Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Arrived Twosome

Just wanted to let everyone know that our Terrific Twosome arrived safely a little before 9 pm last night. The trip took a total of fourteen hours which translates into thirteen hours for travel and one (teeny little itsy bitsy) hour for food and bathroom stops. That's pretty amazing, if you ask me. (And my 48-year old bladder.)

Meagan hadn't been here in almost a year so we gave her the tour of some of the fix ups we've done since then. Walking around seemed to be a highly appreciated activity for them; for some odd reason, neither one felt much like sitting down. (Don't know why.)

One of the spots on the tour was Sarah’s room, which looked like this last time Meagan saw it.


Now it looks like this!



And since Sarah’s room is so cheerful and welcoming, it seemed the perfect place for all of us to plop down for a while and talk.

I had told Meagan I wanted to hear the whole proposal story again complete with every single tiniest detail so it was fun to get to re-experience that story with them. Mostly Meagan did the telling and Nathan did the (very pleased) grinning.

Sarah, Steve and I were all propped up on Sarah's bed and Nathan and Meagan were sitting on the floor opposite us. About 3,345 times in the course of an hour I thought, "Oh, what a cute picture that would be," and "Oh, I love that expression," and "Oh, they are so darling together," and "Oh, that would be such a funny photo."

You'd be so proud of me and the way I restrained myself. Even though my shutter finger was trembling uncontrollably, I just didn't want to take the chance of sending my future daughter-in-law fleeing in horror back to Florida because of a maniacal future mother-in-law sticking a camera in her face at every single moment of every single day. My own family is used to having the perpetual presence of the mamarazzi in their lives but I did have to work with them a bit, and break them in sorta gradually.

However. Nathan and Meagan have actually asked me to take their "Save the Date" photos while they're here! Can you imagine? I'm actually being invited to point a camera at them? I don't have to beg? or wheedle? or whine?

(be still my heart)

I told Meagan that although I am not a professional photographer, I do have a no-fail method for taking important photos. Would all of you photographers like to know what that method is?

Ahem. My Patented No Fail Photography Method of Taking Pictures is this: Take at least three hundred shots of every single pose and trust in the law of averages that at least one of those shots will achieve a high level of mediocrity. Or even be sort of good. Possibly . . .

I just know Nathan and Meagan are going to read this blog entry and be so very reassured by their choice of photographers.

(I'm helpful like that.)

Today’s Smith Family Schedule will consist of three or four hours working at the church and then welcoming Steve’s parents who will be arriving from Charlotte later this afternoon. Since we live so far from all our family (my closest family member is 1200 miles away) having family come to our house is an extra special privilege and blessing.

Plus, it provides me with extra victims subjects for my photography.


A few questions/comments have come in that I’ll answer in the next day or two. However, I did want to just say (since several asked) that Meagan’s name is pronounced May-gan, not Mee-gan.

And by the way, I meant to tell the story today about being fired as the Plumber’s Helper but I got sidetracked. However, the story will be told soon. Soon the whole world will know about the teensy little mistake I made that caused me to be summarily dismissed by the summarily dismissive man pictured in this picture. Also, the story will be made known about how I’m still desperately trying to recover. Emotionally. Mentally. Psychologically. (And other –allys.)


Stay tuned.

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Unknown said...

Becky, the pix of Sarah's room are so pretty! Her room is beautiful! The perfect teen retreat :). Just so excited for you, and the whole family, on your soon to be "mother-in-law-hood"!

MaryH said...

Enjoy! My photography philosphy is very similar to yours - my dauther's is different - she has a photography degree but she loves my photos also - what a fun privilege to be able to take their save the date photos - what date are we saving? Or, is it a surprise - Becky, you are in for the happiest ride of your life with wedding planning and marriage celebrating. I know you will treasure each second of all of it.

MaryH said...

P.S. I didn't mean "we" as in saving the date - I meant "they" saving. Just wanted to clear that up.

MaryH said...

One more thing and then I promise I will leave you alone - below is a link to a recipe for chicken-noodle-soup casserole - yummy and easy.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Sarah's room looks great!

Proud of you for not taking pictures of the new couple! I know how hard that was for you! I know you are HONORED to take their save the date pics. Hope that goes well. Can't imagine you will get a bad pic with the two of them!

Marshmallow Woman said...

I *really* love Sarah's room. :)

Italian hugss,

Jackie said...

Hmmm..Up here your future daughter in law's name is pronounced neither of those ways! It is pronounced "Meg-uhn". Crazy northerners!;)

Congratulations to all!

Anonymous said...

Sarah's room is beautiful....perfect for a teenage girl! Have 2 girls and I know they would have loved a space of their own like you have provided Sarah Well done!

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