Friday, March 4, 2011

No More "Plumber's Helper" For Me.

Today was not a good day.

Today I was officially fired from my job as Plumber's Helper to my husband.

I feel very sad about that. The pay was good. The benefits were good. But alas, I can no longer put that job position after my name. (Details to come.)

In other news, Nathan and Meagan (and a friend who is traveling part way with them) left Florida around 7 am. Since it's a 13-hour trip (not including all the stops that ladies seem to need) they won't be in till fairly late. I told them that I might try to stay awake past 9 pm, just this once and that I would do my utmost to be fairly, sort of, a little bit alert when I hug her. And him. And do my patented, 48-year old, not-so-fun-to-witness Happy Dance.

I mean, how often does one get to welcome one's son's fiancee' for the very first time? Only once! (And Emily Post has said that it's usually considered good manners to be awake for that occasion.)

In the meantime, I feel just like a small boat adrift in a lonely sea since I've been let go from the aforementioned job. (Sorry. It's far too painful for me to keep spelling out the job title over and over.)

Fired. Can you believe it? Donald Trump wasn't even here to do it. I had to be fired by my very own personal husband! How can I possibly keep my chin up in order to welcome my child and future child-in-law home when I have this sort of disgrace hanging over my head? (Sniff.)

In happier news, I have been so grateful to continue to see fabulous, tasty and quick recipes showing up in the comments area. They will go straight into my Official Fabulous, Tasty, and Quick Recipe File. I am getting ready to make a grocery run and a whole bunch of those recipe ingredients are going to be showing up in my cart.

Speaking of which, I guess it's time I get back to my long and ever growing To Do List.

Um. Did I mention I was fired?

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Ericka said...

Becky, be honest now. Did you do something to merit this firing? ;)

Anonymous said...

Men! They don't know what they have lost until it's gone. He will be crawling back to you in no time. And you can tell him "tough toenails (someone in my family used to say that; never knew why but it fits here)!"

Take your time with what I asked you. We are in over our heads. And the plot has thickened. Along with the two tickets that fell in our laps so did any/all hotel expenses. WOW!

With your permission can I ask the Best Bloggy Readers in the comment section? Only with your permission, though. It's your blog! :0)

Welcome home Mr. and ALMOST Mrs. Nathan Smith! Welcome to the Smith Family, Meagan, They are so glad to have you!

Anonymous said...

PS. Is Meagan pronounced Meagan or MEEgan? I had a student named Meagan and her name was MEEgan?


The Pennington Point said...

I wouldn't mind being fired as long as the plumbing got fixed! Why beg to help if he doesn't want it? You can go do what you're good at...making meals for your wonderful company and getting your beautiful home ready. You're so funny. Lisa~

Anonymous said...

post who's recipes u use!
looking forward to your firing story, once you get up the courage to tell it.