both have plans to go on and do graduate work.

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Unknown said...

Did you redo the shower door trim? as I thought before it had gold trim and now it appears to be a more modern silver?

Anonymous said...

Is the clutter making you nuts, yet? What is the ETOF (expected time of finishing) the bathroom? Will Steve aka JOAT (Jack of ALL trades) be done before the arrival of Nathan and your FUTURE DIL or is he holding out to get Nathan to help finish? LOL! You mentioned a summer wedding? Wow. Just what I would want for a wedding; and I don't care that other people may (or already do) think I have lost my mind. Something fast with not a lot of time to do anything BIG OR FANCY. Not sure I would want a dress per se; AND NO BIG reception. Possibly a friend of my aunt/uncle who is a judge and a very small handful of close friends and family for a reception at my aunt's condo (very large for a condo---probably could have 75 without clutter. We have used their home as the Shiva House when family members have passed away. I will pick the cutest flower girl and ring barrier and hopefully all the attention will be on them and I can just slip in. Or just elope. But there isn't looking like anyone out there at this point so why think about it now. I am just saying LESS or MUCH MORE for me. And if you could rent a wedding dress (can you???) even better. Frugal is good. I just love how all of you will have such important parts to play in this gathering and the perfect Church (or Churches) and many people to do the officiating. Ramble OVER. Sorry! Love, Jodi

Melissa said...

Wow, I envy you having a husband with the know-how to tackle these projects! Mine literally needs instructions to change a light bulb, it's pitiful! We end up having to hire and pay someone to come in and do everything, and sometimes people look at us like we're crazy and say, "You couldn't have done that yourself?" NO, neither of us is skilled enough!