Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Birthday Saga Continues

We just got back from school orientation.  What a joy it was to walk with Sarah from classroom to classroom knowing the path she has traveled to get to this point in her life.  I got a little teary eyed a couple times but that’s okay—moms are allowed tears at weird times.

Usually the most stressful part of any school year is getting one’s locker open for the first time.  Sarah showed that ol’ locker who was boss!


Halfway through the rounds of meeting teachers and finding classrooms, the intercom burst forth with the news that the first day of school would not be tomorrow after all; school has been cancelled until at least Monday, due to to the impending storm. So when we left for the evening, it wasn’t to return in the morning as we’d originally thought.  At this point, no one knows quite when school will actually start.


And now, backing up a little (sorry this isn’t chronological--my brain can’t seem to find Chronological Mode tonight)  here are a few scenes from a special birthday.

On Monday, Sarah spent the day with her grandparents who were visiting for a few days.  They went to Jockey’s Ridge which Ken (who is eighty years old) climbed to the top of. 


Sarah and Vernie stayed behind to engage in scintillating grandma/granddaughter talk and also to gaze at the scenery.  (Sarah took this picture which I thought was rather lovely.)


From there they went shopping at Claire’s, one of Sarah’s favorite stores, and then it was on to lunch and to the aquarium.   Nice to have such fun grandparents to hang out with!

That evening, we were joined by Jim and Ann who are blog friends turned into real life friends.  They were in the area celebrating their wedding anniversary so we invited them to join us for a pre-birthday dinner at a local restaurant.

After we’d finished eating, we drove up to the north end of the island to enjoy the sunset.




Here is Sarah with Ann, who is also an avid photographer.


Then it was back to the house for Sarah’s birthday dessert, chocolate √©clair torte.   (The recipe didn’t call for all the decorative effects on top; I just couldn’t seem to stop myself from adding confectionary bling.)





Sarah opened a few gifts and we all enjoyed just sitting and talking and celebrating our lovely young lady.


Although I have yet more birthday stories/pictures to share, for tonight I’ll close out with this one which I really love. 

A beautiful girl looking at a beautiful future.



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Jessica Kramasz said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!
And oh those sunset pictures are beautiful!

Tracey said...

A big week for sweet Sarah! Stay safe as the storm approaches! Blessings to you, Tracey

Katrina said...

Simply I love the last picture soo much. Must me one of my favorites

Guerrina said...

I love the last photo! Happy Birthday, Sarah & may high school be all you hope for!

"Confectionary bling?" LOL - love that!

Margie said...

Be safe with Irene. We're starting to get some outer bands now but it shouldn't be too bad for us.

Rachel said...

Wonderful pictures as always. Please stay safe in the storm. It looks to my untrained eye that you are right in the path, and with ocean all around you. Might I suggest that you move any irreplaceable valuables to the second floor before leaving? Even a foot of storm surge water could cause you to lose quite a bit, even though the house would be repairable. I remember the flooding during, Rita, I think it was and Galveston, TX. My, aren't I bossy? lol, But I feel almost like you are family after two years of following your blog. :)

Cheese Lady said...

Are the grand parents from wisconsin? I could swear they were in my cheese store just recently! Stay safe in the storm!
I know I haven't said much over the yrs, I have been following Sarah's journey and now love reading your blog!

Guerrina said...

Are you guys staying on Manteo or going to the "mainland"?

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday Sarah! Be safe with the weather headed our way.

Prayers and hugs!

Connie F-G

MaryH said...

Beautiful birtday celebration. Are you staying or evacuating - either way, please be very sensible and completely safe! How is Snowy? Haven't heard much about the other miracle gift in your family lately.

Anonymous said...

Stay Safe!

Wyatt said...

Sarah -- As I travel today, I can't help but think of how grand it would be to celebrate my 16th birthday all over again. I wish for you to feel in your heart a memory of all the enjoyable moments throughout your 16 years. Happy Birthday Princess Groovy- Chick!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I love the pictures and I love that the amazing Princess Groovy Chick is groovin' and growin' and healthy and happy <3 I love that after all these years I am still able to read about Sarah and her wonderful family of survivors. I love the normal days and happy celebrations. I love that Sarah is "rare" and wish more NB kids could join her ranks to where "rare" did not describe a NB kid.
Good luck with your hurricane - fasten the shutters and hold on tight and get in touch to tell us about it when you are on the backside of the storm!

Lynie from Oregon